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China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 New Collection

China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 New Collection

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  • China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 New Collection

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If Something Seems Too Good To Be True…

I love China Glaze. I love Neons. It was a no-brainer when I saw this set available for such an incredible price ($37.99 when I bought them). However, it was apparent pretty quickly that something was amiss. They came packaged in an OPI box… what? Also, when applied they lacked the typical glaze finish that China Glaze has and the polish isn’t very opaque requiring at least two coats for full-coverage. The poor finish is quickly remedied by a topcoat, but it makes one wonder if these are genuine China Glaze products.

Ethel Forman, ND

I really love this product

It came earlier than expected it was all here and none of it was damaged and it was exactly what I ordered! I’M really happy I purchased this product!!!

Kathy Wake Forest, NC

Great Nail Polish

I have gone through many different types of nail polish over the years, and so far China Glaze is my all time favorite. They go on real smooth, and take forever to start chipping when I apply after the proper steps are taken.

Avis Cannonville, UT

Good bargain, Nice colors.

This is a pretty good bargain for China Glaze polishes. The colors are very nice, and these polishes apply well (if you know what you’re doing). Most neons do well with a white, nude, or very pale silver base, so be sure to try that if these seem to take too many coats to achieve opacity. The blues and a couple of the lighter pinks aren’t really “neon,” they are just bright summery colors, if that makes sense. They don’t “pop” like a true neons.When you get these, swatch the colors and play around with them to avoid making the mistake that I initially made: I thought that the two lightest pinks, as well as the two purples, were duplicates because they looked so similar. I almost got mad because I thought I got ripped off by getting two sets of duplicates. Hahaha, joke’s on me! In the bottle, they really do look the same, but you have to swatch them to see the differences.In all, I really do love these, and I am becoming a big fan of China Glaze!

Reyna Wyalusing, PA

Old Polish?

I ordered this a few weeks ago. I used one (life’s a beach). It was thick. Now I wonder whether any of the collection is usable. I suppose polish thinner would help.

Araceli Bowie, MD