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CHI Keratin Mist in Multiple Sizes and Packs

CHI Keratin Mist is an advance leave-in spray that provides hair with strength, protection and softness while leaving hair silky and shiny with incredible manageability.

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African American Hair Review

I’m on my natural hair journey and am in the phase of “product junkie” and trying to find my staple products. I wanted to try this leave in based on the reviews so was very excited to try it out. My hair felt very nice after my co-wash (soft, nice shine) so I know the conditioner I used worked well and even after I sealed my ends my hair was still soft and manageable UNTIL I sprayed this CHI leave-in on! OMG! This stuff dried my hair out in a matter of minutes (less than 5 to be exact) to the point that I couldn’t and wouldn’t even try to comb it out as I’m sure I would have did major damage so I ended up having to co-wash my hair all over again to get it back to what it was before I put this stuff on. After my 2nd co-wash I repeated the same routine and used my regular Garnier leave in conditioner “creme” instead and presto my hair was back to normal! Soft, curly, nice shine and not dry or tangled! So needless to say I will not be using this stuff again and will continue to use my Garnier conditioner and make that my “staple” product.

Ivy Forrest, IL

OMG I Love It

this is the best product i have ever used and it only cost $6 and some change i brought this product because i had crazy bad split ends from getting my hair cut with bad scissors and its the worst thing that has happened to my hair, ok so i got it cause people kept saying how good it was and let me tell you after the first time i used it and blow dried my hair it was 100% better you cant even see my split ends and they were all over, even on top like strings of my hair were sticking up because they were split and now my hair looks amazing and the 12 ounce bottle is pretty big so i think its worth your money so im going to keep using this till i can find some quality scissorsps. i think this thing only works if some kind of heat is applied to your hair and i dont really like to use heat on my hair but this works

Alta Angora, NE

must have

This a veeery good product I put it on my wet (towel dryed) hair and with another live-in before having hot rolls or before using the blow dryer and let me tell u this stuff has change my hair… everybody tolds me my ends and overall my hair looks a lot healthier… the only concern that i have is that makes u have some white little things in your hair so you have to control the use of it.

Doris Owls Head, NY

great for damaged hair !!

my hair stylist gave me a bottle of this as a gift ,because shes said that i would help my hair get back to its healthy state quicker and it sure did. i usually buy it at ulta for about $23 . its a greats leave in conditioner spray and alil goes a very long way i out it on before i blow-dry my hair and it gives it a great natural shine and seals my ends …great product and for the price you can buy it on amazon u seriously have nothing to loose and only great hair to gain !!

Liliana Knott, TX

Terrific spray on conditioner/detangler setting lotion

CHI Keratin Mist 12oz leave in treatmentThis product I have used for years and just reordered from TopBeautySupply on Amazon again as can be sure of receiving the same product and seller ships fast and has good price; a triple goodie! Highly recommend this seller. This spray on conditioner I use just after towel drying after every shampoo. I prefer to not use a blow dryer on my dry, frizzy hair. But this product tames it and makes it silky. I spray this on, comb through, and set on large velcro rollers to dry smooth and have shape when combed out. Looks almost as good as when my beautician does it. The product is light and does not leave a stiff coating that flakes. It makes my otherwise fine, dry hair soft and maneageable and silky when dry instead of straw. fter using and drying on the velcro rollers, it retains shape. It is the best product I have ever found for misting and setting your hair to come out soft and silky. Even we people with dry frizzy hair…unless we use this product. I formerly purchased this from a beauty supply house locally which has moved. Thrilled to find it on Amazon and with a dependable seller. My second order from this seller just received. Perfect again!

Abigail Willow City, TX

Its ok

I have mixed feelings about this. Its ok. I’m not in love with it. I don’t like how it makes my hair feel. Like it has a residue on it or something.

Jodie Dexter, NM

It’s Just OK

I wouldn’t buy this one again, it takes way too long to see any form of results on your hair. It has a nice scent, but the scent does not last, and my hair was still plagued with breaks and splits even after using this one for over a month.The only thing I liked about it was that after a shower, if I sprayed it in my hair, my hair would dry a lot faster than it normally does. I am talking time being cut in half, literally. Should be re-named- wet hair fast dry spray, because for me that is all it does.

Lynn Saint Marie, MT

Pay for Keratin, don’t get much

Keratin is a major building block for your hair cells and I ordered this product thinking that Keratin would be a major ingredient. On the list of ingredients, keratin is listed as #6 which puts it in the middle or the pack. I paid extra for the keratin in this product, don’t think I got much of it.

Sandra Craigsville, VA


great product, must buy! This stuff makes my hair feel amazing, but what i didnt know was that walmart had the same product 12oz for only $4. oh well I am still a happy customer. CHI products are amazing!

Trisha Taftville, CT

Great product

It’s a pretty good size for the price, works, and smells great. Came at date promised. Would probably order this again. Thanks.

Annabelle Lancaster, MN

Like it, but check your local store first

Found this product for $5 at my local Target. Wouldn’t say it’s worth what Amazon charges, but if you can find it cheap it’s worth a shot. The mist makes my naturally curly, keratin-straightened hair looking shinier and fuller, especially after flat ironing or blow drying. Not working any miracles, but I’m glad I bought it.

Vivian Sacul, TX

The must have

The chi is a good product for all different type of hair, I will recommend this to anyone that’s trying to grow there hair in a healthy way.

Alissa Sheridan, OR

Love it

I love any type of leave in treatment for my overprocessed hair. Keeps it shiny & healthy and lightly scented

Charlotte Litchville, ND

great stuff!

I use this when I wash my hair every other day to strengthen my hair along with a moisturizing shampoo and it works great together. Be careful that you don’t use too much keratin because it can actually be bad for your hair. Just enough, a little bit goes a long way so be careful or you can do more harm than good. But definitely will purchase again.

Edith Greenfield, MA