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Christian Audigier By Christian Audigier For Men Edt Spray 1.7 Oz

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER by Christian Audigier for Men EDT SPRAY 1.7 OZ blackberry, leather, Asian pear, pomelo, orriswood, oakmoss, rum, cinnamon, saffron, vetiver

Key features

  • Design house: Christian Audigier
  • Combines both wood and floral scents
  • Feature : spray
  • Fragrance family: fruity

Honest reviews


WEAK scent, POTENT Alcohol scent NO LONGEVITY! Stay away!!!!!!! (dollar store scent)

Ready? Ready,ready ready? 80% ALCOHOL!!!! Its cheap for a reason!!SAVE YOUR MONEY buy something else! I know the price is inviting but NOT worth it! You can do better in a dollar store (im serious)After the potent smell of alcohol dissipates (close your mouth too youll taste it too) it drys down to a very SOFT CLOSE TO THE SKIN NO PROJECTION at ALLLLLLL!You want a like-scent but much better and more silage/projection and 2000% more longevity (yes 2000 not hundred) BUY MONT BLANC INDIVIDUAL!!!!!! (TRUST ME)This stuff is so weak all youll smell is your skin in about an hour!Check my other reviews I dont BS im not satisfied with this garbage and you wont be either!!!!!! (mark my words you buy this ithe scent will be gone before you leave your house!!Spend the extra Mont Blanc Individuel <—-(can smell it on skin 24 hours later) this stuff would need to be sprayed on you in the same spot every half hour!!!!! AVOID!

Tonya Gas City, IN

Five Stars

smell so good

Eileen Warren, IN

this is a stronger scent, but I love the smell…good price too

This product for the money and size is so much better than you can get in the local stores. Absolutely satisfied with this product and will order again.

Marianne Yukon, WV


I bought this Christian Audigier for men edt spray for my son for Christmas ,I’m sure he will love it,the scent is amazing and the bottle shape unique very nice great quality for what I paid.

Aimee Lakefield, MN

Best Cologne Ever!!!!!

This is one of the best colognes I have ever smelt, and the price can’t be beat. I read great reviews and blindly purchased this for my brother for Christmas. When it came in, I had to open it up and have myself a good smell. It’s so fantastic! It’s not overly musky or pungent as some men colognes can be. It’s a very sexy, subtle scent. I almost want to give this cologne to my boyfriend instead of my brother. I will highly recommend this cologne to any man who wants to smell more than awesome. I think I’ll have to get some for my boyfriend later. Christian Audigier is the best cologne I’ve ever smelt. Love, love, love it!!!!!

Ginger West York, IL

Flawless Purchase experience scent does not last.

This was yet another flawless Amazon and vendor purchase experience, however I did not like the scent of the cologne. The bottle is pretty but I just do not get anything out of cologne.

Jeanne Triplett, MO