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Christian Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum 0.33 oz

0.33 ounce serum. Dior show maximize lash plumping serum was launched by the design house of Christian Dior. It is recommended for daily use. Please store in a cool dry place. Dior show maximize lash plumping serum by Christian Dior for women, 0.33 ounce serum.

Key features

  • Dior show maximize lash plumping serum was launched by the design house of Christian Dior
  • It is recommended for daily use Please store in a cool dry place
  • Dior show maximize lash plumping serum by Christian Dior for women, 033 ounce serum

Honest reviews


Great stuff

I bought this product based on the recommendation of a Sephora saleswoman and because I was in a mood to splurge on a beauty product. I have been extremely happy with how much length this product offers. If you don’t want to wear false eyelashes, do extensions, or pay for Latisse, this is a great product. Although it’s expensive, it seems to last a very long time and I use it everyday.

Jeanie Woodburn, IA

Must-have for me

For a long time, I thought that any primer (for any product) was just a way for companies to make more money. Now I know that they’re really quite useful.I use this product with Diorshow’s Black Out Mascara. I have to say that my lashes are in better shape than ever. This primer keeps my lashes healthy and it assists with keeping any mascara from getting clumpy.Highly recommend.

Sonia Kasbeer, IL

Does add heft to lashes, makes mascara show up better

I turned to this lash primer when Shiseido discontinued their once wonderful lash primer. I lke a nice noticeable dark fringe of lashes, and applying this, and letting it dry for a moment, then my mascara (current favorite is Sephora’s house brand volumizing mascara).It is pricey but it’s lasted several months. A cheaper alternative that isn’t bad is one of those Maybelline XXL drugstore brands where they have primer on the one end, mascara on the other. Not exactly as good as this one, but serviceable. In lieu of that, a little powder on the eye lashes will help too.The important thing if you have straight skimpy eyelashes is to start with a good eyelash curler on clean eyelashes, and when you apply the mascara if you use a slow back and forth motion with the wand as you work your way up the eyelash, that really catches every lash.The above tips are not for a super ‘natural’ looking eyelash, but for a more dramatic effect.

Lisa Ambrose, ND


I will never not wear this under my mascara. I normally HATE primer, but this keeps my eyelashes from clumping, and makes them long and beautiful. I get so many compliments.

Madeline Saint Landry, LA

Never be without it

I keep an extra in case I misplace one. I’ve used a lot of product because for years I wore glue on false lashes til my natural ones were GONE (beware there). Then LATISSE helped. Now with the nourishment of this product & I like Chanel mascara, I look like I did with the Falsies…I just don’t find them on my pillow in the morn 🙂

Ines Encampment, WY

DiorShow maximizer lash plumping serum.

I have learned through Amazon that Dior has absolutely the best mascara ever. I decided to try this product and I wasn’t disappointed. This stuff delivers. I highly recommend this.

Yesenia Pine, CO

Won’t Buy Again

This stuff is only fair. Does not plump the lashes like other brands I have tried. Disappointed. Will not buy again or recommend.

Ana Bloomingdale, OH

Slightly above average, but does not live up to the hype

This serum definitely pumps up the volume of my lashes when I wear it under mascara. I’ve used it with Dior Diorshow mascara, and the effect is insane. In fact, my lashes look so huge that I do not recommend this product for the office…it’s just too much!While I did see an obvious volume and lengthening effect, I didn’t notice any additional curl, which is something the product promises to deliver. I also think the serum goes on too thickly, perhaps because of the style of the wand. That can result in clumps, which will make your mascara look clumpy as well.I’ve also used this serum as a nighttime conditioner. It definitely made my lashes softer, but I haven’t noticed my lashes getting any longer because of this product.In conclusion, if you’re looking for a primer, this is a good one, but Lancome’s might even be better due to the difference in the applicator wands. I recommend using this only for a night on the town, not for a day at the office. Finally, don’t expect this product to make your lashes grow noticeably longer, because that just isn’t going to happen.

Mattie Hineston, LA

Does what it says it does!

I have been using this for awhile now and they make such a big difference on my short lashes. You can actually see it stacking on top of your lashes, making them longer. It also helps protect my lashes from getting brittle. I only gave it four stars because of the price is a little high for me. So It means I can’t buy it often. 😛 I would recommend this for anyone who has short or stubborn lashes.

Charlotte East Palatka, FL

last more than 5 hours

i bought this and i didint really believe it would work but it does. after applying mascara i felt a real difference . Will continue its use and i hope it will meet my expectation of a long term result .

Ofelia Linwood, NE

My Lash Plumping

This is another product I can not live without. I have so many compliments when I us it. Great Great Product.

Saundra Morning View, KY