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China Glaze Nail Lacquer, It’s A Trap-Eze! , 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Chip resistant formula. Gives long lasting manicures. Quick drying on nails

Key features

  • Chip resistant formula
  • Gives long lasting manicures
  • Quick drying on nails

Honest reviews


Ugly As Sin

This has to be the ugliest nail polish I have ever seen. I thought it had a silver background but it is an ugly grey. I

Freida Woollum, KY

Formula harder to work with.

The polish has too much glitter in it. It takes 2-3 coats of polish and by that time the glitter has built up to sandpaper grit. 1 coat is fine, but streaky. I recommend 2 coats over another pastel. If you already have rainbow glitter, paint it over white, prettier effect. To get it closer to this look, top it off with a sheer or jelly white. Same look.

Marietta Little York, IN

The best color out of the whole collection

Given I’ve only tried three colors from this collection (this, whirled away, and get carried away i think) this one applies the best. One coat is pretty sheer, but once you get three coats on it’s wonderful. It looks like poptarts. Unlike most glitters, it’s not too difficult to remove either and dries quick. Such a fun color by China Glaze.

Jo Whitefield, NH

Love it

I can never find a polish like that anywhere but finally I found it I found the best glitter polish ever u can use it by it self or on top of a white polish as a base but the best polish ever

Lupe Ruffs Dale, PA


It looks like glue with crappy glitter flakes…. it is NOT pretty…. I like china glaze but they failed with this one…my own opinion..

Leah Goodwine, IL

Its like sprinkles on your nails!

The polish is so beautiful on, about 3 coats for opacity, and a couple layers of topcoat to smooth the glitter out. Removal is awful though but its worth it.

Alyssa Clayton, CA


This color is a sheer white with multicolor glitter in it, giving the look of a "jelly sandwich" without going through the trouble. I however notice that it chips easily and the glitters get caught in my hair when washing it in the shower causing them to flake off. It is a pretty color and I’d wear this every day if I could, but it doesn’t last and gets caught on things.

Josephine Warren, VT

Love, Love, Love

My absolute favorite from the China Glaze Cirque collection. This glitter has a milky base which becomes opaque after 2 coats, use three for high glitter coverage. I love this polish.

Elisha Six Mile Run, PA

Not a fan of this polish

Ehh its nothing special. Its a bit chunky and looks kind of blah on the nails. I could do without having it.

Mindy Tokio, ND

Best glitter-ish polish I’ve purchased in a while!

This is a very unique ( to me) polish and I really like it. It’s opaque in 2 coats. My only gripe is that CG polishes chip really fast on me. 🙁

Myrtle Rockland, DE

This is my new Favorite

It took longer then expected to get here, But that was because of the Holidays I am sure, But this is my new favorite polish now. I LOVE IT!! My husband said it looks like the sprinkles on top of cookies.

Amparo Stirling City, CA

So pretty

I received this as a gift. It makes for a nice mani! It works best if you dab the first coat and then add other coats as normal.

Adriana Larchmont, NY

It’s a Trap-eze!

Love this polish and wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it! Took about 3 coats to get full opacity but that was to be expected w/ a glitter polish like this. All of coloured glitter work very well together.

Juana Hoyleton, IL


I absolutely love this polish! I love the glitter and it works great with China Glaze, "Sun-Kissed", "For Audrey", and "Flip Flop Fantasy." It’s great. The only downside, like all glitter, it’s difficult to remove with nail polish remover. Other than that, it’s great!

Yvette West Alton, MO

wasnt my favorite

This polish was highly anticipated by me as I have a huge nail polish collection and the swatches of this were to die for! I was diappointed with this product, it took forever to dry (never had that problem with CG polish before) and was chunky. Ill stick to indie polishes for glitters!

Jacqueline Mount Airy, NC

All around fun polish!

Whimsical and light-hearted, will just make you smile when you wear it! Great China Glaze formula, semi-opaque milky base with rose and turquoise glitters suspended in it.

Lidia Burbank, CA

had higher hopes for this one

I am not a huge fan of the formula. It is goopy and soooo hard to get it off. It is kind of cool looking but I am not a huge fan. Sad too because I was so excited about getting this one.

Rebekah Roosevelt, MN