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CHI Enviro 54 Hair Spray Natural Hold, 12 Ounce

Create multiple textures with outstanding style memory. The best thing is that these styles can be regenerated with heat again and again.

Key features

  • Creates multiple textures
  • Fast drying hair spray
  • Ideal for blow drying and finishing

Honest reviews


Soft hold

Really does as it says. Will hold my curls for hours without making them stiff or weighing them down. Love it!

Ginger Chatham, IL

My new fave!!

I have long, wavy and a LOT of hair and this stuff is magic! It smells great (not perfumy or like chemicals or like candy/fruity). It holds my style ALL day without drying or feeling heavy or sticky. I can’t say enough about the goodness in this sleek and sexy red bottle! Can’t beat the price either! I’ve tried too many hairsprays to count and this one beats them all! I hope they don’t ever change the formula or discontinue this one!! If you want great hold with soft hair and movement TRY THIS!!

Susana Parachute, CO

CHI Hair Spray

This is a decent hair spray but in my opinion there are better quality flexible style hair sprays out there for less money. I didn’t hate it, and I’m glad I tried it, but unless there was a super sale on it I don’t see me purchasing it again.

Fanny Custer, SD

Excellent spray

I like a spray that holds but doesn’t make my hair stiff. CHI Enviro 54 natural hold is awesome. I’ve used this product over 2 years now and even though I don’t like paying the price – tight wad here – I can’t find any brand that I like better. So I’m sticking with this one.

Marie Walker, MN

Chi Hairspray

I have VERY sensitive scalp problem & had to stop haircolor & hair products….don’t yet know why this problem has been brought about. It has been very hard to manage my hair without hairspray … so I have tried various brands, the alcohol free,etc …. but no luck, until I tried this Chi — I still have itchiness, but use it occasionally when going out & want to look put together. It smells very nice.

Lessie Gresham, NE

This is my favorite

I love how flexible this spray is, my hair can hold it’s form but still move around without that stiff feeling that most hair sprays give. It sprays on lightly, so it doesn’t weight down your hair style and it doesn’t smell awful.

Enid Mount Holly, VT

Best hairspray!

Absolutely love this hairspray because you can add texture and layers to your style and it holds all day. Easily combs out to reset if you need to, not necessary to wash your hair for up to 3 days, even 4 if you need to go that long. Does not build up or get sticky at all. Try it, I know you will like it as much as me. I was spoiled by the original Ojon hair spray and they discontinued it, so this was an awesome replacement after trying several brands.

Christian Loveland, OH

Good flexible hold

This product does what is say – creates a hold that’s not too…crunchy. It’s flexible so you can move your hair or a brush through it. The only thing about this product is that it leaves my hair shiny…but not in a good way. It makes my hair look greasy and almost a little wet.Other than that, I think it’s a good hairspray…

Mona Bayfield, CO

CHI Enviro Flex Hold Hair Spray natural hold, 12 oz

I recommend this hairspray if you want natural hold. It does not leave the hair stiff so I can now wash my hair every other day instead of every day

Amalia Thayer, KS

Great stuff

Leaves the hair flexible, brushable even, after application. Can be used for several days without washing hair without weighing it down, causing flaking or anything else undesirable. I am a huge fan of the Chi Infratexture flexible hair spray so I thought I would try this one. Very glad I did, provides more hold than the Infratexture but doesn’t make the hair stiff.

Ana Prewitt, NM