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Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara Makeup – Black

Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara # 090 Black Gives your lashes fullness, length & volume Thickens, prolongs & curves lashes in a striking effect Exclusive formula to protect & strengthen lashes Comes with a professional brush & a silvery metal case

Key features

  • Intensifies, thickens and curves lashes for ultra-glamorous look

Honest reviews


Not good

Sephora suggested this product and by the reviews of the public on various websites, I plunked down the 20 or 30 something for it. First off, the brush is way too big. If you are petite like I am and have small eyes/eyelash space you will end up making a huge mess with the brush. I am a big fan of Christian Dior (don’t get me wrong, they make the best eyeshadow) but this mascara just wasn’t for me. I have had better luck with the Loreal “ball” mascara (black and red tube). I won’t be buying it again. You can save your money and get something a lot better.

Adele Wauregan, CT

I adored it but one that I bought from here just awful

I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it’s totally different quality I’m so disappointed I used to buy it for 4 years one after one all the time and I know how it should work I’ll never ever buy it again from hereAnd of course I can’t return it now coz I already used it ITS TOTALT FAKE PRODUCT I dont know who wrote that great reviews

Krystal Mize, MS

shows me the lashes!

Like most of us girls, I’ve tried just about every mascara there is. For me, this one has the best combination if qualities that make it the only one to own. I bought this at Sephora because you can return it if it doesn’t work for you. Luckily, I’m in love with this mascara and have been for years.The wand is pretty near perfect; the only quibble I have is that you need to go slow and be careful in the corners.Doesn’t clump. Ever. That is as long as the mascara is fresh. If you go past the three month mark or you pump air into the container, then it starts to get too thick and you’ll have a problem.Two coats does it for a false lash effect. Falsies within reason though – I’m not Nicki Minaj nor do I wish to be. This formula gives me long, fat lashes.Doesn’t run, unless you happen to be walking in the rain.IMO: Expensive but *not* overpriced for what it is/does.

Katie Cardiff, AL

Overall, Pretty Disappointing

I bought this and had to return it. It gives length, but not much volume.It’s clumpy and hard to remove — you might accidently remove some lashes and then you’ll REALLY need volumizing mascaraDoesn’t live up to the hype and is definitely overpriced

Tara Hurdle Mills, NC

Good but I still love Chanel

Tried to find something that was less expensive than Chanel and this is a pretty good mascara, but I just think that it is not worth the extra money over LOREAL!!!! Whom, by the way I think is owned by Lancome. Sticking to Chanel, just cannot beat… That is when I can afford it LOL

Zelma Thompsons Station, TN

tried and true

Been using this mascara since maybe 2004 or there abouts and I have never found a mascara that is better for my sparse and short asian lashes. Makes lashes long and thick without clumps.

Vonda Grover, WY

Dior black lace dress for the eyelashes

This is really the black lace dress for the eyes….super sexy and smoldering! All the diorshow mascaras have a big and thick brush and catches all the small eyelashes. The product is hypoallergenic and really good for contact lens wearers.

Beatriz Columbia, TN


This started out fantastic, and it was particularly good as separating lashes. Unfortunately, it very shortly started drying and clumping. Within a couple months, I could no longer use it and it was tossed out.I am very careful with my makeup — especially my expensive makeup — and this was always tightly sealed and used only a few times a week. It was never pumped.At this price, mascara should last much longer and behave much better. I am very disappointed. I doubt I’ll buy another Dior product ever again.

Elena Trail City, SD

Marathon mascara

I’m a masacara fiend and have tried them all; drug store mascara to department store. This one beats them all. It thickens and lengthens beautifully, not to mention curling. I never curl my lashes beforehand either. I have a curler but just find it to be too much trouble. It stays put well with too much smudgeing and smells like expensive perfum. A true test of it was when I forgot and wore it to the gym and it was still in place after a 3 mile run!

Crystal Anoka, MN