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Citre Shine Miracle Anti-frizz Serum, 4-Ounce

For lustrous, healthy shine that goes straight to your head. Treat coarse, dry or chemically treated hair with this high-gloss, polishing serum specially formulated with a customized blend of vitamins, silicones and a UV protectant. Shine enhancing citrus extracts effectively protect hair from heat styling damage and environmental stress. Tames frizz and treats split ends for a smooth, soft, shiny finish.Advanced laminating technologies infused with pure sitrus extracts create a natural boost of pure lamination for incredibly shiny hair.

Key features

  • It’s nature’s pure radiance.
  • Highly laminating
  • Glossifies and laminates
  • Tames and smoothes frizz
  • Restores and protects

Honest reviews


towel lover

This is a good, heavier product for holding hair down (men and women) more than a light, misting shine spray. After a day at the beach or sun, a dime size amount brings back soft and shiny hair. Bend your head over and rub it in from the back forward. A little bit goes a long way so experiment with the look you want. This goes on after a blow dry.

Penny Shonto, AZ

Works well, if used sparingly.

I was a big fan of Citre Shine in high school, but I haven’t been able to find this laminating serum in stores for about four years. However, after years of searching, I suddenly found it on the shelf at Wal-Mart one day a couple of months ago, and I began using it again. In my opinion, the formula is quite different from the serum that I used from 2005-2007. Though it still performs well, creating extremely shiny hair that always prompts my friends to ask me what I did differently,the consistancy is a lot more sticky. I have medium-thick hair, and anything bigger than a dime-sized amount of the serum turn my hair into a heavy, sticky mess. I thought that it might have just been the bottle that I purchased, but my second bottle did the same thing. I recommend using only about half a pump of this product, or else your hair will look oily. But used sparingly, this provides AMAZING results.

Dena Chicago Ridge, IL

Perfect for unmanageable hair

I use this for my hair (straight and fine) when long and also on my daughter’s thick curly hair. For me, with long straight hair, it leaves my hair tangle-free, shiny, less prone to static, and overall in much nicer condition. I have to use a tiny tiny amount, probably less than a full drop, or it will get greasy. The right amount, however, makes my hair extremely shiny and beautiful. My daughter has the opposite problem, of thick curly hair which is impossible to comb through. For her, shine isn’t the issue but instead I use it as a detangler and to make her hair less frizzy. I’ve used this product for more than ten or eleven years and have found it consistently reliable. The price is right, it smells nice, lasts all day, and is versatile for both our hair types. I have tried (and tried and tried) many other brands when I run out of this every now and then, but have now given up and realized nothing will beat this for us and signed up for the subscribe and save so we don’t run out anymore.

Olga Hudson, FL

good stuff

Only need a tiny but. Works well on my coarse frizzy hair. Happy with my purchase. I use it in wet freshly washed hair. Don’t need to reapply until I wash it again.

Reyna Warwick, ND

Fantastic product

This product is a outstanding for dry, chemically treated hair. A little goes a long way, and it has a lovely scent.

Georgia Cedar Ridge, CA

For the price,it delievers

I am mixed with hispanic and african-american,so my hair is thick,curly and frizzy. I have been on the hunt for a long time to maintain my frizz all day, I’m still looking btw,but in the meantime i always fall back on this.Pros:good pricegood amount of productgreat smella little goes a long waygives a great shine,and keeps frizz at bayCons:will only keep my hair shiny and frizz free for a few hours

Jaclyn Chillicothe, MO

Used for years LOVE IT

I love this stuff. Love the subtle smell. Love the consistency (so much thicker than other serums that are watery) and works well to keep hair strong and smooth. After highlighting my blonde hair multiple times, it was dry and brittle. I use this to keep it under control, and I now see a BIG difference from its repeated use even when I miss an application. Strong, smooth and shiny. Wish more stores carried it. I hope Citre Shine keeps making it.

Ester Newbury, OH

The Best

I’ve been using this product for year and years and years. I’ve tried many serums, drugstore and professional, and I always go back to this. It makes my hair soft, shiny and impervious to tangles. I have alot of very thick hair and this is my secret weapon. I often get asked about what I put in my hair to make it so shiny and soft and when I say Citre Shine people are often surprised. A little does go a long way and one bottle will usually last me a year. I put in my damp hair, rather than dry. Never had this make my hair look greasy. I use a quarter-sized amount for hair that hits below my shoulder blades.

Yesenia Mabie, WV

Shiney…yet greasy.

I typically stray from products like this because I’ve never been able to find a smoothing serum that doesn’t make my hair look greasy. This one was definitely the best I’ve tried so far…but still made my hair appear greasy. I gave the product multiple tries, each time using a different amount. Too little gives my hair a nice shine, but is not effective in the anti-frizz area. You can imagine what too much looks like. I couldn’t find a balance of shine and non-grease.

Elizabeth Sharpsburg, OH