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China Glaze Secrect Peri-Wink-Le 683/80895

China Glaze Nail Polish Operation: Colour Secret Peri-Wink-Le China Glaze’s unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain it s shiny finish. These glossy lacquers are phenomenal for lasting strength, durabilit y and overall gorgeous nails. For a flawless application every time, use these quality formulas with it s optimized 440-strand brus. Nothing says the perfect nail like China Glaze.Easy Application, Chip Resistant, Flawless finish, Perfect for doing at home or in a salon

Key features

  • Easy Application
  • Chip Resistant
  • Flawless finish
  • Perfect for doing at home or in a salon

Honest reviews


Pretty Color

Received item on time. I love China Glaze nail colors. I saw this on a you tube channel and had to have it. The color just stood out to me and seemed like such a unique color that I knew I didn’t have in my collection. I haven’t worn it yet, but I look forward to wearing it. It’s a very popular color this season. A small bottle.

Shirley Hines, IL

Love it

I thought it was a doup for Essie lipis of luxury but the china glaze is more better and I love china glaze better my favorite color of the year

Lorna Snow, OK

Great color!

Very well packaged and shipped fast! I loved this color and couldn’t wait to put it on as soon as I got it! Perfect spring color!

Marylou Kirkwood, PA

Soft lavender

I wanted something cool-based in a purple but I didn’t want it super dark. I’m very pleased with the way Peri-Wink-Le turned out. It looks like a deep candy coating lavender, good color saturation, two coats was sufficient. Looks amazing when used with a dotting tool to create polka dots over a white polish.

Billie Delray Beach, FL


Great color, it really is periwinkle. Depending on what you wear with it, it will appear either bluish or purple-ish. Love it, it’s real fun on both fingers and toes!!China Glaze is my favorite nail polish, and a favorite of most of my friends too. I’ve heard some complain on here (Amazon) about how it’s too thin, requires several coats, color is not true, yada yada yada.I dispute all of that. China Glaze is NOT your average nail polish. Apply ONE (1) VERY THICK COAT. One thick coat that you would never do with another polish… real thick, so that you have full coverage and there’s no nail showing through. Let dry… it dries really fast compared to other polishes. You’re done! No second coat ever needed, and I have about 20 different colors… it’s been the same with every one! I have never found a color that required more than one THICK coat.It glides on beautifully, dries quickly… but my favorite thing about it is the relatively low odor. The “nail polish smell” dissipates pretty quickly. An hour or two after I paint my nails, I can no longer smell it.Sure, a dark color like this is going to show chips… touch ups are easy and look great. I often get a week or more from my manicure, just by touching up. Light colors, I get even more time from.I can’t say enough great things about China Glaze. It’s the best polish on the market, in my humble opinion!

Keisha Ridgeway, NC


Perfect light purple color for spring. It looks beautiful on and doesn’t chip for a couple of days. It’s a lovely matte color, no sparkles.

Mellisa Rimrock, AZ

Dupe of essie Lapis of luxury

Looks different on the bottle; more of violet color, but same color when dried.Dupe of Lapis of luxury by Essie which I already own.I don’t mind having the same though.

Shawn Woodbury, NJ

Five Stars

It’s a very different color I like it.

Helena Rew, PA

the perfect periwinkle

I had a CG transitions polish I liked and wanted a very similar color that stayed the same whether top coated or not and this is it!

Eleanor Bennett, NC


this color isn’t my favorite but my little sister wanted it so I bought it for her. It goes on nice and smooth. good polish.

Lou Saint Paul, IA

Pretty color — Secret Peri-Wink-Le

I like this color, a pretty periwinkle! The formula is just okay, a little runny. But it’s definitely not impossible to apply, not a huge deal.

Jessica Tillamook, OR

True to color!

I love this color! I was unsure about it at first but it was exactly true to the bottle. It chipped a little the next day but not enough for me to get truly mad about it. I would recommend this to anyone needing a medium-dark periwinkle color!

Geri Heidenheimer, TX

Unique color

Great color to wear with jeans. Variety is the spice of life and this one is a lot of fun!

Tamera Casey, IA

drys darker than picture shows

I love China glaze and have ordered a couple of bottles from amazon in the past. I give perii-wink-le 3 stars. It came pretty quickly in the mail and its a great polish. However its far from the colour I was hoping it to be. Its more of an off purple almost grey after it dries. Still pretty just not what was hoping for.

Vivian Lake Grove, NY