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China Glaze Nail Lacquer, Whirled Away, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Express yourself online and off with amazing china glaze color. Select from over 300 high gloss colors that give the confidence of gorgeous nails wherever and whenever it’s time to shine.

Key features

  • Long-wearing nail lacquer
  • Flexible and will not chip
  • Non-thickening formula no thinner required

Honest reviews



I’m surprised this got any good reviews. It’s really ugly. I thought I would love it but it appears (even in person) to have a black or dark base. It’s not, it’s a clear base. The only way you could pull this off is over an neon color to do a 80’s-90’s style nail. It’s got black and white hex pieces, some strip glitter, small glitter…it’s just too all over the place.If you google this color you can see some images of it on people. Check them out because I know I was really disappointed.

Denise Medon, TN

Different look

This is a top coat which I was not aware of until I got it. I guess it could be used alone. It is cute and fun to use. You can use any color as a base and put this polish over it. It is a clear topcoat with these small plastic white and black circles and different geometric shapes. I love it. Also is like the glitter polish when removing it so you have to soak it a little to get them images off. I had to come back and add a note to this. I found the second time I used this it did not work as well. Hard to get the plastic pieces on the brush. For that reason I lowered it to 3 stars. Worked nicely the first use. Now seems to be settled on the sides and bottom. You have to dig for the pieces to get them on the nail.

Gretchen Hulls Cove, ME

unique polish

it reminds me of those indie polishes everyone is crazy about. mine came with a bit missing but its ok. if you are unsure of what a polish will look like go to google and search up swatches. not that hard

Barbara Radnor, OH

Beautiful Chunky Glitter

This is a very beautiful chunky glitter. With many different shapes. Yes, the white glitter takes a little bit of work to get out, but that comes with the territory.

Susan Wales, MA

Wow! So much fun – you should try it!

I almost didn’t buy this because I have so many specialty top coats and finishes, but I am so glad I did! This looks phenomenal over ANY saturated polish color — my fave of the moment is a classic bright red. Applies *very well* for being a chunky glitter with bars. You get a nice randomness with the glitters. The base is crystal clear so it doesn’t change your base color. Not too lumpy when dries, only requires a single top coat.

Vera Bethel, NC

Another exceptional China Glaze!

This is another China Glaze color I am happy to have in my collection. I’ve found it to be very versatile – I’ve worn it over bright pinks and yellows for a neon 80s inspired look, and also over maroons and deeper reds for a fun pop over a sophisticated "work friendly" mani. It’s a chunky mix of black and white large hexes, bar glitter, and smaller pieces, all in black and white. For people complaining that it was difficult to apply and that lots of "Fishing" was required to get glitter out – try setting the polish bottle upside-down for a few minutes, or shaking it upside-down gently. Some difficulty comes with the territory in glitter polish placement, but it wasn’t hard for me to get out a fair amount on the brush at all.It’s definitely a chip resistant polish, it lasted 3 days on me with no topcoat – and I’m hard on my hands! It dried quickly, and was a good, easy to apply polish. I use 2 coats.

Hollie Appling, GA

I don’t really like it.

I learned how much I hate bar glitter with this polish. Its ok I just have a hard time with the bar glitters in it.

Rebekah Woodworth, WI

Chunks of fun stuff

Various sizes of black and white hex shapes, bars and dots, whirled away in a clear lacquer. Fun in a bottle. Looks great when applied over a candy red apple, sparkling nail color. Works best when pick shapes out and apply with a stylus or orange stick before brushing on. Thick consistency works to level out chunks. Like confetti for nails.

Tara White Cloud, KS

Cute! Very 8o’s

Despite the other reviews, I really actually like this polish. It really gives off an 8o’s look especially over bright colors. Not very thick, but you don’t have to fight to get the speckles out like most of these types of polishes.

Mia Avon, MS

SO HARD to put on evenly

When you read the other reviews about how difficult this is to apply —– OMG,listen to them and don’t get this. It does not apply evenly and on top of that there are pieces that stick up here and there and they are difficult to flatten out — even AFTER you apply a top coat it still snags on things and snags certain fabric like thin leggings. I would not recommend this to anyone

Latoya Scottsboro, AL

Pretty nice!

This polish is super pretty in the bottle, but not as pretty on the nail. I still like it a lot though and I’ll use it sometimes too!

Eleanor Sebastopol, MS

Super Cute

Very pretty! The only thing like any other glitter polish, It’s a task to remove! Other than that, the dots are so cute. I would buy it again.

Nita Denmark, ME

Pretty but hard to get on the Brush

The glitter polish is gorgeous and me being as good as I am with nails I Know the secrets to getting hard polishes on to the brush. It looked exactly like pictured here which I was super happy about. And even though the product itself only gets 4 stars the seller however gets 5 stars from me. It shipped to me in 2 days and that wasn’t even me picking a different shipping option. That’s just how fast it was. I was super happy about that. Overall good product. I like it!

Randi Oceanside, NY


I love nail polish. This was just another item to add to the many I already have. Black and white "glitter" comes out well. Personally I definitely think this needs a bottom coat under it. I like it best over pale pink or white.

Erica Hamilton, WA

It’s very unique and a good polish

It cannot be seen if you paint over black unless you get a lot of the white hexagons on the brush, in response to a previous comment.. Better looking to paint over lighter colors or just on plain nail. It unique at its competition nothing like a plain glitter, gives nail a new kind of look.

Diana Hartford, AL

Love it

I love it best glitter polish ever I was looking for a chunky polish like that n I finally found it it’s looks a lot like one of the indie polish but I love it I really recommended

Ernestine Tidioute, PA

Its decent

This polish is pretty good. You need at least 2-3 coats to really make it pop like it should. I have a different polish from a woman in Indiana that actually makes her own and it’s similar to this one. I like the other one better but this is a back up if I run out of the other!

Liz Waitsfield, VT

My Nails were Whirled Away

China Glaze Whirled Away is a great nail polish. I don’t use it alone but rather over another polish. Looks great over a color and not black

Kimberlee Midland, OH

goes great with an inie teenie polka dot bikini

goes great over neon colors like yellow and pink. theres different size glitters in it . looks very cute like you put alot of effort in it when all you do is put a coat over the color you want and your done . that simple.

Jami Presto, PA

Eye Catching Top Coat

especially when worn over a bright contrasting color. This top coat is so pretty it has various shapes and gives the impression of an adorable Asian motif I think.

Patsy Apple Creek, OH

Black & White

This maybe my fault but from the picture I thought the chunks were more of a charcoal color. But the black and white looks great too if you put it with the right colors! I like using it with a teal or a bright purple! (:

Bonita Forest, MS

really like it

This polish looks great on so many different colors. Very versatile and fun! I would recommend this one for your nail polish collection.

Ofelia Roseland, VA

Pretty, but…

Very pretty in the bottle but hard to apply to have it look like it looks in the bottle. That being said, I am a huge fan of China Glaze nail polishes. They have a great variety of color and seem to last longer on my nails.

Lauren Green Pond, SC


I really like this polish however you really have to work at getting the white glitter out of the bottle. I resorted to using a tooth pick to place the glitter.

Lea Samantha, AL