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CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

CHI ORIGINAL PROFESSIONAL 1” HAIRSTYLING FLAT IRON Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron utilizes the latest innovative technology combining Tourmaline Ceramic with even heat distribution, producing an exceptionally high amount of negative ions and Far Infrared which reduce static electricity for that perfect style. Hair is left smooth and silky with an unparalleled shine. This Classic Flat Iron is ideal for all your hairstyle needs. Now, you can straighten, smooth, curl, wave, spiral, flip, and bend. Just use your imagination and create your own personal flair. Eliminates Static Reduces Frizz Unparalleled Shine Quick Heat Up Swivel Cord for Convenience 2 Year Limited Warranty Floating Plates

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Prepare yourself for a totally new you.

If you’re tired of the curls and waves in your hair and want to go for a dramatic, straight look, the Farouk Ceramic Iron is for you. It works like a dream and you won’t be able to stop touching your hair because it’s hard to beleive it could feel so wonderfully smooth and healthy with such little effort. If you have tried to get a sleek look by yanking your hair with a blow dryer and brush, this will save you a world of time and produce far better results.

Shana New Hartford, NY

Excellent Product

I have struggled to get the hang out of my cheap flat iron for my wedge/bob hairstlye. Well, struggle no more! this iron is awesome and fast. It beats the ‘cheapies’ hands down. I also like it because it is thin! I thought (in my ignorance) using a larger iron would be easier, but not so. Its much easier to use this one. Plus… It comes in a limited edition pink style if you like that sort of thing (which I do). I also love this iron because its really easy to curl the ends of your hair. Just twist and go.Make sure to use some product to protect your hair and be careful with it! You can burn your ears, neck and hands -It’s HOT!

Esther Bardwell, TX


This is the best flat iron ever!!! As an black female using this I can go longer without getting a perm. Every female should own one!!!!

Kimberly Mooresville, AL

Love ittttttt

I’ve had my chi for a month now and it works great. It straightens my hair in seconds, flips in seconds as well. Curling was a challenge at first but i finally figured it out and posted that on My curls stay ALLLLLLLL day. Hair is pin straight and also lasts until you wash your hair, leaves my hair very silky like in those commercials. My hair is very dry and looks damaged but with this it looks like model hair! it also heats up in seconds!!

Hannah Necedah, WI

Not good!

I have a Sedu flat iron and decided to purchase the Chi because I read the reviews and lots of people said the Chi was great. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG !!! I am African American female and I swim each week. I need an iron that will straighten my hair and not dry it out because of the constant chlorine and washing. I used the Chi last night and it dried my hair out. My hair has never looked like this. It used to have body and was shiny. I am returning the Chi tomorrow for a refund. I am going back to the Sedu- don’t think they sell it on Amazon but the Sedu is a great iron. The Chi is awful.

Valarie Bancroft, ID

Absolutely love it!

This product leaves my hair soft, silky and shiny. It glides smoothly without tugging on my hair. I realized you actually CAN style and curl your hair with this awesome product. But you’ve just got to experiment by turning the straightener round and round as you straighten; this may be a challenge and often may lead to failure in acquiring the desired style, of course since it isn’t a curling iron. But wish you luck with that.I must also warn you against the disappointment that may come after you try to use this on half wet or damp hair; it may cause frizz and won’t straighten well enough, and that’s why it lost a one point. I also noticed that using a comb or brush along with straightening causes static sometimes, usually on damp/almost dry hair. That’s all for this review. Great product, highly recommended.<3 Div

Adela Raymond, MN

The Best!!!

In order for me to acheive that straight “flat iron” look, I have to go to a salon. Well, let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to pay for any style since I’ve purchased this iron. My hair is naturally curly, so I was amazed to see how easy it was to use this product. I’ve had nothing but PERFECT results. Worth every dime, especially with it’s price on

Tammi Colesburg, IA

Fantastic! Gentle on my wigs’ hair

I love this straightening iron. My own hair is straight as an arrow, but for personal reasons, I’ve taken to wearing wigs quite often and the hair is not always as easy to manage as my own. Often, it’s knotty or gets frizzy at the slight touch of humidity. That’s where the CHI comes in. Within a couple minutes, the CHI is heated up and ready to go and I can quickly re-style my wigs or my own hair and have it beautiful and salon-finished at the drop of a hat.I was expecting some sort of a knob to put the iron at different heat settings, but there was only an on/off switch. Nevertheless, the CHI has never gotten too hot to burn my hair (a big consideration, since I paid about $1000 for my wigs) yet has always gotten hot enough to get the straightening results I needed. I also use it to curl the hair slightly at the ends and have now done away with my curling iron as well! So happy for this product!

