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Cinnamon Soft Mask

The Cinnamon Soft Mask is suitable for skin problems such as acne and scars. Improves skin with oil-balancing disinfectants, soothing of redness and purifying effects.

Key features

  • Suitable for scar problem skin, such as acne scar or redness scar.
  • Improve skin condition with oil balancing disinfect, redness soothing and purifying effects.

Honest reviews


Awesome Product! Lightened My Scars Immediately & My Skin Look Sooo Smooth!

I love this product and it will last you a very long time. You only need a little since you are just using it for your face. I added some drops of lemon oil to the mixture and put it on my face while I slept and when I woke up my skin looked amazing! It was so smooth and you couldn’t even see my pores! It reduced my pores so much! I will definitely buy this product again! I highly recommend it if you have enlarged pores or if you have scarring. It works very well.

Judy Como, TX

I dont know how but it WORKS

The directions indicate using the whole pack, I mixed “just a bit”. I wore it for almost 20 minutes. It doesn’t get hard flaky like other masks. This mask feels smooth and cool. When I washed it off, MY FACE WAS GLOWING. I have used it twice and I really can’t say exactly what it is, but my face looks…. nice. The scars are still there, I mean it has only been 3 days. So far, I really like it. I am still amazed how the inexpensive items have some of the best results.

Janette Stacyville, IA

Wait and see…

It doesn’t work so magically as some of the comments say. But I can feel that it seems to have some effect. Maybe I need to continue and use the whole bag up and there will be obvious change.

Juanita Spavinaw, OK

Didn’t see much of a difference

I don’t see a clear difference, used it for a week. Might order again just to try it one more time before I say I don’t like it.

Paulette Shoreham, NY

Leaves the Skin Very Soft

I’ve just started using this mask and like other posters have written, don’t use the entire bag unless you intend to use it over your entire body, a teaspoon is enough just for your face.When the mask dries on your face it’s very tight, yet after 15 or 20 minutes and with a face cloth the mask comes off easily and the skin is really soft. I’m glad I used it on my neck and on my chest, above the breasts, too as I found the mask soothing and it leaves the entire area treated really soft. So far I really like it.

Haley Fortuna, ND

nothing happened…….

I did the directions but used a smaller amount. ive done this mask about 5 times and absolutely nothing has happened…

Tricia North Andover, MA

Nice Mask

I’m not sure if it’s working to diminish my scarring but it’s certainly making my face nice and soft. It’s earned it’s title.

Cathryn Hartland Four Corners, VT