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China Glaze Crackle Collection Lightening Bolt [Misc.]

China Glaze is the nail polish that sets the bar for all other brands. For over 13 years, they have been dedicated to offering the highest quality lacquers. Every polish is on-trend and rich in color. Express yourself with the many reds, blues, neons, and metallic colors China Glaze provides. Each polish contains China Clay that hardens the nail for added health and strength. This is the same material in porcelain that gives it such a high gloss finish. Features: Well known brand. High quality lacquer. Trendy, rich results. Accents any individuality. Contains China Clay. Has a high gloss finish. Colors inspired from all over the world. Each color has a 440-strand brush. Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene. Dimensions: 0.5 oz – All dimensions listed are approximations.

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  • China Glaze Crackle

Honest reviews


Save your money!

This is plain terrible. Bought this color and the pink. They don’t look shattered at all. It goes on with a chalky consistency and pretty much covers the whole nail like regular nail polish. There is a very slight shattered look but it looks more like you didin’t put your polish on correctly. Just looks sloppy. OPI is coming out with colors and is worth the wait. Stay away from this cheap imitation.

Chelsea Evans, CO

China Glaze Metallic Crackle – Haute Metal

China Glaze Metallic Crackle Haute Metal is my first crackle. I used this pinkish silver over a bright pink polish (Revlon Plum Seduction) and I’m pretty happy with the result. This crackle seems to crackle well over any base coat or even without any base coat, but it looks better and helps the crackle pattern stand out when you have a dark or bright base coat color under it. This color can sometimes look silver (and not pink), depending on what color you put under it as a base coat. I’m looking forward to trying this with other base coat colors for the fall and winter (Maybe a brown? Or Orly Mysterious Curse?).

Alyssa Ocean City, MD

Makes it easy to achieve a great look

I dont do my fingernails very often because if I cant get them perfect I will just want to wipe it off. This crackle polish to get a great look without a lot of effort. Just make sure you dont put on too thick of a coat. I took off a star for the price. Im just not use to paying almost 10 dollars for a bottle of nail polish.

Juliana Hillsboro, NH

“Broken Hearted” is freaking divine

If you love color and shatter or crackle polish, this is your must-have for spring and summer. “Broken Hearted” is a deep pink, like dark bubble gum or rosy pink. Like most of these polishes, it looks lighter on your nail than in the bottle.Any of your light pastels will look great as a base color under Broken Hearted. I dug out my old Jade (creamy pale green) and put Broken Hearted on top – with pink and pale green, the combo is a sweet one for Spring. Your light blue will look great too.If you haven’t used crackle or shatter polishes before, read on. The point of crackle polish is to use two colors which contrast. You make a base of regular nail polish, and then the crackle on top, which shrinks as it dries to expose the base color. Thus, whatever you choose for your base should be a color that will contrast nicely with the color of crackle you have. The more different the colors (light and dark) the more obvious the pattern will be.Crackle polish will NOT work on your naked nail- as it dries it shrinks and it needs a smooth dry surface to shrink across.The key is to not put the crackle polish on until the base color is COMPLETELY dry. Then it will “shatter” correctly. It takes a few seconds or more for the crackle polish to work its magic and contract, so after putting it on, relax and watch it. It’s kind of like watching an old Poloroid develop. If you find spots that are blank and you want to carefully fill them in afterwards, you can.Shatter polishes give you a pretty and intricate look without a lot of fuss. Enjoy!1) It is chunky, so you really want to shake, stir and roll the bottle betwen your palms to get it well-mixed.2) Crackle polishes all dry matte (un-shiney) so unless you like that look, you will want to apply some clear top coats to get shine and level the layers.3) If you want small, fine crackles, go light with the crackle polish. If you want a chunkier look with larger sections of crackle, go thicker.Good luck!

Andrea Mead, OK

Favortie Black Crackle. 🙂

If you apply it correctly, it works. It’s as black as night and is not sheer (if applied correctly) 🙂

Nola Calumet, IA

This is a good product for the price.

I got this in Tarnished Gold at Ulta because it was on Clearance for 1.99, and i had never tried crackle nail polish before.In my opinion the color looks prettier in the bottle than it does on your nails. It is very thin nail polish but it works fairly well. I was surprised by the quality it is very good. It does crackle easily, and looks good on your nails. I look forward to trying their other nail polishes.

Rocio Stratford, CT

Not that great as I expected.

This product is okay but does not crackle as good as the OPI shatters do. When I painted my nails with this, about 2-3 of my nails did not have the crackle effect as they were supposed to have.

Bonnie Carson, MS

A cool effect for nails

I ordered this from the Sally’s Beauty Supply website and they are pretty fast in shipping this polish. I tried it on my plainly painted toes and the awesome shattered effect was apparent. For a base color I used a lime green color from Sinful Colors (which name escapes me) and applied the Black Mesh over it. It crackled instantly. The key is that you have to let the base color dry throughly before applying this nail polish. It does dry matte but with a top coat, it takes it to a new level. The consistency is perfect and I didn’t have to add nail polish thinner. I highly recommend this.

Latanya Farmersburg, IN

Just looks …. off.

I’ve tested this a couple of times now and followed the directions and sadly it doesn’t look good 🙁 Can’t say I’ll be buying again, ever.

Tamara Hazen, AR

Nice polish

I wanted to try a crackle polish so I thought I’d give it a try and buy one. I like it a lot. Works nice!

Olga Hitterdal, MN

Great choice over OPI!

So I was originally going to purchase the OPI nail polish but, when I seen that $10.00 price tag, I just couldn’t do it. Ten dollars for a nail polish?! During my search I came across the China Glaze version. Now, I don’t use their nail polishes and haven’t read of any reviews but because it was cheaper and seemed similar if not exactly like the OPI I decided to give it a try. And I’m glad I did!! This polish works great, and it’s fun to watch the polish “crack” seconds after applying. I love the modern hip look it gives your nails.

