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China Glaze Polish Fairy Dust 70563/551 Discontinued [Health and Beauty]

Highlights: For two-handle kitchen, tub and lavatory Delta faucets Stainless steel plate For Delta and Peerless faucets Carded

Key features

  • Easy Application
  • Chip Resistant
  • Flawless finish
  • Perfect for doing at home or in a salon

Honest reviews


More like a clear top coat

As another reviewr said “The nail polish is clear with tiny glitter. I thought it was a silver polish with glitter.” Kristin, I hope you don’t mind me plagiarizing your excellent and accurate review.I was very disappointed as it really looks more like a clear topcoat. Even when I tested it on a piece of paper I could hardly see the sparkles. If you’re looking for bling, sparkle or glitz this is not the polish for you. You can go to any chain store and do better. Check out China Glaze Snow Globe or Nova. I hope this helps some one..

Julianne Sawyer, ND

Love the Color!!

The name listed above for this product is not correct. The name on the bottle is Fairy Dust. Still a great nail polish alone or paired with another color. Great for a swag nail.

Bobbi Veedersburg, IN

Get it before its gone!!

This polish is discontinured and it is the perfect polish to add to your collection to make other colors that you already have pop. I put it on almost any color and it compliments it. It goes on easy and comes off with regular nail remover.

Janet Redwood, NY

So awesome!

The sparkles are so fantastic!! The polish itself is pretty thick and to me, there is just the right amount of sparklies! Who doesn’t love glitter?!! I love this stuff already.

Jana Lockport, IL

China glaze!!!!

China glaze never dissapoints me, this polish is awsome!!!! I love this polish sooo much i wear it on top of every polish! Its not crazy glittery where u can wear it by itself i mean u can if u want a subtle glitter look but i love it best wearing it on top of all my polishes its real glittery but small glitter just like its name it truly is like fairy dust i would def tell anyone to buy this polish i personally think this should b in any girls polish collection, im actually buying two more bottles of this cuz i am truly addicted to this polish!!!!

Robin Lebanon, SD

a shame it’s discontinued

this is one of those glitters that is best used to enhance other glitters. i’ve actually never tried it by itself on a dark base coat. what it does for me is give any glitter a more consistent look and some depth. buy it while you can before everyone’s stock runs out.

Sonia Childress, TX

Best glitter polish ever.

I’m done looking – I can’t believe they discontinued this. Are they mad? Perfect glitter… so pretty in just one coat.

June Marty, SD


Sooo sad they discontinued this color!!! If you love sparkle and glitter its here, looks awesome over any color, I covet this color in my own collection because I don’t want it to run out!!!!

Angel Patterson, NY

Definitely reconsider discontinuing this one!

I’m in total agreement… this should be a keeper, China Glaze!! Once again, I’m too late on the bandwagon. But this is sensational top coat. I slapped it on a bare nail, and loved it… then slapped it over “For Audrey” and it looks great as a top coat too. I think this would be awesome to add sparkle to any polish for a fancy celebration or just a night out on the town. I wish CG would reconsider, this is one that I would definitely buy in the future!

Hilda Rotan, TX

Quick Fix for Aging Nails. And Fun!

Great solution for aging nails. One coat covers all the ugley ridges and spots on the nails – and dries practically immediately!It’s a leap of faith to wear sparkling polish as an older woman (I’m 66) – but I did it, and got some positive comments! Hallelujah!

Nona Hinton, VA

Holy frijoles

If you are looking to add a little sparkle to your manicures…look NO further!! This polish is AMAZING!! In fact, I am going to actually go order another one right now because mine is almost out. Just one coat over any color adds a nice holographic type glitter but not too much. it is beautiful.

Sasha Cheshire, OH

Great for the kids!

I got this to put over the fun colors I use on my nieces! It gives their nails a great sparkle! Definitely recommend!

