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Charlie White By Revlon For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounces

Introduced in 1994. Fragrance notes: watermelon, violet, and jasmine. Accompanied by additional notes of sandalwood. Recommended use: daytime.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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I recommend this to all the color and smell partum is a remarkable colony of a well being and security to those who uses it, is not cloying, like a good colony composition makes us feel the smell of her natural makeup is glamorous young Bid valley to feel sorry charlie

Lori Granite, OK

Smells wonderful

Totally love the smell. It is wonderful. Love wearing it. I even wear it to work. It is really nice.

Jeannine Piedmont, AL

Great Everyday Fragrance

I started with Charlie Red a while ago and purchased Charlie White by accident and have been using it ever since, about a year now. I like dominate lasting fragrances, but was won over by Charlie White’s sweet and soft personality. I use it as my every day fragrance.

Cherie Wassaic, NY

Oh! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Wherefore Art Though…Charlie?

My Mumzy remembers…when the original Charlie perfume/cologne was created! That was indeed a while ago. Now known as the Charlie Classic…to my Mumzy…this has always been the very best Charlie creation. Needless to say that my Mumzy is somewhat prejudiced…since so many wonderful memories are tied in to this specific scent. Now, let us discuss the Charlie White which has a rather steely quality about it. Yet, it is pleasant…if that is what one prefers. Although, scents are a matter of preference, one must state that the Charlie Classic, and the Charlie Blue have a rather distinctive and lingering presence about them which the other Charlies do not. One must also remember that a particular scent combined with the wearer’s body chemistry will bring forth a different essence each and every time. Therefore, each and every scent will smell different on different individuals. Scents also evoke emotions. Thus, such is the mysterious being of scents…and I believed that only pussycats were mysterious. Oh, phffft!

Rena Tutor Key, KY

All time favorite

My daughter in law loves this fragrance and I purchased it for her for Christmas. It was number one on her Amazon wish list. Awesome to know I got something she wanted. Had it gift wrapped and shipped to their home.

Sierra Stow, NY