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Iron Guard Thermal Proctection Spray by CHI for Unisex- 8.5 oz Iron Guard

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like a hair stray

When I heard about this product, I think of a hair spray to protect the hair from heat ONLY. but actually it works like hair spray to keep hair in place. If I use it on my dry hair and then use my flat iron, actually my hair will end up so hard just like if I had used gel and dry it! So now I just use it when I want to hold my hair in place. it is great as a holding hair spray, but don’t even think of using it as a heat protector unless you want to have tangy hair all day.

Tessa Dunmore, WV

Really does make a difference

I bought this product after doing tons of research on flat irons. I was so paranoid that I would end up damaging my hair, but loved the look that a flat iron achieved on my short, prone to random waviness, locks. I’ve used the thermal guard almost every time I use the flat iron and my hair is in fantastic condition. Granted, I do let it go au natural on the weekends and whenever possible, but still end up flat ironing at least three to four times a week. On the days I don’t use the thermal guard, I notice that my hair seems frizzier and doesn’t have the healthy bounce that usually accompanies heat styling. While this product will never replace my beloved though discontinued Thermasilk Heat Guard, due to its sticky texture that really only makes it suitable for direct heat applications, its day-to-day performance ranks it as one of my styling “Must Haves.” The only detractor…and it’s a personal one…is the smell. Others rave about its scent, but I’m put off by the strong aroma of men’s cologne or aftershave that this product has. As such, I always make sure to style my hair early in my morning routine so as to allow it to dissipate some before applying my own feminine perfume.

Sue Alder Creek, NY


I’ve used other protecting sprays in the past, and I don’t like this one at all! It’s very sticky! Yuck!

Vonda Kenton, OK

My favorite heat protectant!

I’ve been straightening my hair for nearly a decade now, and unfortunately I spent a lot of that time not using heat protectant. I became frustrated by flyaways and my hair not staying where I wanted it. Around the age of eighteen I finally got myself some of this stuff and I’ve been hooked on it since!I simply spritz a little all over on my dry hair, comb it through with my fingers, then flat iron myself to heaven. I do find that it works best on clean hair and hair that is “one day dirty”, at least in the case of hair like mine. As soon as the natural oils in your hair start taking over, it’s not much help.A previous reviewer said that this was no good for color treated hair due to the alcohol content. This is not true! It will not dull your color/make it fade/etc. This is a professional salon product; coming from someone who went to beauty school, don’t ever let anyone tell you this will mess with your hair. It doesn’t matter if you get your products off the dollar store shelf or at your favorite salon, it’s all got alcohol in it. We once tested a Hempz product versus a Garnier one, and the Hempz showed up positive for just as much alcohol as the Garnier one. While yes, the more expensive stuff is better for you, don’t think the “bad stuff” isn’t in it too.

Connie New Cumberland, WV

CHI 44 Iron guard

I’m sorry to say that I was not pleased at all with this product. It might be because I don’t know how to use it, but the fact is that is leaves my hair feeling dry and not loose.I don’t know what to do with it now.I will not buy it again for sure.

Gilda Goshen, AR

Seems to work but the smell…

I REALLY hate the smell. It smells like a musky men’s cologne. It is difficult to tell whether it is working, but it seems to be. I don’t think anything can protect against heat damage 100%, but I’ll take what I can get. It one bottle lasts for ages and it does not weight my hair down.

Carey Greenville, RI

chi thermal protection spray

this product is awesome when you’re using a blow dryer but i feel like when you use it after you blowdry, or before you iron your hair is makes it greasy and humidity prone.

Justina Quincy, MA

first time using

it protects my hair from 490 degrees of heat damage that i do everyday to my hair,i just got a Mohawk cut so it needs a daily maintenance,this stops hair breakage

Natalie Orient, WA

what can i say…its chi

Chi is one of the best products there is. its a must have for chronic straighteners and curlers. Protect your hair ladies(and men) as a cosmetologist i know the dangers of high heat and in this high fashion world you do not want to be walking around with fried ends.

Lina North Webster, IN

great stuff

I ordered this for my daughter an she LOVES it. Really helps protect her hair when she uses her flat iron.

Cherry Calera, AL


My hair felt dry and it was dull looking with this product…Its not for me…It may work good on someone else hair….somethings just dont work for some pple and this is one of these things that just dont work for me….but maybe for u it will…I heard great things about it…But like i said its just not for me..

Rachelle Woodworth, WI

love love love

i bought tis product because i straighten my hair everyday, and i can tell that it was doing damage. this product does what it says! and, i love the salon-smell

Kate Coalinga, CA

Good Protection Spray

I love Chi products and the iron spray does not disappoint. Along with the heat protection, I feel it gives my hair a little more body to help hold curls when I use a curling iron.

Viola Glace, WV


It’s good for the most part, but it’s kinda sticky and makes my hair kinda *solidified* when it dries up. The smell is good. Wish it wasn’t in a spray bottle so it’d be easier to apply to the hair.

Selena Hampton, NJ

It’s ok

Smells great, but that’s about it. After using hair straighteners, my hair get bad split ends even though I use this product religiously, every single time.

Kimberley Conneaut Lake, PA

Great protection!!

I recently colored and cut my long, curly hair and this was recommended to me by my stylist since I will now be flat ironing my hair. The trick is is to just use a LITTLE BIT. It goes a long way!! I spritz it on my hair right before flat ironing and it keeps my hair shiny, smooth and hydrated. Instead of feeling like it was heat treated, my hair actually feels softer and smoother! If you use heat on your hair regularly, give this little baby a try.

Allene Lynchburg, OH

Five Stars

I love this product to flat iron my hair…. Smells great……

Delia Bostic, NC