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CICI&SISI Nail Art Stamp Collection Set Jumbo1 – Set of 6 JUMBO Nailart Polish Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Kit

Nail Art Stamper Image Plate – Jumbo Series 1 (#01-#06) These CICI&SISI stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design – probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique. Features: — All designs are created by the CICI&SISI design team which are so unique that you will not find it anywhere — Our designs are very wide in selections, including fun, cute, chic, contemporary, elegant designs and much more — Each plate contains 24 full nail designs and 12 single designs — Our full nail design images are jumbo in size, each measures 15x19cm so you may use it on your tips & toes — Order now to secure this special offer: each set will include a FREE stamper & scraper tool set Helpful Hints: Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Clean and file the stamping head a bit if it didn’t pick up. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails. Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design. Please visit CICI&SISI’s store for our other exciting Jumbo Series!

Key features

  • Newest Unique Nail Art Image Plates Designed by CICI&SISI – JUMBO SERIES #1
  • The plates are jumbo, each measures 5 3/4 by 3 3/4 in.
  • The images are jumbo too, each full nail design measures 15 mm by 19 mm
  • Each plate is attached to PVC backing for easy and comfortable handling and protected by a protective nylon screen
  • Order now to secure this special offer: FREE stamper & scraper tool set and a FREE water tattoo sticker (for a limited time only)

Honest reviews


Sounds like fake reviews.

Reviews sound more like advertising. I got these and wanted to love them but they just don’t work for me. Images are awesome but they need to work on the quality still. Images in the center are ok, the ones on the side(around) I can’t even scrape them. I follow people on YouTube and girl had the same problem(I wish I watched it before I purchase) also another blogger(FB) had the same problem. All I’m saying is dont just belive these reviews. Do some research and then decide. I hope this people make these plates better so I can repurchase. I will keep an eye on them and bloggers reviews.

Karen Walnut, IL

Fresh New Nail Art Designs!

Are you tired of seeing the same old nail art stamping designs that get repeated on almost every set of plates you look at? Then you REALLY NEED both of the CICI & SISI Jumbo sets! The plates are well etched with truly unique designs for all occasions & artistic whimsy. They are mounted on a sturdy backing (similar to the xl Cheeky plates). Both sets come with a storage album that can hold 10 plates this size, a squishy stamper & metal scrapper plus nail art stickers. If you love stamping on your nails, you will love having these fresh new designs that will set your nails apart from the boring!

Nelly Pawnee Rock, KS

Great plates

I have had these plates for couple weeks now and I absolutely love them, the images I have used so far stamp very well. I am very pleased with this set, only con is that I didn’t get the decal stickers shown in picture but that is okay, will be getting the pink set soon, also the stamper that comes with the set works great just remember to prime it before using cause it has a shiny coat on it. This set is highly recommended to any beginner.

Kayla Chateaugay, NY

Good deal

These plates are pretty good; the images on plate 01 were a bit too shallow to good lifts, but the others worked really well. The images are much prettier and crisper than I expected, and I like that as a whole the set aren’t ‘themed’–they’ll work well for lots of occasions.I’m also impressed that they came with a little vinyl/leatherette case, which was a classy thing to do. The stamper they included is nice and squishy but will need some buffing before using. The scraper has a metal blade but I prefer using an old gift card so I won’t be using it anyway. Overall, I’m very happy with the set; pretty good deal for the price.***Edit on 2/8/14: I wrote the above a few weeks ago; since then I’ve noticed a real problem I didn’t really catch on to earlier. While the size of the full images is nice and generous, it seems that the patterns themselves have also been enlarged which means that you can’t get a good patterned effect if you have average to smaller nails. This makes some of the images unusable, and this is true for both both sets. Some of the patterns have been enlarged so much that whatever parts you can fit on your nails will still leave you unable to see the full pattern. Plate 07 in set 2, for example, has an image of a crescent moon–there is no way the entire moon will fit on any of my nails.Still, most of the patterns work really well and I’m still happy with the purchase, but I’m taking off another star because of this issue.

