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Chaacoca Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating is the best way to keep your skin soft and looking young and it is a way to reveal the new skin that lies underneath dead skin. Chaacoca exfoliating mitt exfoliates and cleanses the entire body leaving skin smooth and silky. Its texture sloughs dead skin cells that are stuck below the surface with oil and dirt.

Key features

  • Reduces in-growing hair
  • exfoliates and cleanses the entire body leaving skin smooth and silky
  • Improves circulation, revitalizes skin, and fights aging
  • Its texture sloughs dead skin cells from the surface of the skin
  • Helps in eliminating uneven skin texture, discoloration, dullness, and acne.

Honest reviews


Wow is this thing awesome

I’m always searching for an awesome exfoliating tool. This thing is really awesome. You can quite literally remove huge rolls of dead skin from your body with it. In fact I could see if you weren’t careful you could remove too much skin so caution would be advised if you have very sensitive skin.

Sallie Aubrey, AR

This is not the mitt you are looking for… (waving my force laden hand)

This mitt has a rough texture, which is good for scrubbing, but not keeping the soap foamy.I tried this with the Moroccan Black soap (olives and eucalyptus formula) which can get foamy if you use it in a specific way (See my review for how I use it). I also used it with a regular liquid bath/shower soap.When testing this mitt, I would take a hot shower, wet the mitt, turn off the water and apply the soap. The mitt did not hold the soap very well so there was hardly any foam and it felt like you were mostly scrubbing your skin with sand paper and water 🙁 I think because the mitt does not consist of fluffy fibers or fibers that allow a lot of air pockets to hold the soap.Luckly I got this mitt when it was priced very cheap to try.

Louise Carlyle, IL

Just Like the Turkish Bath in Turkey…The Real Deal!

I’m in my mid 40s…okay, 46…and I’ve been stepping up my game so I don’t look it. This means a bit more maintenance but also making smarter choices on how the skin is treated. It needs things but it starts to need different things as it ages in order to look good and keep that glow.My travels took me to Turkey where I experienced real Turkish baths. It was awesome, yes, but it’s also a bit strange for a westerner. The two little pot bellied men that did the washing…yes, men…in one of the baths used a glove like this and the weirdest thing happened. Your skin just comes off. At first I freaked but they said it was okay. The ladies used Moroccan soap on us first and then afterward, other ladies rubbed us down with argan oil.I was still a little bit weirded out by the time I left after the first Turkish bath but then I saw my skin when I went outside. It was glowing and soft and like a brand new baby except shinier. Amazing. I went to more of them but never had that same level of exfoliation because it was just maintaining it rather than starting from scratch.It turns out that this glove does a type of exfoliation we just don’t do often in the west and that was all the semi-detached and dying skin cells still stuck to other live skin. Gross.Anyway, in my quest to recreate that skin, I’ve gone through a bunch of products and several less than satisfactory gloves. This is the best glove of them all. Hands down.For best results useELMA&SANA; Moroccan Black Soap eucalyptus-9oz(250gr)this before hand and let your skin steam in the shower so it will release easier when you use the glove. Afterwards, useELMA&SANA; Golden Argan Oil 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml)to add more glow and give the skin something good to drink in. The instructions are included. Follow it and you’ll should have remarkable results.Caveat: If you are a good exfoliator of your skin, then you might not have the same crazy shedding others report, but that is good. It means you were doing a good job even before. You’ll still see some though. You’re not gross. It’s supposed to happen.

Edythe Saint Charles, MN


The glove isn’t worth what they charge for it and the miracles it boasts are even more of a farce. Not at all worth it. Go to the drugstore, but a loofa and call it a day.

Audra Stanton, IA

exfoliating mitt

This mitt used in conjunction w/ the Moroccan black soap makes your skin smooth and soft. My skin just glows after using the above products.

Sadie Marco Island, FL

Leaves your skin smooth

I bought to use in conjunction with sunless tanning. Made my skin really smooth. Great product! would buy again in future!

Eugenia Graff, MO

Its okay

It works decent as a scrub however i notice in warm/hot water the black bleeds and left me with black water in my sink. You can use this on your face but only with a LIGHT touch and i wouldnt do it more than once a week!

Rachelle Carson, NM

Very good exfoliation

I like the mitt, but it’s not something you can use everyday. I only use it once a week because it is very effective at doing its job.

Britney Philadelphia, MO

Ok to exfoliate just overpriced

Works fine to exfoliate. Not close to worth the price they sell it for. Ripped in a few months. Really poor quality. I’d try something else!

