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Cheeky Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Mega Image Plate Accessories Set Kit With Total of 220 Nail Art Designs.


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great tool!

Great tool to have for your very own home nail salon. Easy to use and instructions are simple. Lightweight material makes it easy to maneuver.

Frieda Andersonville, TN

great use

Great item to have if you love nail art my main reason for loving it is that it has a lot of images in one and you don’t have to purchase 5 or 6 different plates it’s all in one. Like the others said the smaller images are to small but overall worth the money and is in big use at my house.

Maryanne Douglass, KS

Cheeky stamp image plate

This plate is huge!! Has so many options to choose from. The only thing is it was a little bent when it arrived but has not been a problem.

Margie North Scituate, MA

A must have for nail stamping!

I really like this image plate. I have not tried each image on this plate yet, but the images I did try worked well. There is a variety of designs. Some of the designs are the same designs from the Konad plates. I like having all the images on one plate, instead of multiple smaller plates. I hope they will make more of these mega image plates with new designs!I have ideas for future manicures I can’t wait to try! Happy stamping! 🙂

Minnie Winton, CA

Great Dupes, BUT: Inconsistent Sizing

The quality of this plate is closer to that of Konad than other brands like Bundle Monster (of which 1/3 of my plates were defective). When using the Konad stamper (**these do NOT come with their own**) the images apply neatly and crisply. The only complaint I have is that some of the “full nail” images are scaled down so small that they wouldn’t even fit a child’s finger.PROS:-smooth application: with other Konad-alternative companies, the images might look nice but don’t stamp on in the way that they’re supposed to. every image I’ve tried on this plate applies just as it looks on the plate.-crisp images: many of the Konad dupes are perfect; some are a little fuzzier though (e.g. the sheet music)-plastic backing: I was worried I would accidentally dent the metal since it is a large flat sheet, but it comes glued to a hard plastic backing.CONS:-alignment: the way the images are laid out looks a little amateur–some aren’t aligned correctly, some are a little slanted, etc etc. this doesn’t affect image quality or anything of that sort though, merely an observation-inconsistent sizing: the 3rd row on the right includes ‘full-nail images’, **BUT** they are much smaller than their Konad dupes. Some are SOO small, they’re barely half the size of other full-nail images featured on the same plate. What a waste.OVERALL: great quality for the price, but you can’t use some full-nail images unless you have baby fingers.note: make sure you check which Konad plates these dupe; since I already have plates M57 and M73, there goes 11 images I don’t need.

Evangeline East Earl, PA

Plates come bent & unusable!!!!! DO NOT BUY!

I had this on my wish list & received it as a gift, but the plate came so bent I could not use it & had to return it. I cannot exchange it, so I have no plate to even try the images.Update: Sept. 20, 2012, I waited a month for a new plate that was bought for me to replace the first one that I got that was bent. I finally got it today, from China & the plate was bent, warped & the plastic it is attached to was broken, leaving a sharp edge exposed. This is the second large plate from Cheeky that I have received that is unusable. The plate was shipped wrapped in cheap bubble wrap & in a padded envelope that was torn, and I coudl tell the plate was ruined before I even opened it, because you could feel the plate was bent. One corner is so bent, it is curled under. I am so disgusted with the shape that these plates are in by time they get to us after waiting a month!!!!!

Ila Hillsboro, ND