China Glaze Nail Polish White on White 255 Nail Lacquer

White on White “Bright White Creme”

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  • China Glaze Polish – White On White

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love this company!

they have the best quality nail polish!! especially for the price you are paying its definitely worth buying this. i currently have this color on with their brand of china glaze and i love it. im a little tan so it look really nice when you put white nail polish. i recommend this color to anyone who is a little tan and wants to look tanner because it make your look darker. i hope this review helped!

Noelle Rhineland, MO

One coat is enough

One coat is enough to be opaque, but two makes it perfect. It’s very light, and dries fast. Also has a different smell than most other nail polishes. China Glaze is my new favorite

Serena Hoyt, OK

Best Nail Polish

My mother-in-law turned me into a China Glaze junkie. This polish is amazing. The white is perfect for spring! Such a good deal on here. Sallys sells these around 7 dollars.

Yvette Normandy Beach, NJ

Great Product !

The product came very fast. Even earlier than the estimated delivery date. The color is very good. It takes 2 to 3 coats to get it really opaque but it’s no problem because it drys pretty fast by itself. It’s a really great white color & it isn’t sheer & doesn’t make it look like you have white out on your nails.

Cecilia Mechanicsville, VA

Its Okay

A bit on the sheer side, so it requires two coats. Price is pretty good since you do pay more a the beauty supply store. But if you are looking for a good intense color of white this isn’t your color, I would recommend the Sally Hansen white nail polish.

Hallie Niles, MI


After 2 applications its a perfect coat but it does get sticky if air gets to it for too long.

Patti Ostrander, MN


I love China Glaze. All other white nail polishes leave streaks for me.. but this one didn’t!I would recommend this!

Jordan Okreek, SD

Would have been nice if my bottle wasnt broken

I have become a China Glaze fanatic ever since I got ‘Nova’ This is looks like the perfect white for French tips-however, my bottle came in the mail broken (I could tell because my mailbox reeked of nail polish) and the brush wasnt even attached to the cap. VERY disappointed. However if I could have gotten the color on my nails, I think I would have liked it. Problem was not with China Glaze as a brand.

Annette Paris, VA

not smooth coverage

This formula kind of reminds me of painting white-out on my nails in high school. It’s hard to get smooth without a lot of coats. Put seche vite topcoat on to help smooth it out before it’s dry all the way.

Rosanne Highland Falls, NY


Nice polish. Not too thick like some other brands. Goes on nice and smooth without to much effort. Will buy again when needed.

Maricela Lind, WA

China Glaze White on White”…

I was looking for a white polish to wear under some neon and crackle polishes I own, found this and decided to try it. While it is the perfect white for the job I bought it to do, I have some problems with streaking to some degree, something I have always had a problem with, with white polish. This doesn’t affect the look of the neon polish (especially yellow) and it does work with the crackle polish, for me, I probably would have trouble wearing it on its’ own. I do usually wear a base coat to keep my acrylics from discoloration, so I thought perhaps that has something to do with it. I’m not saying this is a bad polish, it’s not, just that it streaks at times, which is frustrating. Other than that, again, this is the perfect white creme color to wear under neon and crackle polish.

Gayla Volant, PA

Great White!

For details like flowers or polka dots, this color is perfect. It’s a bright white so it can be used for french tips as well.Two coats for a whole nail base color is great too.

Kelly Edgar, MT