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China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners:For Audrey

China Glaze is a one of a kind formula that contains a special balance of polymers, to maintain color, shine and luster and resins, to enhance flexibility and adhesion, that work together to create a nail lacquer that is chip resistant, long lasting and durable nail lacquers are infused with china clay which works to strengthen nails and protect from chipping.

Key features

  • China glaze for audrey is a gorgeous turquoise blue crème
  • Free of DBP, toluene and added formaldehyde
  • China glaze nail lacquers are infused with china clay which works to strengthen nails and protect from chipping

Honest reviews


Makes for a happy wife

My wife loves looking beautiful and one way to make her happy is buying China Glaze nail products. She has all kinds of colors and often will do a multy colored nail.

Kaye Todd, NC


I really like the shade. It was just what I expected. I would order it again. I wish they would take at least a dollar off.

Mamie Augusta, NJ

Gorgeous Nail Polish

Is everything I expected it to be. It is a stunning Tiffany shade of blue. I think we should all have this polish in our arsenal! It’s essential to mine :-DDelivery was fast and was packaged very well. Would definitely purchase from seller again. Thank You!!!

Dolores Abington, MA

Totally different color than pictured!

Just received mine & i’m wondering how old this polish is because my bottle came all scratched up. It looks old & the color is way’s more of a teal green than the “tiffany’s” blue. It’s a completely different color! I’ll still use it though..i’ll just go to Sally’s to find the brighter color i’m looking for. Also, the brush on this is small & narrow, which leads me to believe that it’s old because all the newer colors have the wide bristle brush. Amazon really needs to take down that’s misleading!

Marianne Clyde, NY

I don’t know who Audrey is but she has good taste.

Excellent polish! The color is very vibrant and goes on smoothly and evenly. One thing I would like to point out is the color. The picture shows a light cyan, but the actual color of this is more like a robin’s egg or a light turquoise. I do not mind either way. The difference is subtle, but I would like to make a note of it in case people expected the EXACT color. It’s a little darker than shown as well. Love it!As a side note, the seller is amazing 🙂

Toni Long Creek, SC

Love this color!!!

Such a fun and great color, LOVE IT! Makes the perfect Tiffany Box Nail Art! Great coverage wonderful product 🙂

Adeline Lawrence, PA

this is great polish!!!

I love this color! I am a huge Audrey fan so I had to have this. It is the perfect Tiffany blue. I love the quality of China Glaze, goes on smooth, just two coats. And I am not one to put blue on my nails, this is gorgeous tho, not crazy, just a beautiful color.

Jeanette Wolbach, NE

Love love love

This color is gorgeous!! Soft teal color. I have gotten soooo many compliments on it. Co-workers, nurse at my allergists office, waitress… everyone wants to know the color and brand. Just bought two more as gifts for friends. LOVE!

Roslyn Siler City, NC

Best color

I get so many compliments when i wear this color. Hard to find in stores. Everyone should have this color

Francesca Todd, NC

Love this color!!!

I was looking for a "tiffany blue" and I found it!!! This color is gorgeous and the polish is perfect.

Raquel Niles, IL

Chips and not true color

The color is actually a faded shade of the picture and it chips… Kinda disappointed. but for the price its okay.

Iva Bradgate, IA

Tiffany Blue? light Mint!

It doesn’t look any blue in person, just light minty color, actually one or two shade darker than what’s shown on the monitor.It’s a preety polish, but I already have the same color in different brand.dissapointed to find out it’s not tiffany blue at all.This is my update; I love the color and it’ definately tiffany blue.

Chris Mountain Center, CA


Got this in today, the color is not exactly the same as the picture it’s not as vibrant as the picture. It still is a pretty color though.

Dorothea Mc Carley, MS

Not Exactly the Color it Says it is.

The consistency is alright, it is a bit thick and streaky but with a couple coats you’re good to go! The only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is because it is described as a "Tiffany blue color" and it’s not that color at all. It might just be me and my experience but I don’t find this color Tiffany Blue. Otherwise, this is a great add-on to my China Glaze collection.

Johnnie Southington, OH

Nice color and coverage

Just got the package and painted my nails, feel great! The color is veeery close to Tiffany blue but when you put 2 coats it appears a little more cyan. This is my first time using China Glaze, very pleased with the coverage. I have many OPIs and Nail Inc. I have to say this CG bottle I’ve got has a little better coverage than OPI and a lot better than Nail Inc. I probably will switch to CG once for all, better coverage for cheaper price. Sweet!

Matilda Hartley, IA

It’s not what it’s supposed to look like

The pictures show’s a light beautiful blue but it’s NOT! IT’S A LIGHT GREEN COLORI WAS DISAPPOINTED. I really wanted the beautiful blue color.I would not recommend unless you want green polish instead of blue

Mallory Ronco, PA

Not really Tiffany blue

I was super excited about this item but sadly that has faded. The color of the nail polish is more of a light mint color than a true Tiffany blue. It’s still very pretty but I wouldn’t buy it again. I wanted a nice soft blue….not mint

Nancy Monmouth, IA

Love the color, but…

Color is true to the picture, but it didn’t last all that long. I’ve always bought Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish and will go back to that. It lasts weeks compared to this brand.

Ursula Chelsea, AL

Nice Color

From the picture, it looks like it’s got some greenish tint, it doesn’t. it’s just baby blue but might look greenish under certain light.

Edythe Rutherford College, NC


a little disappointed what i order it.didnt get the same color i was ordering.i got a minted color instead.whiches i dont like green but wanted blue.

Joyce Mid Island, NY

so upset!!!!!!!

I was looking for that Tiffany blue box color but this was farfrom it,paid $5 and now stuck with another nail polish I didn’t wantThe seller was very quick but was not the color I was looking for

Malinda Fouke, AR

Color darker than I expected, but I still like it

The color is darker than I expected. I thought it was going to be more of a bright turquoise but its more of a darker toned turquoise/blue. Still pretty though

Lidia Plantersville, AL

Got a completely different color than I ordered

I ordered what appeared to be a light blue (like in the picture), but instead I received a purple color. This could have been a simple error when my order was being prepared, but the shipping cost more than the product so I didn’t bother sending it back. The polish itself is very nice, and I still love the color that I was sent.

Diann Veteran, WY

looks different in person

not as blue as in the picture its a little duller. therefore I didn’t like the color. but came on time and in good shape

Charlotte Penfield, PA

Very close to that special blue box.

I love the color, actually obessed with this color lately. This color is reminisant of that special blue box from a high end jewelry retailer.

Sharron Briggsdale, CO

beautiful color!

i get many compliments on this Audrey it’s so pretty great summer color i purchased another of the same color don’t want to run out i would recommend this color it’s perfect.

Melissa Burbank, SD


I like the color but it looks more green in the bottle when you get it. On the fingers it looks amazing though.

Helen Halifax, MA


I thought this color would be more baby blue but it’s more teal. I still love it tho! It matches with many colors as as I use it for a basecoat with lots of the konad stamper designs.

Karina Westmont, IL

I love China Glaze

China Glaze polish is wonderful stuff, high end quality for cheaps! Yay! This color is to die for, a lovely creamy Tiffany blue. It looks amazing on pale cool-toned skin, and on Caucasian tanned skin, don’t know about other skin tones.

Crystal Pocahontas, IA


How did I make it this far in life without owning for audrey? this is the perfect light blue polish

Callie Rockford, OH