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Clairol Bw2 Powder Lightener, 8 Ounce

Clairol bw2 powder lightener is dedusted to minimize powder fly-away.

Key features

  • De-dusted extra strength powder lightener for maximum off the scalp lightening
  • Contains humectants to minimize powder flyaway
  • Can use on virgin hair

Honest reviews


love this stuff

this is by far the best bleach I’ve found for my hair & when you’ve got a lot of hair, its nice having the extra powder instead of guessing with the packets.

Sharlene Jamaica, NY

Highly recommend it

I normally get my hair color bleached at the salon, but lately I couldn’t find time to make it to the salon.The Clairol BW2 works well. It’s strong, but not too strong to the point where it irritates your eyes and skin. Some powders do irritate your eyes.I would recommend it. But do purchase the small package first and see how it works. That’s what I did.

Helen La Joya, TX

Off the scalp bleach

Works great with foil or a frosting cap. Will lift easily over dark tint with 30 volume… just be sure to coat and process the center of the strand first… roots and ends later otherwise you’ll not get an even result OR you’ll fry your ends.I used this bleach in beauty school in the 1980s. Tried and true product.

Melinda Benton City, WA


Along with the clairol 40vol developer I was able to lift my dark Asian black hair into a blonde in two bleachings. Other bleaches fry my hair but my hair was still quite manageable after this, This tub is nice and big, I was able to do my whole chest length hair with one tub. Good price too.

Sabrina Naoma, WV


Great buy. Didn’t have to try to find a beauty supply store. Better price than getting individual packets so can mix the amount you need. Lasts a long time too.

Lynn Fessenden, ND


I used this along with my 40 developer from Clairol. I needed to bleach some extensions I’d bought. It was my first time bleaching ever; and it turned out perfectly. Just remember to wear gloves!

Marylou Fombell, PA


I used this for the first time about a year ago to achieve an ombre effect and was really impressed. I paired it with Clairol 40 volume developer and it worked fantastically! I had used other brands before but this does the job wonderfully and have not been disappointed. It’s a great product and I highly recommend it.

Elda Greenwich, NJ