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Clairol Beautiful Collection Semi Permanent Color, B18D Darkest Brown

Size : 3oz.

Key features

  • Gentle Semi-Permanent Color
  • With Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil & Vitamin E
  • No Ammonia
  • No Peroxide

Honest reviews


Garbage! Don’t waste your money!

Does nothing but make your hair dry.I used the color called 14KT GOLD.G-O-L-D-!!!And it made my brown!Mediocre gray coverage.Junk!

Katherine Bradenton, FL

Clairol Beautiful Collection Semi Permanent Color Light Ash Brown

I used this for awhile to cover grays because I was really scared of damaging my hair with permanent dye (it’s very fine already, so I can’t afford to lose any to breakage). I don’t have a ton of grays, but some, and this worked to blend them (not to cover, just to blend–the once-gray hairs were still lighter than the others but no longer stood out as white). The color was extremely natural. I got Light Ash Brown. My hair is more of a medium brown, but a friend suggested going a shade lighter than I thought, and she was right–Light Ash Brown was perfect. Unfortunately it didn’t last long at all–maybe 4 or 5 shampoos on average. So it was a constant hassle to maintain, and the expense adds up quickly.Finally I decided to try getting it colored at a salon, and now I can’t believe how dumb I was not to do that in the first place. I had zero damage, even on my fragile hair (if anything it’s better now), and it lasts forever–I get my roots touched up every six months and that’s it. If you just want to try out new colors with no commitment, this product is great. But if you’re trying to cover grays, in my opinion, this isn’t the way to go–it takes too much time and money to maintain. Better to go to a quality salon twice a year, get it done right, and not have to think about it. The cost probably comes out about even anyway.

Fran Porters Sideling, PA

Great rinse

This is a really good rinse. The color is even, it smells good and the formula is moisturizing. The hair comes out refreshed, soft and shiny. It’s not drying at all. As a result I repurchase often in the color black to help blend with half wigs. Please be aware that this is not permanent color. It will gradually fade away with washes. It’s not damaging! Therefore you can’t get a blonde rinse and think your hair will come out blonde if you’re already brunette without lifting. When I had thicker, longer hair (about bra strap length) I had to use two bottles to saturate all the hair. Now I only need one for shoulder length.Activate the color with heat. Wash your hair, deep condition with a plastic cap under a hood dryer or use a blow dryer, rinse in luke warm water. Not hot water because it will dry out the hair and reverse the moisture from the deep conditioning. Not cold water because it will close the follicle and the product will not penetrate to the maximum effectiveness. Apply the product, get under the dryer again for 30 minutes and then rinse with the coldest water you can stand to close the follicle and seal the color in. Style as usual and enjoy your new color.

Marina Washington, UT

it is what it is.

I should have bought more.

Bertie Elfrida, AZ

Nice Color

The rinse worked well in most parts of my hair except for the temples. The grey hairs did not cover well.

Whitney Los Angeles, CA