Iva Eureka, UT

Good product

Fast shipping. Product is good. Looks like the heating plates, when you close the flat iron, are a little off – not straight. But overall good flatiron.

Peggy Chillicothe, OH


I love CHI irons and hair products and this iron is no exception. it is thin so you can get in waves and makes your hair so smooth and beautiful.

Renae Elberta, UT

Eh, it Worked for a Year

This worked about a year then stopped getting as hot. I ended up buying a no-name straightener from a mall vendor and like it much better. I’ve had the mall one over a year and it still gets super hot.

Susie Montreat, NC

THE best flat iron on the planet!

I have very thick, very hard-to-deal with hair that has a messy, random sort of wave that I hate. The Chi iron is the ONLY flat iron I’ve ever tried that really gets my hair looking sleek and stick-straight. (I’ve tried several cheaper products and the Solano Sapphire, as well.)The 1-inch model is a great size, I think, because it’s so maneuverable. (The 2-inch might be a bit much unless you have a really massive amount of hair.) This baby gets HOT, so I like the smaller iron because it makes it less likely for me to burn my clumsy self when I’m doing my hair!The temperature on this isn’t adjustable, but I don’t find that to be a problem — it doesn’t seem overly hot to me, and I haven’t noticed that it causes any damage to my hair.One caveat that others here have mentioned as well: If you buy from Amazon, the warranty won’t apply. That said, the price is so much better here that unless you’re REALLY hard on your hair appliances, it’s probably worth it to go with Amazon anyway. (I’ve never had any issues with my Chi, incidentally.)

Kathie Leighton, IA

Don’t get stuck with a fake Chi

If you’re buying a Chi here without a full warranty, it’s most likely a fake. The knock offs cost ten bucks from China and can be found at all the Asia hair shows.Don’t fall for it! If you do buy from Amazon, make sure you compare it to the real deal in a salon within 30 days. Check everything from screw colors to weight. If you find a fake, report it to Farouk, and complain to Amazon customer service so they take off the crooked sellers.

Jo New Middletown, OH

I would die without my Chi

I live in Florida, so everyday I am bombarded by heat and humidity. I have very thick, wavy, coarse hair. Due to Florida’s climate, I can’t leave the house with my hair natural, or I will just look like a hot mess. But thanks to my Chi, I don’t have to worry about it.I used to buy cheap straighteners, but it would just damage my hair, cause static, and a few hairs would stick straight up. Horrible. And all the hairspray and products in the world could not save it. So, finally, I saved up and bought myself a Chi. One of the best decisions I have ever made for my hair.Now, I do not have static. My hair comes out straighter, less frizzy, and shiny. I also do not have to worry about protecting my hair because of the way the Chi is built, it barely damages the hair. I’ve had mine for almost four years, I’ve dropped it quite a few times, and it still works like a dream. A plus is also that the chord is very long, so finding an outlet is no problem. I take my Chi everywhere I travel.Also, there is no heat settings. While that might seem bad, its actually really helpful. That way, all you have to do is turn it on, and in literally two minutes its ready to go. You don’t have to worry about setting the heat, whether it will be too hot for your hair, and all that crap. It just does it all for you.Anyways, so I use my Chi after I blow dry with no product, then finish off with Bed Head Masterpiece massive shine hairspray. And ta-da, my hair is ready to face the Florida humidity, and it doesn’t budge an inch.Amazing, must-have for hair!! Its what almost all hair stylists use, and there’s a reason for that. Buy! And get it on Amazon, because I paid about 160 in store.