Erica Cartwright, ND

CICI&SISI Nail Art Stamp Collection Set Jumbo1

Amazing deal!! I LOVE it.. Original & good quality images in a handy organizer along with the stamper & scraper… That’s just awesome…The only complaint is the cute owl couple on plate 2 where the smaller owl is just a blob with no details & it’s not only my set that had this issue. Many of my nail stamping buddies on FB had the same issue… Hope they can put the fixed image in a future set as it’s adorable… Looking forward to more sets from this company 🙂

Jasmin Elrod, AL

Well made

I love the unique designs and just how well made these plates are. I have cheeky, red angel, pueen,gals, konad, and a few non brand plates, and now these and to be honest with you I truly believe these plates are the same quality of konad and cheeky. I love them so much, and the best part is that the designs do not resemble any of my other plates. People keep complaining about the corner images but here is something I tried and that could perhaps help.First of all do not apply too much nail polish when before scraping and when you scrape do so towards the outside of the plate meaning towards the corner (you do not wanna have to scrape over it more than once since that will cause residue nail polish to be picked up with the image in the stamper) and if you have too much nail polish left then quickly remove the excess left in the corner with a cotton ball (wet in acetone) and then pick it up with your stamper or pick it up and once on the stamper with a piece of tape remove the excess the image is clean of extra nail polish. The rest of the images are no problem and work great. Now as for the stamper I cleaned it with acetone until it was not shiny and it worked perfect however it does not pick up the corner images, therefore I used my ebay xl stamper for the corner images and problem solved. I like the fact that the stamper is actually good and its head does not fall off like my xl stamper and it is silicone which is a plus. Now as for the scraper gosh a disappointment every time I tried it unless I did it super hard it did not work and since I don’t like scratched plates I just used an old card. And how great is it that it includes a case?….love it and they are good quality. Anyways totally recommend them. Love you CiCi and SiSi now. By the way both sets are great just depends what images you like the most I got both and love them. For more reviews on the plates go on YouTube and type cici and sisi nail plates and you can see many reviews and decide from there.

Ma Beach Haven, NJ

great kit

I love nail art and I am always on the look out for new plate. These plates a bigger that I thought they would be and the images are large enough the cover my nails. I have small nail beds so this isn’t an issue for me most of the time. I like that the plates ar in a cute storage holder to make traveling with them and keeping them organized easy. You don’t have to buy something extra !

Ophelia Barnhill, IL

So far so good

I haven’t had a chance to test all of the images yet, but I’ve had fairly good results so far. I did notice that a lot of the corner images are very hard to scrape because of a natural bend in the plate. Hoping that I can sort that out to make them useable. The grey silicone stamper did need to be cleaned thoroughly because it was completely covered in a slimy oil, and then prepped rather extensively with a file. Love the case and that it has slots for up to three additional plates.

Cathryn Lost Springs, KS

Another nice set!

I have also had a chance to use many of the images that came with this set and am in love with this one too. I have multiple brands of image plates and these are my first Cici&Sisi. They have moved up to the top of my collection because every single image stamps beautifully. My previous favorite brand has plates that are hit and miss as far as image quality, some would stamp flawlessly and other won’t stamp at all. I can’t wait to order whatever they are cooking up for us stamping girls next.

Monique Saint Stephens, WY

Great Eclectic Design Plates That Stamp Very Crisp!!!!

I love these large and very unique design plates. They stamp crisp, come in a great holder and the designs are endless. Will be buying another set soon! Also, delivery was super speedy.

Imogene Chillicothe, MO

Great quality

This was a whole lot of new experiences for me- for one thing this was my first experience with a jumbo plate ever, and I really like them, they are easier to sort through compared to the small disks and this is a new brand for me. The images are nice and wide, I had no issues with my thumbs, (I use a konad stamper which does not stretch the image out, not the soft squishy kind this comes with, I also did not use there scraper, I have a soft squishy one from Claire’s but I only use the soft squishy kind on pedicures) so you shouldn’t have any worries about fitting them on your fingers like some brands unless you have abnormally large nail beds. I bought them because I was kinda bored with what I had and was looking for new full nail designs to play with and this seemed like a good option because there are few single designs (only down the middle row.) They come in a nice book and what I found out is there color coded by set (my second set came today and that one has a pink book and pink backings.) I am glad I ordered the second set. I am real pleased and would definitely consider ordering more nail plates from this company in the future and recommend to others.

