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China Glaze: Recycle, 0.5 oz

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WOW! Totally gorgeous, totally surprised, LOVE IT

I only bought this because I could fit one more polish in my order without increasing the shipping, I wanted to try something out of my regular zone of colors and decided to go WAY OUT of my zone. I love black and gray for clothes and household items and pretty much anything – but never for nails. I certainly never thought either should be worn by anyone over 25, 30 at the most. I am creeping out of my 30’s soon but figured I could wear it on the weekend, when I’m home, or give it to my nieces if it looks really bad. Obviously I had no plans for this to be anything wearable-since I had figured the options for what if I hate it.I LOVE IT! First of all, this was my first time ever trying China Glaze polish – bought a few bottles in this order in different colors. The creme colors like this one are absolutely amazing. I have used the cheapest $1 bottles of polish, Revlon-drugstore/middle of the road, Zoya, up to OPI’s DS at $12.50 and was shocked how much better China Glaze (cremes) is better than anything I have ever tried before – EVER. I do my own nails, haven’t had a professional manicure in 7 years-since the price has skyrocketed where I live, never heard of China Glaze, and for $3.99 was skeptical – but could get so many more colors for my money, so I took the risk. It is the perfect thickness so you can use only 1 or 2 coats, depending on your preference, has a nice size quality brush, dries nicely and quickly, no streaking, no lifting of the color on the second coat (since I never wait until the first coat dries). When it dries, it is unbelieveably glossy – looks wet for a week. I was afraid to touch anything for 3 hours-because it looked WET! STUNNING, really stunning. I finally was sure it was dry and realized days later, it really stays looking like the first day.As for the color, it doesn’t look like trendy goth or grunge (as they used to call it),old cement or trendy but tacky, or “I wish I was in high school”. It could be worn with your most casual clothes-sweats or a beautiful gray suit, or a charcoal silk dress, no matter, it is so beautiful, I really can’t believe it. I didn’t use a top coat because it really wasn’t needed but about four days into the polish, I tried an OPI DS “Glitter Bit of Music” Top Coat that came with another polish as a bonus item. You can barely see the glitter at all (which I love) but it gives you a sparkle in the light that you can’t really tell what it comes from. The next day, I painted the tips (like french manicure) on two of my nails with Opi Coronation (a mild silver, not bling, just silver) to see what it looked like and it was really pretty. Two totally different colors, totally different types of polish, but they blended perfectly and you could tell it was a french man. but just barely. Another time I painted it over China Glaze FOR AUDREY (a beautiful Tiffany blue creme) which changed it a little to have a nice gray/blue tint, another beautiful manicure – that lasted a week.Anyway, the point is, it can be worn in so many ways, and be classy. I would bet you could use a matte top coat to change it from glossy to matte if you wanted, I also considered something fun would be a pale pink with it as a french manicure – maybe not for me, perhaps a younger person, I’d have to see it to know if I could pull it off but a Creamy, pastel pink might be nice. This turned out to be a truly Multi-use polish, that started out as a one-time try it out when I don’t have to go anywhere.For those who can only wear certain colors:My skin tone is medium/slightly tan, medium brown hair, and nails are usually medium to short, always trying to get them to grow long, strong and healthy, with only intermittent luck. All of my “gray” manicures were with medium/short nails except the last one over FOR AUDREY, by which time my nails were a solid medium length, close to long. I don’t know if the polish kept them healthy enough to grow or not, but they have not broken since I started using the polish in this order (which had a couple OPI and a ZOYA). Keeping them polished at all can be helpful so it may have nothing to do with the China Glaze brand. Because of health reasons, I can’t keep them polished as much as I would like, but it’s a goal for the new year!As for the seller – NailsEtc., they were quick, got the order here by Christmas, even though it wasn’t likely to get here in time, well packaged, and good prices. HOWEVER, the shipping is outrageous. It is better than a number of other nail polish sellers on Amazon (some charge $2-4 per bottle, no matter how many you get) but it’s not worth the cheap prices if you don’t get multiple bottles-but not too many. Only a bottle or two and you pay the same or more for each bottle than a regular price seller – too many bottles and the shipping price jumps WAY up. I say “bottles” but it is based on the amount of money you spend, not number of bottles so if you get a few expensive items, it may be a smaller package and weigh less, and technically cost much less to ship, but you actually get charged much more to ship. BE CAREFUL, and check the shipping prices before clicking to purchase.

Martha Humbird, WI

Perfect shade!

Love black nails but wanted to try something a little different. This shade is perfect!! Looks great with 2 coats. Super shiny with a nice top coat. I haven’t had any issues with chipping. A good top coat makes all the difference.

Wendy Shreveport, LA

Cool color

Ever since I found this brand I only buy nail polish from them. They have every possible color you could want and the quality is excellent. I rarely go to the nail salon but when I do, I bring my own China Glaze nail polish with me. The delivery estimate always seems long but they wind up arriving way sooner than expected. And the packaging is small enough to fit in the mailbox. I would highly recommend this color and this brand. Check out Lemon Fizz, Bahamian Blue and Italian Red-some of my other favorite colors from them.

