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China Glaze Nail Polish, Jetstream, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

A very soft cotton candy pink with tiny flecks of blue and purple flecks that really make your nails shimmer and shine. A great spring and summer color. Long-wearing nail lacquer flexible and will not chip non-thickening formula no thinner required.

Key features

  • Long-wearing nail lacquer
  • Flexible and will not chip
  • Non-thickening formula no thinner required

Honest reviews


Quality polish, terrible color/topcoat/treatment

I still love china Glaze polish but this is hideous. It’s sheer frosty pink on it’s own – over clear basecoat or natural nails….BUT It’s totally purple… if you paint it over any other color,no matter how light or dark – it paints over solid/opaque. I thought from the sheerness of the polish in the bottle and the way it is on=screen, it would be a topcoat look with kind of rainbow of colors depending on the light or reflection. BUT it paints over as a frosty purple/lavender. I even tried it over Zoya Verushka which is a matte velvet dark forest green on it’s own. Frosty purple, no hint of forest green-same with paint over candy cane red, dark burgundy, over pale pink or super bright pink, over Audrey Blue, Recycle Grey-you get frosty purple!. You can tell there’s a dark color underneath but just barely, and certainly no forest green or any other specific color. On it’s own, it’s a frosty pink that looks like it could be a topcoat and changes color but not in a good way because it’s all rainbows of pink, pink, pink-nothing else, no rainbow. On everything else it just obstructs and ruins any decent color you have on your nails by making it purple. It’s just awful.They really missed the mark on this one – the least they could do is tell you what color the polish is. I’m really fed up with looking at a gazillion web sites to try and find out what one nail color is supposed to be so I can buy it from the manufacturer or a seller on Amazon. Why can’t the sellers give us a clue? Obviously the trendy thing to do is name your polish something fun or funky or crazy that has little to do with the actual color, and then the manufact. gives descriptions (and sellers) that are stupid, like “if you’re a such-and such person…” “If you like fast cars…” WHAT? How about “If you like bright pink glittery polish” after all, we are buying POLISH!How about telling us if it’s a metallic, a frost, a cream, is it opaque or sheer, or, let’s see WHAT COLOR IS IT!!!!I know…don’t buy it online! Here’s the thing – first of all, everyone buys online these days so that’s no excuse. Second, because of my illness, I can’t get out much, hardly ever, so I depend on online to get pretty much everything. I appreciate that I can finally get polish online but since the prices are typically ridiculous, and get more pricey all the time, and then the shipping cost is inexcusable in most cases, and then add to that the more and more stringent return policies that make it not worth returning, and the least they could do is give a three word description.Name Sheer or Opaque Metallic/Frost/Creme/Glitter Color or Color FamilyI mean they have to tell us on the bottle what the ingredients are but nobody has to tell us what color it is when you put it on your nails?And then so-called Nail Polish/Beauty Supply stores online don’t tell us anything, while making it impossible to return anything. Your only hope is that someone somewhere bought it and has the time and energy to write a review that tells you about the actual polish, not just the brand or the seller.Kudos to ZOYA and Art Of Beauty for being the one and only manufacturer/site who tells you exactly what you are getting from the polish on their website. Shame on any seller online who sells Zoya and is too lazy to copy the information about the colors of polish when they sell it on Amazon.Sorry for raging against the polish companies and online sellers but NOBODY should waste $5-$15 a bottle on what could be purple, red, pink, brown, who knows what color – you just have to hope your screen is close to the color and if you hate metallic or frost or creme, you can cross your fingers and hope it isn’t the one kind you hate, and if you need opaque, you can hope it isn’t sheer, but good luck on that one too.Ultimately, it’s my own fault for buying a color called “Rainbow” that looked like a sheer topcoat that is a wierd sheer pink frost on it’s own and lavender frost that is opaque with one coat if you paint it on ANY color.I hope this helps all of you who don’t want to waste money on a pink frost/purple frost polish when you are looking for a cool topcoat to give a different finish to your other polish, or are looking for an interesting sheer polish that isn’t just clear, but changes colors in the light. And I hope it helps anyone looking for a sheer pink Frost polish/ or Lavender Frost opaque topcoat and can’t find it…here it is, no thanks to anyone in the business.

Elaine Fly Creek, NY

Cheap …

I never usually pay over $2 for a bottle of nail polish since I generally just use it on my young daughter who likes to change her nail color often. I purchased this at a store for about $6 and am sorry that I did. It may be a $6 bottle of nail polish, but I have $2 bottles of nail polish that’s better than this. You have to apply multiple coats to get the full color of this silver polish … And even after you’ve done that, it chips very easily. I only gave it 1 star because I had to … Its a waste of money, IMO.

Clarice Palo, MI

So pretty!

This color is so pretty. It looks great alone or ontop of another polish. It’s a sheer and sparkley color. Very flattering on the hands.

Sara Devon, PA

nice pretty shade

This shade is really nice. I wore this on an interview and found it to be very appropriate for the setting. It’s a little to princess-y shade for me though.

Emma Robertson, WY

Perfect Pure Silver

This color matched my silver shoes perfectly. Wore it throughout the holiday season. People commented how great it looked peeping through silver shoes.

Lilian Vestal, NY

Red Hot!

