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Circle of Friends Children’s Leave-In Conditioner, 8 oz.

Circle of Friends Pia’s Pineapple Fragrance Leave-In Conditioner 10 oz.

Key features

  • Great smelling Pineapple fragrance shampoo recommended for all hair types.
  • Daily leave-in conditioner
  • Helps control frizz, prevents tangles and leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to condition and strengthen the hair
  • Contains Wheat and Soy Proteins, Vitamin E, Safflower Oil and extracts of Chamomile, Riosa Canina, Lemon and Papaya

Honest reviews


For my 2 curly haired girls

My 2 daughters are half Caucasian, half Asian and have unruly, curly hair. All the products I buy at the big box stores are so strong smelling and make their hair sticky and sometimes frizzy. Amaya papaya leaves their hair so soft and it’s easy to comb through. I’ve used it on them on both wet and dry hair and it’s never left their hair crunchy. A little goes a long way and the scent is very pleasant.

Teri Goodview, VA

Best leave in conditioner for tangl;ed hair kids!

I have three kids, a 4 year old 2.5 year old and 9 month old. My two oldest daughters began taking swim lessons at the age if 12 monhts. THey have been taking class twice a week for basically the last three years. They spend a lot of time in a pool that dries out thier hair and gets it all tangled. I use a circle of friends swimmer spray before they go in (when I can tackle them to the ground and spray it on thier baby chick feather like hair). Even with that their hair gets all crazy and sweaty at school and very tangled. I dont know if I mentioned they have fine chicken feather like hair that is crazy but they do. My girls HATE getting thier hair brushed because it can be quite painful because of how active they are and how thier hair ends up at the end of the day. Even when I shower them it gets tangled in teh shower. I’m not sure exactly how they manage it but they do. Anyways this leave in conditioner is a LIFE SAVER! I just pump a quirt or two in my hands after the shower and smoothe it through thier hair. It smells amazing and makes it easy to brush thier hair. I use a comb and its very simple. Even in the morning it is smooth and easy to brush. Amazing product! One thing, if you let your kid put it in her head make sure to use caution with the amount. If you are too liberal your kid could have greasy hair when it dries (smooth clean smelling greasy hair).

Jillian Fort Spring, WV

tames the frizz

I have thick wavy hair and this product is perfect. It smells light and fruity and the scent isn’t overpowering at all. But it’s a light product, I don’t think it would do for kinky curly hair which would need a heavier product.

Hilda Holden, LA

Product review

I wanted a leave in for my daughters so it would be easier to detangle. This product is not what I expected,it still left their hair a bit stiff and hard to detangle. My daughters have thick 3 type hair , but this didnt work and it did not give enough slip. Will not re-purchase. Has a nice scent though

Lesley Miller Place, NY

Couldn’t be better!

My granddaughters are in a chlorinated swimming pool every day during the summer. They have curly hair, and the brush-out afterward used to be grueling. We’ve learned to apply this conditioner to their hair before they put on their swim caps. After swimming and showering, their hair is so soft and tangle free that a comb glides through it. Thank you Maya Papaya!

Addie Bigelow, AR