Eunice Rice, MN

Deep etching and adorable designs!

These plates came as advertised, in their own little pleather carrying case.They feel sturdy and solid, and they’re an awesome selection of designs. I’ve been doing my nails once or twice a day since I got these plates because there are just so many designs I want to try!The images are also etched pretty deeply, so you get a complete image when you stamp, especially if you’re using stamping polishes.I highly recommend this set!

Estella Perris, CA

wonderful product

This is my all time favorite set of plates. They work so well. I don’t use any special polish. I have used sally hanson extreme wear or wet and wild and it really, really works well Plate 1 is my fave, but they all work so well. Didn’t get the stickers, and there was only six pages. This was a surprise as youtube vids show ten pages. But it works so well, so who cares.

Odessa Cal Nev Ari, NV

Stamper doesn’t work

Plates are as described even though some of them have dark marks on them that was below the blue plastic wrapping. It’s no big deal since their meant for stamping. But the rubber stamper that came with it is so terrible. I have tried cleaning it with acetone, rubbing it with my fingers, etc and nothing works. I will have to purchase a new stamper and then try to use the plates. Right now their just collecting dust. I’m not happy.

Elisabeth Turners Station, KY

Love them!

The plates are awesome. I tried them out today after receiving them in the mail and they work great. They are easy to clean and the designs come out crisp. The only complaint that I have so far is the stamper I received with this set does not work at all, and is made out of really squishy rubber that does not pick up the polish, but I can’t complain too much because the plates and the book they come in are perfect so far!

Rae Murdock, NE

These plates are excellent! 215 images (yes I counted them lol) and …

These plates are excellent! 215 images (yes I counted them lol) and they are well etched. I love these and recommend them highly!!

Katrina Caroga Lake, NY

The plates are nice; the only reason I didn’t giver a “5” …

The plates are nice; the only reason I didn’t giver a "5" was because the set came without the stickers as shown in the ad. Other than that, it is a nice set to own.

Octavia Junction, UT


I will be buying more of these as they become available. They have really nice prints and it’s fun making new art on my nails. The case they come in is very nice too.

Nola Staunton, VA

Great set

I have both of the Cici&Sisi; sets and there are no duplicates between the two. What there are is tons of full nail images for every occasion that are large enough to fit the longest length I will wear my nails. They are beautifully etched and I haven’t had a problem getting a great transfer to the stamp, no matter what polish I use.I don’t use this stamper and I hate the metal scraper, but not enough to take any stars off for them. The stamper is shiny and needs to be seriously buffed with a file if you are going to use it. Find yourself a stamper you like and go crazy with these designs.

Evangelina Reydell, AR

Ignored all communication and deleted my question

I received defective plates. The edge designs on every plate will not transfer because of being too shallow and warping on the backing. I have been trying since late February to resolve this issue. I followed the instructions on the insert that came with the plates, asking me to email them with any issues and they would help. No reply. Facebook commented them. They deleted it. Facebook messaged. They ignored it. I just now opted to ask a question on how to get resolution, literally begging them to help. They deleted it immediately. So here is my review. The designs are amazing. Shame they don’t work. I am a pro stamper, over 2 years experience, and am not one to leave negative reviews. I am nothing but satisfied with all of the other companies, and was very excited about this one. I am very disappointed, very let down, and stuck with 35 dollars wasted on useless plates. I wanted the other set, thankfully I didn’t order both at the same time as I planned. I will contact amazon with my issue from this point. Buyer beware. Some people are happy with theirs, some have same problem I do. Read all reviews, be advised. Wish I would have.

Sandy Venice, IL

Love it!!

This set is spectacular. So much to choose from, at this price point. Keeps my clients entertained and overwhelmed. If you want to see something really funny, take a close up look at plate #5…the small designs down the middle. One of my clients was looking through the plates and said, "Who would want old people?" I was like, what? So I looked at it, and sure enough, there’s a design of two old people, hunched over, with a cane. Hilarious!!