Opal Tresckow, PA



Bessie Apple Grove, WV

Beautiful polish – BUY NOW! ;P

Beautiful… just SO beautiful! Best when put on top of a darker polish! Don’t use too much because it will bubble. Takes a while to dry so I recommend Seche Vite top coat for a nice, shiny and quick dry! 😉

Sheena Waggoner, IL

Do not buy from XPRESSURSELF if you want this color

I am giving the product 5 stars because it seems to deserve it from the other reviews. However I can only write this review as a warning to anyone considering purchasing it from the seller XPRESSURSELFI ordered this about a week ago, and while the polish showed up on time and intact, I received "Fairy Dust" instead. I have left a review in the appropriate seller feedback location as well. I noticed from some of their other reviews that substitutions without notification is a regular occurrence for them so I’m going to go out on a limb and state it was likely not an honest mistake.Regardless, I tried Fairy Dust and it is a lovely glitter top coat as well, it just isn’t the Stainless steel color I wanted. I will try to order it again from someone else and cross my fingers they get it right.

Tommie Crofton, NE

China Glaze Polish Fairy Dust

Item arrived on time, if not early. It was well packaged. I LOVE this polish! It is my favorite "diva" polish at the moment and I am glad to have it! I have to hide it from my daughters!!

Nita Olancha, CA

Adds sparkle to any polish!

Fairy Dust is a clear coat with multi-colored micro-glitter. In can be used over any polish, though I typically use it on solid colors with no other glitter or iridescence. Outside, the sparkle is pretty intense and beautiful, and inside it looks more subtle. In some indoor light it’s hard to see the sparkle at all. I usually apply two coats to get the amount of sparkle I want. Since it’s a clear coat, you cannot use it on its own. If you are looking for an opaque polish with micro-glitter, try Snow Globe. It looks almost the same except instead of a clear base it has a silvery base. Since it’s a micro-glitter, it doesn’t feel that rough, though I still use a topcoat over it.

Shawna Jamison, PA

The name says it all…

Firstly, it’s China Glaze (and I understand why so many people love this brand). Secondly it’s "fairy dust", so it adds the slightest hint of shimmer to nail polish (IMO best for matte colours). It works well as a standalone topcoat as there is minimal grittiness to touch.

Kerri Kennedyville, MD


I am in love. It turns ordinary polishes into Holographic goodness. Love it! If you’re considering it, I say Get it!

Savannah Bernard, ME

I love the color

I love the color, it is so fairy. I love the sparkles and the shimmers! Am glad i purchased it!

Nancy North Newton, KS



Martha Troy, WV

best glitter ever

I’m in love with this glitter. it’s a fine glitter, very sparkly, distributes evenly, and looks amazing. I have a hard time not putting over every mani i do.

Lelia Maxatawny, PA


Very sparkly, very pretty! These polishes last–they’re actually pretty hard to take off. It’s a shame it’s been discontinued. Guess I’ll have to make this one last!

Aida Helenville, WI

Good glitter – not a shiny as expected.

Good polish, not as shiny of a glittery coat as I thought it would be. I think if you put several layers on it might be different, but I dont have time to paint several layers and wait for it to dry. Good for the price.

Leola Outlook, WA

So much sparkle

I think this is my new favorite glitter top coat. The sparkle in this is crazy…it catches the light a million different ways and looks good over any color. The formula is great too; I just use one coat over whatever polish I’m using, but you could also wear it alone.

Kathie Wyckoff, NJ

Clear base with lovely small glitter!

Love this – it will be perfect over my blah creme colors like white and light pink, or even for the holidays!

Katheryn Odonnell, TX

All time favorite!

This is my "go to" topcoat to revive a manicure that is already several days old. A little bit of Fairy Dust will bring back the gloss of your original manicure while adding the tiniest bit of iridescent/holographic sparkle. Too micro-fine to really be considered a "glitter", removes like a regular polish (not gritty), and looks great over every color cream polish you own.

Valerie Cook, MN


Love this color. And all colors I’ve gotten from China Glaze. They make very good quality products. I’m Very happy. Works great over any color or by its self.

Alta Versailles, MO

sparkles in the light

This is the first time I have tried this. I bought it because of the positive reviews. When I first used it as a top coat I didn’t see much sparkle, but when I went outside on my terrace the sparkle was much more radiant. So, I guess it depends on what type of lighting you’re in. I will be buying another one since its discontinued, just to have some on hand. I do like the fact that it is much easier to remove than glitter polish. I would recommend this to anyone that likes that sparkly almost holographic look.

Regina Uniontown, KS

Pretty, too bad it’s discontinued

This is a very subtle glitter polish, it looks great over any color of polish. Too bad they discontinued it, because it is one of the prettiest & delicate glitter polish I have seen.

Adrian Cokeburg, PA