I have tried so many different shades of red and never quite got it right. This is the color I have been searching for. It is vibrant and sexy and I love it! I recommend this color and this brand.

Isabel Kemmerer, WY

Really like it

It’s a beautiful color, I got a lot of compliments! But it peeled off fast for me. Still a good polish, will use again.

Kelley Chatham, VA

As advertised

The color is as expected. It goes on well and I’m happy with the purchase. The price is also comprable to store prices.

Katharine New Galilee, PA


This color is very pretty! I use it for water marbling. This would also be great if someone wants a light shimmer effect this is the perfect color.

Bernadine Red Devil, AK

i like it

Nice silver color. A little sheer but with 3 coats its completely opaque. what can i say its China Glaze. They rarely disappoint.

Denise Talco, TX

Very pretty subtle color!

I love it, it’s not a thick goopey mess of a nail polish. It stays on and it looks great. I just wish it dried faster. But then again I’m very impatient 🙂

Rachelle Swan Lake, NY

Great color; chips easy!

I love this color! It looks like I have pieces of metal on my fingers (which I wanted when I bought this). But it chips, even when you use top clear coat. It’s kind of thin, so you have to use more which causes chipping.

Rosario Adah, PA

China Glaze Platinum Silver

This is great. I wanted the mirror shine, and this is pretty close. It’s not quite as reflective as I was hoping for, like I have seen in photos on Pinterest, but close enough! I am finding all of China Glaze’s products to be completely satisfactory.

Kitty Wolftown, VA

Top 5!

It’s rare I say this, but I’ll probably buy a back up. I have my go to color, there are around 10 but my top 5 rarely change and Tantalize Me took the place of a my Orly purple that I used all the time.Like most china glaze polishes this does need 2 coats. It is a light purple that reflects light bluish tones in direct light, it’s the kind of polish you start moving you hand and your eyes get hooked to. I love this color and totally recommend it to other people.

Elise Middletown, VA

Great color

Pretty color, true silver. I put it on with Eussie all in one base/top coat/strengthener underneath and Seche Vite top coat over and it stays on a long time.

Adrian Marquette, WI


Alittle leary it is awful runny. If it has hardeners id expect it to be alittle thicker. Im ok with it maybe as a topcoat.

Elisha Clewiston, FL

Awesome color….many compliments

I think this will be one I will re-buy for years. I tried it at the salon first (a good way to test drive if you’re getting a manicure anyway) and got so many compliments on the color that I bought it. Great on it’s own or as a base for designs, as it’s got a lot of blue/pink/mauve to it so almost anything goes. If you want your nails noticed without going completely off the wall, this color will do it for you.Great durability, i use base coat, 2 coats of color and seche vite top coat (re applied every 2 days) and i get a good 7 days out of my manicure, no problem (actually, i usually get more, as i’ll crackle it or stamp on it after 5-7 days and keep that on for 3-4 days)

Ora Emington, IL

i love it

this and O.P.I are the only two nail polish’s i will even put on my nails , yes i have become that impressed with those two brands .

Cassie San Fernando, CA

Beautiful, long-lasting color

I was looking for something chromey and came upon China Glaze’s Platinum Silver. It takes about 2 or 3 coats to get to a solid color and lasts for weeks, with a top-coat (I used Essie’s).

Marylou Nicolaus, CA

Great product

I bought this for my girl and she seems to love it, so I assume it is good. Sorry I can not be more helpful.

Deena Ringwood, OK

Diva Bride – perfect for pedicures! Great for manicures as well. 🙂

If you are not a flashy person and would like a pale pink innocent look for your toes – well, this is it! Diva Bride color is perfect. I first tried it at a salon, and now I own a bottle! I love the color, the right consistency – not too thick, not too thin. Dries out very quickly.Lasted a whole month on my toes (undercoat, 2 coats of China glaze, top coat) and would have lasted longer, but my nails grow very fast.It lasted 3 days on my hands – no under or top coats. Just two coats of Diva Bride. I wash baby bottles and dishes by hand every day, so it took a lot of abuse, but still had a very nice shiny look to them and didn’t chip. I must say – I am impressed. Other polishes don’t last a day.

Addie Arctic Village, AK


I originally found this color in a nail salon while getting a pedicure. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else but here. The color is absolutely beautiful and I definitely recommend it!

Elisha Walhonding, OH

Platinum Silver

This is really and truly a metallic silver as in chrome of a car bumper silvery and not glittery. This color is difficult to find and I used to wear the chrome silver by Sally Hansen until it was discontinued. This is an exact match to that brand. You will need 2 coats to cover thourghly though. Mine hasn’t chipped in 2 days now with lots of typing and work. I love this as its almost identical to Sally Hasnen chrome. Dries pretty fast too. Very nice, 5 stars.

Aida West Glacier, MT

Smooth coat

It’s really thin so it’s easy to create a translucent silver layer which I love. I tried to draw with the polish using tapes but it leaked everywhere. The color is gorgeous though.

Myrna Parlin, CO

Beautiful color!

I am in love with this color because not only is it a soft lilac it has undertones of blue so the color stands out! beautiful

Lourdes Raquette Lake, NY

good color

nice color, coats real well. A little to thin for stamping but great for other designs with silver. easy application and no mess

Corine Cook, NE