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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, 32oz

Over his 50-year career, Maurice Stein’s Academy Award-winning (Planet of the Apes, 1969) makeup artistry has touched the faces of some of the brightest stars of film, television, and commercials-even three US presidents. He has worked on over 200 films and television shows and has more than 4,000 commercials to his credit.

Key features

  • Hand Wash only
  • Made in USA
  • Fun for all ages

Honest reviews


Vanilla? Huh?….

While this did get my brushes clean, I must regrettably admit that the smell to cost ratio is a little high. I’m not going to repurchase this cleaner because I think 99% alcohol will remove the makeup and leave my brushes clean enough for an operating room. The added benefit of 99% alchohol is that when the tears stream down because I accidentally caught a glimpse of all the wrinkles and spots before I have a chance to “remove” them with the brushes and makeup, I can take a little swig to numb the pain before going off to playtime at the park with all those moms that are two decades younger than me.Edit, August 2013: Okay, okay… after using it a few times I’ve decided it’s better than I initially thought. I did try the alcohol, but could only get 92% because of living in Hawaii… only medical supply places sell 99% and trying to find someone to ship it is impossible. SO, I’ve decided to repurchase this cleaner. It works faster and better than the 92% alcohol, dries so quickly, and the smell has grown on me.

Lesa Sloan, IA

GREAT brush cleaner, does exactly as stated…

I am very happy with this product & will buy it again. It did clean & take off ALL the make up on my Sigma brushes within a few seconds. It does have a pleasant Vanilla scent which is a bonus. It sure beats cleaning brushes the old fashioned way of soaking, scrubbing, & waiting forever for brushes to dry. I bought the 4 oz. bottle. Next time I will buy the bigger economy size because depending upon how many brushes you need cleaned it’s more economical.

Minnie Tiplersville, MS

Great brush cleaner

My hairdresser/makeup artist friend recommend this stuff and it really works! You don’t need a lot to get your brushed really clean and has a light vanilla after fragrance.

Sheree Hamburg, AR

Love it

this is my second purchase of this item….love love love the way it cleans my brushes and whats even great about it is how fast my brushes dry after cleaning it with this product. It also leaves your brushes smelling great

Gayla Yellowstone National Park, WY


I bought this because of the positive reviews. It works! I also like the scent. I clean my eye shadow brushes almost every night to get it ready for the next day. It dries fast, I’m glad I got the biggest bottle. I will be sharing this with my daughter.

Kristina Lovelady, TX

Hate the smell but its a great brush cleaner

I hate the smell of the product but it leaves all the brushes very clean and it does dry pretty quickly after use, i do recommend using it and it’s a bit pricey for the size that your getting for 12.99.

Courtney South Barre, MA

Works good – but I HATE the SMELL!

It does what it says, cleans and sanitizes, dries quickly….. but I hate the smell. It’s way too strong! I like how it works, but would love if it came unscented or with a lighter scent.

Mae Statesville, NC

Hands down the best

This stuff is amazing. It’s what we used when I was in school. It came in our makeup kit. It smells awesome, it literally dries in seconds, and it leaves absolutely no film of any kind on the brushes. Cleans them like new. This is all I will ever use. Well worth the price.

Bernadette Opal, WY

Amazing brush cleaner

This brush cleaner is amazing. I don’t care if it gives me fingernail cancer, this stuff cleans my brushes in no time flat and leaves them smelling like vanilla fields. I don’t always have time to go through the whole "soap-water-rinse-dry" procedure. With this brush cleaner, you can go from caked on makeup to dry and clean brushes in under 15 minutes. I’m probably exaggerating the time, too. I didn’t really understand how awesome this stuff was until I cleaned my foundation brush and saw the oil from my foundation float on water after coming in contact with this solution. It works quickly, effectively, smells like vanilla (and turpentine), and is worth every second it saves me.

Clarissa Elkin, NC

Best Brush Cleaner

I love this brush cleaner! Your brushes are clean within minutes of use. For tiny brushes they dry in less than 30 seconds. For larger brushes, they’ll take up to 30 minutes but usually much faster.

Tami Glade, KS

Great brush cleaner

Great brush cleaner, recommended by the pros. Very strong smelling when sprayed at first but then fades to a nice vanilla scent. I had no issue with the cleaner irritating anyone’s skin, but it has left a powdery residue on some of my bigger brushes that tend to soak up a lot of the cleaner. Once dry its pretty easy to get the particles out of the brush.

Angie Atherton, CA

Simply the best on the market.

I’ve tried all brush cleaners….and I want to add I work for Mac and our brush cleaner is garbage compared to this. Clinique, sephora, nothing comes close to cinema secret. The brush is almost immediately dry after using this cleaner so I can use the brush immediately. Smells good…..large bottle lasts forever. Amazon is the cheapest I’ve found on the web. Buy this!

Elvira Middleburg, KY

Excellent product

Best makeup brush cleaner yet. I used MAC brush cleaner for the last two years, but decided to try this for the raving reviews. You won’t be disappointed!! Very very effective.

Millicent Montague, MI

Superior brush cleaner

I was hesitant to buy the cleaner because of the price, I didn’t want to get taken by a hyped product. However this brush cleaner and previous reviewers are spot on. I’ve used several brush cleaners and different techniques nothing has came close to Cinema Secrets. I have several brushes by Too Faced, Sigma and Eco Tools and using this brush cleaner is a life and time saver. Cleaning my brushes took no more than 15 minutes and ALL of my brushes get completely clean and are left with absolutely no residue of traces of makeup (liquid or powder). The light vanilla scent on the brushes is nice too. This is now the only brush cleaner I intend on using, ever.

Lacy Walker, KY