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CHINA GLAZE Crackle Metals Set

All new. China glaze crackle metals!! You will be bidding on : 1) .5 oz Tarnished Gold 1) .5 oz Cracked Medallion 1) .5 oz Platinum Pieces 1) .5 oz Latticed Lilac 1) .5 oz Haute Metal 1) .5 oz Oxidized Aqua

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Love these Crackle polishes!

I just love the look of these China Glaze crackle metal polishes over dark cream colors. It’s such a rich look! They go on easily and crack quickly and are perfect to use to disguise or preserve a manicure that gets a nick or smudge. Don’t forget to use a fast drying top coat such as Seche Vite or China Glaze Fast Forward to give shine and prolonge the wear.

Shawn Steeles Tavern, VA

Had problems with these styles…

I love the colors of these polishes. Very shiny and bright in the bottle, but I find when you apply them to the nail they dull up quite a bit. (Which can be fixed with a gloss top coat.) My major problem is the crackle. You have to put on just the right amount for it to work properly, about a medium-thick coat. After that you are suppose to wait for the polish to crackle. I have found that the crackle is never constant or even, so sometimes you will get lots of crackle, and on a different nail hardly any at all. It looks funny or accidental. These take a lot of work, so be prepared to have some time set aside. Also, they take forever to dry! (Pretty thick sections after crackle.) I am not sure if I am just not digging the crackle idea, or it I choose to buy the right brand, but I would recommend trying them in the store to see if you like them before purchasing a group like this.

Bethany Scenic, SD

Sort of nice..

The colors are alittle too similiar. Would of liked it more varied. Goes on find but it does chip quicker then others i have. But i will use them. And im sorta ok with them.

Kara New Gretna, NJ

crackle is not dead

I don’t care what they say, crackle is not dead, especially fine shimmery crackle like these that look like textured polish

Lillie Drewsey, OR


Yego rapido y me encanto este paquete de esmaltes en cuanto yego los trate muy bonitos los colores okay lol

Christina Imlay City, MI

Worked great first time used

I just received the the set of 6 China Glaze Crackle Metals and so far have only used the Cracked Medallion. I have not used any crackle top coats before this so I have nothing to compare it to. I used Opi “Out of this World” nail polish for base color, 2 coats. I allowed the nail polish to dry and then applied the Cracked Medallion. Unlike regular nail polishes, the crackle top coat starts to dry immediately as you apply it, so a quick application is a must, otherwise it starts to clump on the brush. The Cracked Medallion crackled nicely. I uploaded an image to show it. Cracked Medallion is more of coppery metal crackle. Flash from camera makes it look golden.I can recommend this set of China Glaze crackle polish if you are looking for metallic crackle at a good price.

Rosa Whitewater, CO

She loves it

I got this collection as a Xmas present for a friend of mine and she absolutely loves it. She actually tried every single one of these colors (1 per nail) last night and sent me a picture. She is extremely happy with the gift, what else can I say.

Denise Powell, MO