Raquel Branchville, VA

not impressed

i cant see much difference after using it…just like any regular exfoliating glove…i wouldn’t order it again. Kinda rough on my soft skin also

Tricia Dover, NH

Does what it’s supposed to do

Great when you use fake tans, it works great , I love it, gonna buy another one once this one gets old.

Sharon Waresboro, GA


I bought two of these and found the stitching to be sloppy on one of them. It’s just a bath mitt, so I wouldn’t have minded except that the poor workmanship resulted in the hanging loop being so tiny that I couldn’t hang it from my shower caddy.If you are mostly interested in the texture of this mitt for skin sloughing/polishing, then you might be happy with this (as plenty of reviewers seem to be). I didn’t personally find it to have an advantage over my other mitts, such as my Urban Spa or Kae mitts.

Ilene Summit Station, PA

Like in the Middle East!

I went to a Turkish bath in Tunisia and had the BEST exfoliation treatment with their magical glove….now I found one to have for myself here at home :))))

Alicia Doctors Inlet, FL

My shower turned black from the dye!

This is a pretty good mitt. It’s my second hammam mitt and it exfoliates just as well as the last one.Two things: the square shape isn’t great. If you take a look at the shape of your hand when you scrub, it’s a oval, rounded shape. This is rectangular and a little oversized (and I have long piano fingers). It kind of flopped around and felt clumsy, making it awkward to rinse off while scrubbing.Second, the dye was very strong and it was like rinsing out hair dye in my shower! I’m really glad I didn’t throw this in with my laundry first. It eventually washed out after a couple of showers. I’d try soaking it in a sink with a cup of white vinegar (which will keep the dye from running) for an hour or so.UPDATE: this mitt definitely did not hold up. I think it was good for about 10 scrubs and then it was worthless., not to mention the color was still running up until the day I tossed it in the garbage.

Terra Ravenna, NE

This Was A Dumb Purchase That Wasn’t Necessary For Me

I purchased this after purchasing "Fake Bake". I read several reviews that said you should use a product like this to get a better faux tan. It really wasn’t necessary for me but I never attempted to return it.

Chrystal Braman, OK

ripped after a couple months of use

I’ve been using this mitt for a while to get rid of my fake tan and it’s great. Unfortunately, about 3 months into using it, it ripped. I won’t be buying this again.

Nikki Crete, IL

Great scrub!

This is awesome!!! It really works on removing dead skin. I use it as a daily exfoliating mitt as well. It works best if you let your bathroom get super steamy, lather soap first and rub it on your body BEFORE using the mitt. You can press down as hard as your comfortable and start rubbinb away. It takes a while to fully get the technique but it’s definitely worth the investment

Tamara Dinero, TX

Overpriced, does not peel dry skin.

I was hoping that this product would work like the much more expensive Baiden mitt but alas, it was not. I gave it a few weeks following the instructions to a T and was still not able to get my dry skin to peel off. Given the price, I was expecting a much better product.

Kelly Jarales, NM

great with Moroccan black soap

I love this mitt. It works very well with Moroccan black soap to exfoliate the skin. I use it every couple of weeks and have not had a problem with it. To keep it clean, I wash it in my washing machine in a mesh bag and with a free and clear detergent. That’s probably not recommended, but it seemed like a good way to clean off dead skin cells and other microbial shower grossness and the mitt has held up well.

Jewell Richville, MN

Awesome for All Body Parts

I use this on my face and it looks brighter and smoother. The rest of my body is smooth and soft. Read Evan’s review for the best instructions.

Jasmine West Helena, AR


At first I thought this mitt was a little ruff, but after seeing and feeling the results I love it! I use it with black soap and it is the best! It leaves my skin glowing and so soft

Melva Cedar Rapids, IA

Just ok

I would not waste my money on this again . Glad I didn’t go for the more expensive brand. I think a wash cloth can d o just as well.

Kathie Agat, GU


if you like the top layer of your skin to come off then this is for you. it works! especially good for people who self-tan. takes the old color off completely. just make sure to soak in a tub or stay in a steamy shower for 10 min before using it. I found something very close to this mitt- it is an award winning Japanese nylon scrubbing towel. it works just as well as this mitt but it is huge in size like 2 feet long so much easier to get to your back and stuff. it works great with the black soap or any other natural soap. amazon sells fakes so I got it on saluxshop dot com after reading amazon reviews. I got the hardest one in black package. the towel itself is white. made in japan

Elise Filley, NE