Juliette Polkton, NC

Nice designs, hard to use

I like the designs on these plates. The problem is that the backing boards are too flexible, so the plates are getting bent/warped in delivery. I’m having trouble picking up images fully. I’m trying to leave them under something flat and heavy right now to see if that helps with the bending problem.I love that they come with their own case. The stamper and scraper set are not very good though.

Adrienne Cohoctah, MI

great product!

Wow! I am really impressed! The images I tried out stamped really well even the corner ones that so much people are having problems with. I just scraped in a different direction and voila! A perfectly clear, beautiful image. The stamper wasn’t so great even after wiping and filing away all the shiny residue. It was inconsistent and time consuming to get a perfect image so I used my own stamper and it works fine. The plates are a little scratched but it didn’t flaw the images so Im really happy about that. If anybody read the other reviews on these plates then Im sure you read about the owl image on plate 2, I was hoping it would be fixed by now but it still does not have a face. But, thats not a deal breaker for me, all the other images are great. And the case is an extra bonus which Im also happy about. Its really cute and I don’t have to worry about spending more money on buying a case for these. Overall, a really great buy 🙂

Lillian Holly Ridge, MS

good product but inconsistancies

the plates and packaging is really great but i did not receive the scraper or water decals as advertised. the holder for the plates is decent quality but the individual plastic sheets are somewhat inconsistant with some sheets open in the front and some open in the back. ive watched some yiu tube videos regarding this set and some people have even gotten more than 6 plastic sheets. 4 stars due to inconsistancy. the plates are beautiful and they work well. this set is perfevt for the novice and experienced stamping enthusiantist.

Jerry Dunseith, ND

Better than I anticipated!!!!

Before purchasing, I was a bit weary because it was a new brand and reviews were a bit up and down BUT I am so happy I got this set. When it first arrived, the packaging was just as stated: hard plastic that was easy to open with a small stamper and scraper and the few extra goodies. After opening and inspecting the plates, which were snuggly fit in the pockets, and having to take a few seconds to maneuver them out of, I was thoroughly impressed. I like the cardboard under it and the fact that it is a nice change (P.S. This is my first large plate) from what I am use to.I, purposely, chose not to review until I stamped every last image (plate images will be posted under this page) and after doing that, all but one (179/180) of the images stamped. I tried stamping with the XL stamper, the accompanying mini stamper and the konad stamper and, I must say, the small accompanying stamper (once I swiped the gloss clean with acetone-based polish remover) works best (I tried it with my other plate and I loved it!). It is squishy, soft and the images pick up so much better and so easy. I will admit though, 2 of the 179 images I had to use the steel/iron scraper to get the image to pick up but otherwise, I used my plastic scraper so I dont scratch up the plates.Overall, this collection of plates are amazing, easy to stamp and the detailing are amazing. I highly recommend. P.S. If someone could tell me how to get the image (plate 1, 5th down; left corner) to stamp I would greatly appreciate it.

Dominique Charlottesville, VA

Love this set!

I bought both set 1 & 2 and really like them both. the scraper is metal so I don’t use it but the stamper is very good.All images worked for me.. I probably tried 30 or so.Everything fits perfectly in the case. Works well and had larger designs that filled my nail… I have large hands so many other brands images look very small or don’t cover the whole nail when intended to.If you can’t splurge for both sets get the white one as I believe it is more universal.

Mabel Sandy Level, VA

great designs

There is a large variety of stamps in this set. It was easy to pick up the image I wanted and transfer it to my nail. It is actually fun to look good.I’m already watching for Set 3 to be created.

Angelique Coloma, CA

Very Nice

set for me, a beginner to stamping and wanted a compact set. The case is VERY sturdy and of good quaility as well. I will be buying set #2 in the near future. Lovely product, the stamper and scraper work well. I do advise looking at stamping basics tutorials before passing judgement on plates!

Margot Ball, LA

Great packaging

Nice plates I haven’t had any problems using. I found the stamper takes a bit of prep to work and its still not my favorite stamper. The packaging is fantastic, and I’m not terribly impressed by most packaging. I do wish they sold the plate holders on their own I have other plates in similar size and would love to have plate holder for them .

Araceli Branch, LA