Christina Cheyenne, OK


I absolutely LOVE this color! It is actually pretty hard to find. It was a good price and shipped fast. It is also a LOT prettier in person than in then pictures 🙂

Elsie Udall, MO

Great fall color

I love grays and I think this one is great for fall. It is a basic gray with no glitter or shimmer. It doesn’t have a flat finish, but it very basic. I will order again.

Phyllis Port Alexander, AK


This is the definitive gray color. It is a medium gray and goes on like silk. This color has no shimmer or frost in it. It is a nice flat creme color. The picture is really extremely close. The gray is absolutely beautiful, don’t be afraid to take a chance with this new trendy shade. I love glitz so I put one coat of China Glaze shimmery Luxe and Lush over it. WOW!!!! A knock out. It’s not too much, just the right amount of bling. Compliments galore. This is my new favorite color from my huge collection of polishes. Enjoy!!!

Lorena Sobieski, WI

Love this color! It’s a big change from the usual pinks I wear!

This is a great color! It actually looks exactly as the picture shows. I usually just wear pinks/reds so this is a nice change! I love it!

Lilly Clearwater, NE


I love this color! It is so perfect for all season. Perfect shade of gray! I am ordering more for my sister and cousin.

Bonnie West Alton, MO


I would give it five stars but it does go on very sheer as do all China Glaze polishes. The perfect color for fall, very pretty. By far the best color of grey I’ve ever come across.

Alejandra Thompsonville, IL

Great grey, a staple for any polish collection!

China Glaze Ecollection Recycle is a great, no frills grey. It doesn’t have any sparkles or anything like that. It goes on smooth and lasted a week with just a little bit of tip wear. I would recommend it if you need a great grey for your polish collection!

Roberta Savannah, NY

Im returning it!

I just got this color In the mail about an hour ago and I was so excited to use it……WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The only good thing is that it dries very quickly & it has no shimmer as well as it does not look clumpy after 2 or 3 coats, but the smell is just horrible and I have applied THREE coats and I can still see through the color and see my nail!!!…I don’t know why people have said two coats is enough because it’s totally NOT! I wish I could post a picture of how it looks on the nail! I’m so sad I waited what I wasted on this, I’m going to return it because I believe the color was mixed with extra thinning liquid or as if was an imitation like what is done with many perfumes.

Sarah Lehigh Valley, PA

It’s Grey

I was looking for a simple, true grey nail polish, and this is it. I like China Glaze nail polish because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other nail polishes of comparable quality. It stays on a long time. I would say this color has more of a matte finish than a glossy one.

Reba Moonachie, NJ

Perfect gray color

This is the perfect gray color nail polish. It lasts a long time and is a staple for me in the fall/winter. Would highly recommend!

Betty Cherry Valley, NY

perfect grey!

i own at least 15 china glaze polishes colors are vibrant staying power is great and as far as this color love it!!

Concetta Springfield, MA

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!

Love the color, how long it lasts…2 coats is all you need wear it along with a top coat and it lasts up to 5 days for me…

Amber Cisco, KY

Nice but not an everyday color…

I like it because it is neutral but it’s very industrial looking. After 2 days it started to bum me out because it was so dreary! lol So I use it when it matches outfits but it’s not a long wearing color because of the dullness.

Aida Somerset, IN

Great product

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color. It looks very pretty, I applied 3 coats in order to get the maximum color. Product went on smoothly and lasted a week or so without chipping.

Adelaide Rewey, WI

Very nice

I like this nail polish. I have never owned a bottle of gray polish before and I’m happy I purchased this one. Goes on smooth too. I needed only two coats to get it gray like it looks in the bottle.

Sondra Fargo, GA


Gray is one of my favorite nail colors to wear. This shade looks rad. China Glaze makes great products. I would love to get other colors by this brand.

Doretha Stow, OH

Very Unique

Overall this is a great product and am happy with it’s performance. I would purchase this again and enjoy having it as part of my polishes.Pros:The color is unique and looks amazing. It’s the type of color that looks good with any skin tone. Beautiful!Cons:The first coat is pretty much useless. You barely get any color on your nails so you have to put a few layers on but once you do, get ready to be wowed!I don’t purchase my nail polish from this website but the product itself is amazing!

Janice Goodspring, TN

Pretty gray-green

This is a pretty color. It has more of a greenish tint than I expected but it looks great on. A nice addition to any nail polish collection,

Emma Millville, DE

Love China Glaze

I’ve not ordered a polish by China Glaze that I haven’t loved. They work great and look great. I get a ton of compliments when use their polish.

Roxie Anadarko, OK

Love this color..

It looks great on any skin tone. I think such a wonderful neutral color for the Fall and Winter season.

Lilian Bison, OK

Great product and price!!

It looked kind of watery but once I did my nails it looked great and did a second coat just to make sure it was perfectly done.I did liked the color and price and I do love China Glaze.

Bertha Lattimore, NC