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China Glaze Nail Polish, Skyscraper, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

A medium to dark colored blue with blue and silver glitter, a super sparkly polish and lots of fun. Long-wearing nail lacquer. Flexible and will not chip. Non-thickening formula no thinner required.

Key features

  • Long-wearing nail lacquer
  • Flexible and will not chip
  • Non-thickening formula no thinner required

Honest reviews


It doesn’t get much better than this color.

Depending on the light, this could be seen as a more purple or more blue of a polish. The jelly base and variance in silver glitter makes it look like a starry night sky. Full coverage in two coats. Recommended for lovers of jelly polishes, blue/purple polishes, and glitter polishes. One of CG’s best colors yet!

Tameka Stoy, IL

Great polish

Full coverage glitter polish in 2-3 coats. Deep royal blue-leaning violet jelly, with blue and silver glitter. Formula is great, typical for this brand.

Elvira Langston, OK

Love this color

Purpley blueish color and I love purple and blue nail colors most so it worked. It has a rough exterior and I loved that even more! Very shimmery <3

Marcia La Plata, MD

Nice color

This color is nice, not my favorite one from China Glaze. When it dried it was an odd purple but it went on well & only needed two coats.

Alfreda Hyannis Port, MA

Fantastic Color

I love this color so much! I’ve been a China Glaze fan since I bought my first CG polish and I must say this exceeded my expectations. You only need to use two coats and you’re good to go. I would recommend this polish to anyone!

Wanda Northwood, IA


I love sparkle nail polish. and this is perfect! If you are using just this color it takes about 2 coats but is awesome looking!

Leann Northfield, MA

Dark purple with sliver glitter, little specks, not huge chunks

Very nice nail polish, only takes 2-3 coats to cover opaque. Dark purple with silver accents, perfect for a any occasion. Definitely for the glitter-obsessed person. Glimmers in the light!

Ann Lapine, AL

Gorgeous color, smooth formula.

I love this polish for many reasons….- the color is amazing. Bluish, purplish. Not too dark, but not crazy bright. Works for adults, not just teens.- smooth formula – even with the glitter, this polish dries relatively smooth (smoothest glitter polish I have)- the ‘glitter’ is more of a foil look. Not real flashy.- dries quickly and HARD – no need to worry about goopy polish that won’t dry well- have had the bottle for over a year and it hasn’t dried out yet!

Eve Pawnee, OK