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CHI Deep BRilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer in Purple

CHI Deep Brilliance LOW EMF Hair Dryer Developed for Highly Textured Hair Smoothes course hair into soft, manageable hair Shines hair using ceramic heat and ionic technology Extremely quiet and lightweight Quickly dries hair using far infrared technology Ergonomically designed for comfort and control DC Motor is Extremely Quiet and Lightweight Removable Air Vent is Easy to Clean 2 Heat Settings 2 Air Flow Settings Ion Switch Smoothes and Shines Hair Non-Slip Bumper Keeps Tool in Place on Flat Surfaces Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Control Convenient Hanging Loop Allows for Easy Storage Cold Shot Button Helps to Lock in Every Style Dries Hair Faster with Far Infrared Technology Low EMF for Safety Comb Attachment Concentrator Nozzle Diffuser 120V AC, 60Hz, 1800W FREE 0.5oz CHI Deep Brilliance Hydration Shampoo and 0.5oz CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture Treatment Included

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great hair dryer

I ordered this hair dryer for myself after several high-end hair dryers died out only a few months after purchase. I’ve had this hair dryer a few months and it’s still working great. There’s a warm-hot temperature switch, a cold air button, a low-high blower switch, and an ion switch. It came with two attachments that fit snug on the end of the hair dryer so they won’t fall off mid-dry. It also came with a free sample of a Chi hair product. It’s the perfect weight, not too loud, and it dries my hair fast (I have frizzy, curly hair. It also tamed a lot of the frizz). I payed around $60 for it, even though it retails at $130. It’s an amazing steal and the shipping was fast. I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could.

Monique Danese, WV

so far so good

I can not believe this is the first blow dryer that I was able to dry my hair and go with out having to straighten it. I own both the blow dryer and matching straightner. When I use both the shine and the straightness is amazing! I have thick naturally curly hair. I need something that is over 400 degrees for it to work. Both the straightner and blow dryer makes your hair shiney, moveable, with still looking like you have thick hair. I love the fact that the attachments stay put and don’t fall off. You litterally have to have a towel to take them off. Plus the outside of the blow dryer doesn’t get untouchably hot. Also my only con is that when I was debating on this blow dryer and I was doing my online comparisions it would have help a lot more if I would have known that it came with attachments, everywhere else on the web showed the attachments but this one didn’t mention it. I would have bought it months sooner if I would have known about them. Thank you for making this so reasonably priced

Esmeralda Diamond, OR

Excellent hair dryer!

Fast, relatively quiet, and leaves hair looking great. I really didn’t expect the results I saw with this dryer. My hair tends to be frizzy…..but this dryer tames it quite well. So glad I found it.

Margaret Keswick, IA

Best Dryer!!

For the price, you can’t beat this dryer. Almost purchased a T3 but decided against it due to cost. Was not expecting miracles with this one, but it has delivered. I have very damaged highlighted hair, and with the first use this dryer tamed all frizziness and made my hair soft and sleek. Took much less time to dry than my previous Babyliss. I had several coworkers comment on my hair the next day. Love it!! The purple and chrome are super cute too.

Lilia Northborough, MA

My hair has never looked better after blow drying!

Love this hairdryer and it leaves my hair in such better condition! I will never be without this Chi hairdryer again! It truly works!

Marylou Canton, IL

2nd Chi Blowdryer to die on me

This was my second Chi Blowdryer that just STOPPED working. I used it for a few years but expected longer life out of it, especially given how little I used it. It was nice when it was working hence more than 1 star but the reason I didn’t buy a $15 blow dryer was because I was hoping it would be the last blow dryer I bought …. well, not so. That’s alright. But I won’t be buying another Chi again.

Erma Roanoke, IL

WOW – No Frizzy hair and 1/2 Drying Time

This is seriously good. Despite years of practice, I am lacking in brush skills with blow dryers and my hair NEVER turns out like it does at the salon. It always looked fluffy and slightly frizzy and not polished. But with this dryer, I now get great smooth hair with 1/3 the effort with my previous drugstore variety dryers (conair, revlon, sasoon, etc.) My hair is fine and wavy and will frizz at the mention of rain. Really, less than HALF my usual drying time. I’m not making this up, not paid for the endorsement, or drunk. This is a WINNER, Duh ! Now I will have a martini.

Marissa Dayton, WY

Great Low EMF Hair Dryer

This type of hair dryer was recommended by my hair stylist. Until recently I didn’t realize how important a hair dryer with low EMFs was. This makes a significant difference in drying time and leaves my hair soft. Before my hair would take 20 minutes to dry, my drying time with this hair dryer takes half the time and leaves my hair softer than my other hair dryer. I would recommend this hair dryer.

Ruth Byron, CA

I LOVE this hair dryer!

This hair dryer is by far the best hair dryer that I have ever used.A few things that I they could improve on. 1) the controls are too close to the fingers and you can easily change the setting without even knowing. 2) the neck could be shorter, it’s too long for and It’s frustrating trying to keep on adjusting it. Other than that, this is a GREAT dryer and I would definitely recommend this to others.

Kimberlee Belmont, NH

Buy it!

Had one for years….dries your hair twice as fast, when it finally died, I bought same kind, luck that it is in my favorite color….they last a long time and again….for me, it is how much faster I can style my hair…

Cristina Bay City, OR