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CHI Turbo Microchip Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1″

Farouk CHI Turbo Regular 1 inches Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Key features

  • Variable temperature control saves energy
  • Versatile “all in one” ergonomic design with 10 foot heavy duty cord On/off switch on the side for easy access
  • Create silky shiny hair instantly
  • Light weighted and fits in a standard curling iron station
  • Light weighted and fits in a standard curling iron station

Honest reviews


love it

I love this flat iron. I don’t understand why so many people give it bad reviews. I have had mine’s since 10th grade (I’m in my 4th yr of college now) and I have not had any problems. The iron still gets hot, my hair comes out nice, and I had get my roots straight. I don’t know what’s the problem with the other women that give bad reviews on this product. Maybe it’s the type of CHI, you know the modal. But I love my CHI. and FYI I’m an African American women with medium to coarse relaxed hair. The CHI turbo is a good investment and a great alternative to GHD.

Etta Hermann, MO

Jumped on the bandwagon

I had been letting my hair airdry (i’m black with a relaxer) and using ceramic curling irons to straighten my hair as i curled the ends. I decided to actually use a straightening iron to straighen (what a thought huh? lol) I went for the Chi flat iron. I didn’t really appreciate how well it works until I used a cheaper ceramic flat iron one day. It made me realize I had been taking the Chi for granted. It gets my hair extremely straight. I have had the occasional hair snag but not as bad as when i used metal flat irons or even a cheaper ceramic flat iron.I have yet to master the curling of the ends using the Flat Iron though. Sometimes it comes out okay, and sometimes it doesn’t. (I think the 1 inch might be too small for the curl I want.) I wonder if I might have better luck with curling the ends with a larger flat iron, but the trade off would be that I couldn’t get as close to my roots.I don’t use it everyday (I limit myself to using heat only one time a week and even then I might use a curling iron) but I’m already seeing a bit of wear on the outside of the iron where I grip it when I put it in my hair. I’m hoping it’s just a cosmetic and won’t start to burn my hands.August 09 Update: Four years later, I still have this flat iron and it still works. The only complaint is that the felt on the outside of the iron has pretty much worn off. You can still grip it but it’s hot to the touch.

Cathryn Side Lake, MN

Very satisfied customer

This flat iron has served me very well. I bought it to replace a cheaper one that I had, which broke. I’ve had this one for a couple years already and it works very well. I love that the temperature is adjustable since my hair is very fine in addition to being a combination of very wavy and curly. I have found that if I use it too often, as with any heat product, my hair has a tendency to dry out, but I bought a silk infused gel, also made by Chi, which works very well to protect my hair and make it look more like naturally straight hair instead of curly hair that was straightened and looks sizzled on the ends. It’s very easy to use as well.

Opal Ipava, IL

Good Product

This is a very good product for hair. It does not damage it as the other common flat irons. Also the shipping was excellent: very fast (3 days!!) and for free!

Alana Salem, KY

Cheap CHI

This CHI only lasted about 6 months. It did get hot enough to straighten my coarse hair. I wish it lasted longer.

Marietta Chambersville, PA

Excellent in the 6 weeks it actually worked

I bought a Chi to straighten my thermally reconditioned (but still curly) hair at home. I was spending a fortune at the salon ($40 a pop b/c my hair is long, thick and curly) so I took a risk and plunked down over $100 for the Chi (2″). I loved the Chi while it lasted – I blow dryed my hair with a round brush (which left it poofy and frizzy) and then used the chi once my hair was dry to get silky smooth hair. It took me about 30 minutes to go through my thick hair and it really worked. My hair lasted frizz free until I washed it again. I only used it once a week b/c of the heat plus the chemicals in my hair. However, as I was using the chi last week, it stopped working half way through straightening my hair. I tried several different outlets and nada. It won’t heat up anymore. I plugged it in this morning and it was ICE cold. So, the Chi is going back. Luckily I am in the return window for folica. I have ordered a Solia instead. Hopefully the Solia will prove more durable.

Brittany Hakalau, HI

Worked fine until it broke

This just crapped out on me one day & Farouk wouldn’t take it back. Pissed me off that I spent so much on a straightener that didn’t even last a year!

Leila Wilson, TX


I have had this for three years. i love it. I used it often for a long time. now I dont use it more then 2-3 a month but it has never given me any trouble. we moved overseas (220v instead of 110v in the USA) and i am using it with a converter now and no problems at all. very nice product.

Laurie Forks Of Salmon, CA