Lorene Dennis, KS

Keeping my hair straight since 2005

I purchased my CHI 1″ ceramic iron in the fall of 2005 (almost 7 years ago to the day!), and my hair still comes out as straight and shiny now as it did then. The only real obvious effect aging has had on it is that it takes a little longer to heat up (I usually turn mine on overnight to straighten the next morning). Every now and then, a few hairs get stuck between the ceramic plate and body and get yanked out, but other then that, I have no complaints!When I purchased this, it was over $100, and even at the price I thought it was a great deal. Now, it is less than $50 (!!), which is a STEAL (IMHO). Sometimes I use a straigtening product first (likeJohn Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme, 5 Ounce) and other times I don’t, and never notice a real difference in how straight I can get my hair (so I have pretty much stopped using extra product in it).I have been the owner of many a “cheap” straighteners over the years that you have to run through your hair three times (at least!) to get it straight, and frizz still seems to be present. The CHI straightener takes just one run through a lock (although my hair is really long so I sometimes do two passes) to leave it not only straight, but shiny and smooth too.I knocked one star off because this puppy can get REALLY hot, and there isn’t a lot of protection for your hand (keep it as close to the cord end as possible) or your ears (there isn’t a lot of space between the sides of the ceramic plates and the body of the straightener).You will NOT regret buying this straightener (especially at this price). If/when mine eventually dies, I will most definitely purchase another one.

Sabrina Mason City, IL

Worked great for 1 year…

Pretty sure the one I got was a really good fake. It worked fantastic for a little over a year. Two weeks ago, I started to hear an electric crackling noise. And then yesterday, smoke started coming out of the end near the cord! It’s a great price if it had been a real Chi, still pretty good for a fake. But if the shelf life is one year, you’re better to spend twice as much and know you’re getting the real thing that will last for several years.

Lois Urbana, OH

Chi Flat Iron

Love it! Your hair just glides between the ceramic plates and your hair feels so silky smooth and soft afterwards.

Kathie Center, CO

The only flat iron that works on my THICK CURLY hair

I had tried many flat irons before I broke down and bought the CHI. Believe me, it’s worth every penny I paid for it!I have VERY thick, curly hair (so thick, everyone who ever cuts/styles it comments on how it’s the thickest hair they’ve ever seen). The CHI gets my hair straight in a very short period of time. I only have to straighten each section once, instead of over and over again like with other flat irons. The straightening typically holds until my hair gets wet and curls up again. I also feel like the CHI isn’t as damaging on my hair as other flat irons, because I don’t have to expose my hair to the heat for as long. My hair is still plenty shiny, even though I flat iron twice a week.You won’t regret your investment in the CHI.

Reyna Navajo, NM

This is a GOOD flat iron

I like this flat iron but I would caution everyone thinking about buying it that it will burn your hair! Never let it sit still on the hair, always keep it moving, and always apply a product like Biosilk Therapy treatment before use. Mine still breaks off after I use it, so I only use mine when I am going out for a special event. I would not have purchased it had I known how bad it damages my hair. I do love the look it gives but I can tell the damage it causes the next day after shampooing my hair.

Alyssa Greenbank, WA


I took a chance on this even though I read the bad reviews on it. I said what the heck because it was so cheap. It does a great job with my hair and I’ve had it for over 4 months without any issues.

Constance Chester, MD

Good straightener, but died so fast

I got this straightener for my birthday and it worked wonderfully. However, 20 days later it died for no apparent reason. It hadn’t been dropped or damaged in any way. It just won’t turn on anymore, no matter how many times I push the “reset” button on the power outlet. I’m pretty upset about this. When it comes to Chi, just spend the extra month or so saving up for a real one from the store, not this one. At least when it’s from the store you can return it after 20 days.

Chandra Shiloh, OH

Great for my fine, wispy hair

I have lots of hair, but it’s baby-fine and wispy. I wasn’t sure I could even wear it straight, always having had perms and layer cuts, but my daughter-in-law took one look at my new “straight” do and said, “We’ve got to get you a CHI”, took me to the bathroom, straightened my hair, and when I came downstairs, my husband said, “Whatever she used on you, you need one”, this from a guy who hardly ever notices hair.My hair stays straight overnight till I wash it again. I was afraid a flatiron would dry it out and make it lifeless, but it adds shine and body. I’m trying out various Chi products. So far, I like the Chi 44 iron guard and Silk Infusion.My only caution would be about how hot it gets. If you’re not used to doing your own hair, you really could get burned with this iron. Even my hair is too hot to touch when I first remove the iron.I originally bought the purple “Bling” model but took it back and got the regular Chi. The purple one seemed slightly larger, heavier, and I’d read that it peels off eventually.

