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China Glaze Matte Magic Top Coat

Matte Magic Top Coat. Turn’s Any China Glaze Nail Polish From Shiny To Matte.

Key features

  • Turn’s Any China Glaze Nail Polish From Shiny To Matte
  • Professional 440-Strand Brush For Ease Of Application
  • Free Of Dbp, Toluene And Added Formaldehyde

Honest reviews


China glaze matte flat finish

I gave this product 3 stars not because it doesn’t do its job, but because I don’t like the matte finish. For any one who likes the matte finish this is the product for them. I just prefer the shine. I really ordered it in error. But it is a good matte finish. I just like shine.

Dorothea Floyd Dale, SC


Amazing matte top coat. Get the matte polish look on any polish color you already own. Tried with black polish and looked amazing.

Victoria Bethany, CT

good product.

It turns nail polish matte. However, glossy nail polish not as matte as non glossy ones. I would buy it and recommend it. Love it.

Deanne Stillwater, MN

It’s okay

The good: I like this top coat best over gray nail polish. I didn’t have any problems with streaking, consistency, drying time, or drastic color changes. This product works well in that it does what it’s supposed to do. It dries rather quickly and leaves the polish texture feeling almost like rubber.The bad: The matte look itself is an acquired taste. I was unimpressed by this matte top coat over most colors I tried. While it looks cool over grays (and some golds), it doesn’t last very long. You may want to apply this matte polish over a regular top coat. When applied directly on top of nail color, the tips of my polish looked very worn after only a day.

Amparo Harrisville, OH

It mattes but…

It also dulls the color and causes the mani to chip faster than normal. Pay attention to sizing…I didnt realize I was getting such a tiny bottle for the price. It is not the average size of a nail polish bottle.

Sylvia Rotonda West, FL

I love it!

I rated this 5 stars because it works well and is a very cool effect on the nails. It is a small bottle but actually a perfect size because I don’t use it every time I do my nails, if I had a normal size bottle it would probably go bad. I love it!

Maryellen Moline, IL

Matte without feeling rough

I really like this matte top coat. It does gorgeous things to shiny polish. I like the way matte polish looks but I hate how rough they feel, it makes me want to pick at it. With this, you can make any polish matte and it isn’t rough. It does take a little while to dry and you can’t use a fast dry shiny top coat like Seche Vite on top or it brings back the shine as if you never used the matte topcoat at all.It’s a half size bottle but it’s worth it. I have a couple of other matte top coats but this is the one I like the best.

Aurelia New Knoxville, OH

This is why the ratings are so low! 🙁

This topcoat looks good, isn’t streaky, and is priced well. I would definitely recommend this product, and the main reason why it got as low as 3 stars is because people were not happy with the size. Well…. The seller does state that the product size is .325 ounces (Usually polishes are about .5 ounces and that’s what people tend to expect!).

Lillie Merritt, NC

Good if you like a matte finish on your nails

I love having a matte finish on my nails. I don’t like the shiny look. Which is probably the first time you’ve ever heard somebody say that. Although, its a lot smaller than I expected, but it works great. I feel like my nails still chip just as often as without this top coat. So in that respect, it’s not great product, but if you just want a nice matte finish then it’s a great top coat.

Judy Dwale, KY

Should’ve read the title more closely

I was expecting a full size bottle for the prize but didn’t realize I ordered a mini bottle which is kinda pricy. It does work really nice from what I swatched.

Milagros Saint Joseph, MN

Matte Magic!

Yes, it is a matte topcoat. And I like it a lot for nude fingers!Please note it comes in a half-size bottle, which is not what I was expecting. But I will buy again.

Billie Lincoln, AL

More matte than O.P.I.’s…

It turns matte quickly although it takes a lil minute to dry..i tried it on my mannequin hand Can’t wait to try it on my nails and clients! (:

Emilie Stanton, NE


This is the best matte nail polish. It came early and it wasn’t dried up or anything. One thing you have to know is that it isn’t the same size as the regular China Glaze. It is like a mini bottle but its not that small. It didn’t bother me because it’s still awesome! 🙂

Joanna Appleton, MN

love it

I love this product it’s really works and it’s better than opi matte color I like chalk ok naked glaze better and it’s like a top coat

Traci Fenton, MI

Small bottle, but good product

I really like this matte. Excellent product. I thought the bottle was going to be bigger, but its still an awesome matte. I will order again.

Lucile Amenia, ND

It is small!

I read the reviews that warned me it would be small and didn’t really know what to expect. Its not the size of a normal bottle but almost sample size. But still it was easy to use, lasted about a day or two before it started to wear off. I will use it on the days when I’m going to be at a day party or something, not really for night life.

Helga Waterloo, OH

Works well

I got this to use for a comic book nail design, works really well. Looks nice and flat. I read about this particular one in a nail blog, so it is supposed to be a fairly good matte top coat. I’ve never tried any other matte top coats but I still really like this one.

Gwen Homer, NE

Love it

This was the first matte nail polished I purchased and it does its job. Will be purchasing another one later.

Lindsay Hegins, PA

Does its job! small container.

makes a nice matte finish, WARNING: container is much smaller than regular china glaze polishes. the matte coat is very matte, can make some colors look a little dry/ powdery but it does what it says. drys quick and looks great in contrast to shiny glossy colors.

Verna Cleveland, NY

as matte as it can get

this is awesome. a very light coat will do the job and it drys so quick i don’t have to worry about messing up my nails anymore.

Florence Lonoke, AR