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CHI Pro Hair Dryer 1500W in Black

CHI Air Vibe Ceramic Ionized Touch Screen Hair Dryer CHI Air Vibe Dryer utilizes touch screen technology that puts beauty at your fingertips. The LCD full color touch screen allows you to customize your temperature and airflow settings. CHI Air ceramic heater and infrared technology reduces static, eliminates frizz and rehydrates dry, damaged hair. A superior DC motor delivers faster airflow to minimize drying time. The Vibe Dryer’s state-of-the-art ionizing feature transforms your hair into luxurious silky and shiny tresses. Touch Screen Controls: Unique Memory Settings Multi-Level Low to High power setting allows for a superior drying control Multi-Level Warm to Hot temperature settings allows for superior drying control 1800 Watt Cool Shot Button Superior DC motor for faster drying time Power Button Lightweight ergonomic design Hanging loop for convenient storage Nozzle and diffuser 2 Year Limited Warranty

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Highly recommend

Love it! Perfect for thick curly hair. Does get super hot though so caution should be taken as to avoid damaging the hair and or scalp. I just avoid leaving the dryer in one spot for too long and I do fine with it. I also love that this dryer is not obnoxiously loud; not silent of course either but more quit than most dryers I’ve used.

Marisol Wilton, CA

Not for fine hair

I really like this dryer,’s quiet, fit’s in my hand comfortably, w/good switch locations. It’s a great quality dryer,.HOWEVER, if you have baby fine hair, forget it! I read somewhere that ionic dryers are not good for fine hair because it makes the hair more limp. So true. I wish I would have remembered that. Everyone wants shiny, sleek hair, & that’s ok if yours isn’t stick straight and baby fine. It seems 99.9% of dryers now are ionic. So I am on here today to buy a normal, non-ionic dryer. Like the one I had. So if you have a lot of hair,.this is a sensational dryer.

Marlene Norris City, IL

Buyer Beware

I bought this product 5 months ago and it has already stopped working. Contacted Farouk but because I purchased this from Amazon and not a salon Farouk does not honor the return/repair policy. This is the second Chi hairdryer I have had, the first one stopped blowing hot air after 1 year, again Farouk did not offer a any replacement option because the model number does not qualify for replacement. $100 is not a lot for a hairdryer but in less then 17 months I have had to shell out $200 for hair dyers, could have bought a really nice dyer for that price. Loved the way it made my hair feel but not worth having to replace so often. Ended up going to my salon and getting a dryer that will be covered if it breaks for a lot less and my hair feels great.

Carolina Kingman, ME


I have been so annoyed with my old blow dryer, that I had started washing and air drying my hair. Last Sunday I finally decided that i needed to stop walking around with bad hair, and get a new blow dryer. I did not know where or how to find a good one, so I went on Consumer Report website and found that this dryer was highly rated.I came on Amazon’s website, and after looking at the reviews, I felt comfortable enough to purchase this, and it arrived on Wednesday. I washed my hair this evening and am extremely pleased with my new dryer. It was neither too loud nor too hot, and it dried my thick course hair very quickly, and my hair is soft and beautiful like I’ve never seen it unless done by my salon.I figured my hair would look good, but I honestly wasn’t expecting this result. I’m already looking forward to washing my hair.Great product and I’m extremely happy.

Annette Sunburg, MN

Lightweight, Quiet, and Doesn’t Make Your Hair Frizzy

I purchased this one almost two years ago and have not had a single problem with it.It is pretty quiet compared to the other hair dryers I’ve used in the pass. It doesn’t over heat my hair or make it frizzy, instead it seems to really help with the shine.This one is also light weight.I’m trying to think of a single thing I dislike about it but this is one true product. It’s rare that I don’t find something wrong with any purchase.It is well worth the penny you pay , well done Farouk Chi !

Sherrie Sipesville, PA

Best Dryer Ever

This blow dryer is the best I’ve ever had or tried. It dries my hair quickly and with a smooth finish. Highly recommended

Josephine Cobbtown, GA

Yes it is worth it!

I saw these hair dryers in the store a while ago, and thought it was nuts to spend close to a hundred dollars on a hair dryer. There was nothing wrong with my $30 model; my hair dried just fine. This hairdryer, though, works so much better!A few weeks ago, I went to a spa and while I was drying my hair, I noticed — it was so conspicuous — how quiet the dryer was. I finished drying my hair in what seemed like less time, and left the spa feeling like the treatment left my hair softer and smoother than before. I thought it was just the spa environment. The next day I bothered to notice the brand of the hairdryer, and was recognized the “chi” brand.I came home and bought the hairdryer, knowing I could return it to the store if my experience didn’t duplicate the experience I had at the spa.I still have the hairdryer. The dryer is much more quiet, it dries my hair faster, AND it does leave it smoother (it wasn’t the spa products or their water!). I wish I had bought this years ago…. it is so very much worth it.STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. This model is great. Maybe the $200 model is better, but this one is good enough. If I were to lose the dryer tomorrow, I would go out and repurchase it again quickly. It really is that good.

Cheryl Wytheville, VA

Awesome hair dryer

I bought this hairdryer and loved it for a long time–it was quiet but powerful and really effective. Sadly I brought it on a trip abroad and forgot to use a power converter, and it shorted out the moment I plugged it into the wall. RIP hairdryer.

Lakesha Manchester, CT