Kasey Marathon, IA


I use this a lot and get a lot of compliments on my nail art. I love it because when I’m too tired to do my own nail art, I do a crackle! So easy and dries pretty quick.

Beulah Gleason, TN

Fun stuff

I like to wear this over white!. it rally looks cool, but you can also use 2 layers over a unpolished nail for the NON crackle look. Just add a clear coat and great look.

Evangeline Plains, MT

Five Stars

Great color, dries fast and doesn’t chip,and the price is right-what’s not to love!

Estella Burkeville, VA

So Chic and Funky!

This is a pretty cool product. I purchased the black and white one. They work well. Love the different/funky look it adds to my nails! Make sure the nail polish underneath is COMPLETELY dry before applying the crackle. I tried to apply it with it being partially dry and the nail polish didn’t crackle…So, in result I had to remove both nail polishes and start over. But that was my fault for not following the directions!

Dawn Old Town, ME

Already Opened

When this first arrived, I was very excited to use my new black crackle polish. It was packaged great, but when I went to use it, it appeared that the polish had been used before from the dried polish around the edges. Overall it worked great but next time, I’d like a brand new polish.

Pamala Unity, ME

China Glaze

Me & my sister loves this nail polish because we love to watch it crackle LOL & the only reason I got it is because its black which is my favorite color.

Tami Chambers, NE


Happy with the price and the condition of the polish when I recieved it. I have used it several times and it is not gunky and hard to use.

Kathie Willow Lake, SD

One of my favorites!

Usually crackles come in run of the mill colors. Gold, silver, black, white, blue, etc. When I found out about this minty, Tiffany blue, I was so excited! I love whimsical polish.Of all the China Glaze crackles, this is in a tie with Cracked Medallion for my favorite. Unlike most of them, as they are nearly all metallic and this is nearly matte, it does go on a bit thicker. This means that while normally you see more of your base color and less of your crackle, Crushed Candy takes up more of your nail than your base does. It crackles nicely, even after you’ve had it for a while (I got it on sale for $1.50, and you could tell it had been there for a month or so.) If you notice your polish start to dark a bit in the bottle, don’t throw it out! Just shake it up, it’s still good. I’ve had mine since August 2012 and it’s still good as new, even with minimal use.

Arlene Doniphan, MO

Best crackle polish ever!

I LOVE this crackle polish. You get a great nail art design, in about 2 minutes! I always get compliments on my nails when I wear this stuff. :DCrackle polish tips: Be quick when using it. because it dries REALLY fast. Don’t "over-paint", as in don’t keep going over & over your nail with it, or it will mess up the design (thick coat= bigger chunks, thin coat= smaller). And be sure to keep the lid on the bottle as much as possible, because it will get globby in the bottle if you don’t.

Maryellen Norco, LA


I immediately used this when I got it lol!! I love it!!! Only "con" to it is that it does get thick and goopy at the top. But it works great and you don’t have to use much at all!

Whitney Ayden, NC

Great brand

Polish “trnasforms” before eyes. First drying instantly then cracking like its crackle polish then it peels off on its own. Brand itself is normally great but this color no good.

Jacklyn East Brunswick, NJ

The perfect gold color

The perfect gold color…not too orange or yellow. Apply evenly with one coat. Don’t apply it thick or it’ll not dry to the crackle effect. Great for laying over other colors when you’re board of seeing the same color or to cover up your base color mistake when you don’t want to remove the base color! heheI like the way CG crackes vs. OPI shatter. OPI black shatter was too thick and crackles in a straight lines. CG crackles in just the right places that looks great (like as the picture shown)!!

Juana Buckley, WA

Love this gold glaze.

This was great for the holidays. I used it over red nail polish and did a clear top coat. It is also longer lasting when you do a top coat. This is very pretty. I am sure it will look good over all colors..even black etc.

Katherine Ashippun, WI

Best black crackle nail polish I’ve tried

I remember owning black crackle nail polish as a young child and not being able to find it for years. Then I noticed OPI was coming out with one and immediately bought it. It was okay, but the cracks weren’t very dramatic & looked more "leopard" than fissures, which is the look i prefer. It’s also way more expensive & dried out when I still had 1/3 of the bottle left.Don’t even bother with Sally Hansen’s version. It stinks!China Glaze is definitely better looking to me. It cracks more randomly so each nail looks very unique. Just be sure to apply it thinly & quickly to get the full effect. I’m already on my second bottle. And the price can’t be beat!

Daphne Four Lakes, WA

Metallic Crackle Review

I purchased the metallic crackles in silver and gold. I love the look! For some reason I had better luck with the silver crackle than the gold. The gold went on clumpy and didn’t crackle as much. I might just need to make sure there’s less on the brush next time.

Lilian Blue Ridge, TX

nice color!

Its a beautiful metallic color that looks very professional with the crakle touch. I 100% recommend you using this product

Mari Kechi, KS

Inexpensive Designs

I purchased all of these except the blue one. I have tried the pink one on my daughter’s toes. I used a purple color as the base and the pink crackle on top. She loves it. Yet, she is only 3 and loves any color on her toes. You can’t really see the base as the crackle overshadows it. Can’t wait to experiment with different colors. Overall, it is an inexpensive alternative to high-priced salon designs.

Ernestine Faulkner, MD

nice gold shatter

I love the gold. It is a really nice shatter gold and it dries pretty quickly. Just add two coats off a base color and then add one thin coat of the gold shatter polish.

Regina Ogdensburg, NJ


perfect crackle and color! Dries and crackles fast, great for nail art or just crackled nails. Shipping was quick, I will be back.

Susanna Heflin, LA