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China Glaze Ghoulish Glow – Glow In The Dark Top Coat

China Glaze Ghoulish Glow – Glow In The Dark Top Coat – 0.5oz / 15ml

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  • China Glaze Ghoulish Glow – Glow In The Dark Top Coat – 0.5oz / 15ml

Honest reviews


Great all year round

I purchased this initially for Halloween designs, but because it is virtually clear, it can be used as a top coat anytime! My young Nieces love to see their fingers glow in the dark at night so, I have used it several times just for fun (even my nephews wanted to paint their fingers and toes for a night time glow (ages 3, 7, 9, 10)), and because it’s almost clear ( a slight ‘foggy’ tint to it), they did without it looking like their nails were painted. I would recommend this product to any nail polish enthusiast .

Vicky Clarksburg, TN

It works!

I bought this for Halloween, and it came amazingly fast; it came in two days and it was supposed to arrive in a week or so. I bought it from the seller One41 beauty by the way, and shipping was free.Pros: It does work! Apply 2-3 coats and charge it under a bright light and, ta-da! It also dries pretty fast.Cons: It doesn’t last long. It gradually fades after a few minutes.I’m going to try applying a green polish under this one and see if it glows brighter. I’ll also try charging it for longer to see if that makes it last longer. The glow polish has an opaque yellowish tint, but I guess you can apply a layer or two over another polish and it won’t affect the color that much. I will update soon!

Jessica Falcon, KY


This is a really cool nail polish! I painted monsters on my nails for Halloween and they sure did glow when the lights went out! It kind of freaked me out the first couple of times because I had forgotten about it. It works best on top of lighter polishes. I noticed that on darker polishes the glow was not as bright. It was still slightly visible, but up against the other lighter bases, it could not compare. If you put it on a white polish, it turns it a bit yellow. It’s not awful or anything, but it’s no longer truly white.

Trisha Austin, NV

Awesome glow.

This nail polish definitely glows in the dark! It has nice packaging, and it’s not overly garish in the bottle.

Iva Fredericksburg, VA

Glows in the dark

It does glow in the dark, but it isn’t that pretty and it does chip some. i didn’t wear it very long before I got sick of it.

Louisa Cayuse, OR

Great fun polish that actually works!

While searching for glow in the dark and neon products for my daughter’s costume this year, we decided glow in the dark nail polish would be fun. After reading the reviews, I decided this was the one to buy and I wasn’t disappointed. Works great!

Addie Bethlehem, GA

Best Glow Topper

This glows so nicely over most anything without giving much (if any) color. I’ve used it over several colors and I’ve really enjoyed the glowing effect. It’s a lot of fun! Buy it, you’ll like it.

Essie Coden, AL

Not bad

It does glow but not very long or bright. You can put over a design but it dulls the design a lot! Not bad if you just want to put over normal color but it does dull a bit.

Eddie Sulphur Springs, AR