Pamela Toponas, CO

It’s a Chi alright

Well what can you expect. This is a Chi and it gets hot and flattens great. I had a pink one that broke and I had to buy a replacement. This one worked better than the pink on that I had bought from HEB. I love this flat iron and would recommend it to anyone.

Carlene Sanderson, FL

Pretty good product

I don’t really have anything to compare it to since I’ve only owned the CHI. But so far as I know it works pretty good. My hair is full body so it takes a few rounds of straightening. I wish I could run a hot iron thru my hair once and it would be done. If thats the case, this one doesn’t do that.

Lana Collins, WI

Not worth it.

No temperature control and is always super hot. The ceramic “flat” parts do not come together perfectly. My hair gets snagged quite often. Build quality feels cheap compared to similarly priced products.This was my first flat iron and I loved it at first when I bought it three years ago. I tried other similarly priced flat irons and this one has been in storage ever since.

Morgan Sunrise Beach, MO

The best iron out there

I figured I would write a review for this iron because I have had one for almost 8 years. Yes, the same one for eight years and it still works perfectly. For some reason the smaller, 1 inch irons make your hair look a lot better, so I definitely recommend this one. It does a wonderful job on my over-color-treated wavy, damaged hair. This one heats up really fast so you don’t have to wait around. The great thing about ceramic irons is that they close the cuticle and essentially laminate the hair, making it a healthy routine, rather than breaking the hair like the old metal irons. Even if you’re not using a spray while you iron this will not damage your hair, though I do recommend putting in some type of straightening gel when you get out of the shower or leaving in a little bit of conditioner. My hair is below the shoulder and it takes me maybe 10 minutes tops to make my hair look flawless. I paid about $200 for this back when it came out when I was in high school so take advantage of how low the price has gotten and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

Noelle Pipestone, MN

Still working well

I have owned this Chi for 8 months. I use it every other day on mid/short hair that is mostly straight except for some curly section around the crown. It is still working well. I followed the advice of a friend and have not used the on off switch at all. I just turn it off and on by unplugging it. It typically sits on my counter and the cord never gets wrapped up unless I am traveling. So far no issues with the wire connections in the iron or a faulty cord. It gets hot fairly fast and makes my hair shinny and smooth. I would recommend it to others and will purchase another when this one wears out. The price on amazon is the best I have found from a reputable retailer.Update 11/29/2011 it has been more than 2 years and it is still working. I still never use the power switch and haven’t had any problems.

Augusta Perry, OH

Second one, good flat iron

This is the second Farouk CHI that I have purchased. The first one gave out after about a year. I repurchased this one after buying another brand that didn’t work as well. I recommend this product as it seems to do a good job at straightening my hair.

Cheryl Bates City, MO

Excellent for Ethnic/mixed/black hair types!

I am of mixed race (black and white) and have long curly hair that used to take forever to straighten. I used to have to blow dry for hours and then straighten and use lots of different products. Ever since I came across the Chi and some awesome advice for someone online I can get beautiful straight and sleek hair in half the time and alot less effort.Here is what I do to get straight hair.1. Shampoo hair.2. Condition hair and comb through.3. Do a middle part and break each side off into 3 sections and plait them whilst wet, I use a little gloss sheen before I plait. Note: I do not towel dry or blow dry my hair. I wring it as much as possible but that is it.4. Wait around for my hair to dry naturally, if you have one of those dryers you can sit under that works as well.5. Undo each plait separately and use the Chi Silk Infusion on each set of hair and use the Chi Straightener to straighten. Do each plait separately.6. Then style as you want.This works really really well for my hair and allows me to alternate between curly tresses and straight locks whenever I like.

Marian Farwell, TX

Didn’t work. Had no issues returning it

Have heard great things About CHI. THis One in particular Didn’t work properly. one of the sides did not heat up. Didn’t have any problems returning it.

Kari Herndon, KS