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Cetaphil Restoraderm Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer, 10-Fluid Ounces

Cetaphil RESTOTRADERM Skin Restoring Body Lotion Formulated For Atopic Skin. Contains ceramide technology to help retain moisture.

Key features

  • Restoraderm skin restoring moisturizer offers gentle yet effective hydration for dry, itchy skin
  • Free of fragrances, parabens and nut oils
  • Easily absorbed and restores moisture to help repair the skins barrier
  • Clinically proven to provide immediate and long-lasting moisturization of dry and itchy skin
  • Ceramide technology helps repair the skin barrier
  • Awarded the seal of acceptance from the National Eczema Association
  • Safe for babies 3 months and older
  • Paraben, nut oil, fragrance, and steroid free
  • Packaging may vary

Honest reviews


Love this product

I use this product every night before bed for several months and I definitely see that my skin looks more soft and supple and clean. I saw on Dr. Oz the powerful anti aging properties of phytoceramides, CoQ10 and Reservatrol, and I tried bothRenuvaderm – The Most Complete Anti-Aging Skin Supplement!andPhytoDerm – The Best 100% Pure Skin Restoring Anti-Aging Phytoceramides!and found that each of these were like a facelift in a bottle, with the Renuvaderm working better for me. Combine this mask with Renuvaderm for amazing results.

Corinne Van Etten, NY

Didn’t research before I bought this.

First, I thought this would be a good moisturizer for my face. And I assumed it was for your face.Once I got it, no where on the bottle did it say it was for your face. So I was to worried to put it on. (pore clogging)But it has smoothed my arms quite well.

Becky Scott City, KS

Stings my skin!

I see several other people have experienced similar stinging as I did. I must be highly sensitive to one or more of the chemicals used in these Restoraderm products, because most reviewers love the lotion and I didn’t see any other reviewers mention the type of issue I experienced with the body wash.During a recent outbreak I decided to try Restoraderm Body Wash, and when I applied it to my face and torso I noticed a bit of tingling, not quite stinging, it was just strange. I’ve previously used body washes by Aveeno, Alba, Nature’s gate and Yes To Carrots, with no ill effects. After drying off I applied Restoraderm Skin Moisturizer (which I’d also never used before) to my hands and inside of left elbow. After about 7 minutes my hands began to get irritated and burn, and then my inner left elbow began to itch and burn. They continued to worsen, and after 15 minutes I washed off every area where I’d applied the lotion. There was almost immediate relief and the stinging dissipated. I applied one of my other lotions and there was no such stinging. The next day I repeated the process with the Restoraderm body wash and lotion, and had the same problems.The manufacturer’s phone number isn’t listed anywhere on the bottles, nor on, so I had to search for a phone number. I called Galderma (the mfgr) and they put me in touch with a nurse who took a report of my experience; She gave no indication as to what may have caused the stinging. Since then I’ve only used Aveeno Skin Relief and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil body washes, and have used Aveeno, Yes To Carrots, Neutrogena and Eucerin lotions, and have had no adverse effects whatsoever. I received a packet of papers from Galdeena in which they wanted me to give them more information, including a list of the medications I take, but I’m not giving them my personal or medical information so I threw them away. They also sent a check to reimburse me for the body wash and the lotion.

Katherine Avoca, IA

My gal dun like it

My gal who has eczema didn’t like it…says it’s stingy to her (she has a bit of broken skins due to scratching). Passed it to my husband to finish the bottle.

Lucinda Driver, AR

incredible! this works

After reading the reviews i bought this hoping it would help my husbands excema. He Started seeing a huge difference in one week- the skin no longer looked rough and cracked and became very soft. He no longer has the urge to scratch the area. Now after one month of use you can hardly tell he had it. After suffering for two years and seeing a dermatologist its great to finally see something work. This is so amazing!

Nell Booneville, AR

Pretty nice, but not great

It seems to keep your hands and face moister longer than most lotions (even many which are rated higher, like Lubriderm). Attractive packaging and a slightly thicker than average texture make it seem a bit more luxurious than many other lotions. Nice that it is fragrance-free. Way better than any Vaseline product, which causes rashes and itching for us sensitive-skinned folks.

Jeanette Ryderwood, WA

It freakin’ Works ‘n so on…

Inexpensive and works magnificently! My dry feet were cracking and all but bleeding. Two days and they’re oh so much better! Perfectly satisfied!

Allison Blacksburg, VA

great for itchy, dry skin

I’m an endurance swimmer and the chemicals in the pool cause major problems with my skin – when the chemistry of the pool is altered (post-chlorine, etc.) or when I go into saltwater, my skin sort of goes crazy and really gets dry and itchy.My go-to moisturizer of choice for years was Neutrogena Anti-Itch lotion, and when I heard they were discontinuing it, I loaded up on it. When my supply ran out, I had to find something to replace it, and I finally settled on a combination of the Cetaphil Restoraderm andEucerin External Analgesic Lotion, Calming Itch-Relief Treatment, 6.8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3). The Eucerin is good for instant itch relief, and the Cetaphil is better for long-term moisturizing.The thing I love about this lotion is that it’s silky and disappears into the skin almost instantly. I LOVE that. So many lotions that treat ultra-dry skin can either be super greasy or leave a weird film on the skin. The Cetaphil is lightweight, but you can instantly feel it absorb into the skin and make a difference in the texture of the skin without making your skin look or feel as if it has been basted in oil or petroleum. It’s just a nice lotion to use.It doesn’t seem to have an analgesic effect (won’t ease itch on contact) so that’s why I use it in conjunction with the Eucerin. But it has lasting effects and definitely changes the texture and health of my skin.I totally recommend it. I use it for everything from dry hands to cracked heels to bug bites. My daughter, who has eczema, also likes it- she hated the feeling of hand lotion, but with the Cetaphil, it’s almost like it’s *not* lotion. But it still works.

Jayne Niceville, FL

The only lotion that has worked!

My niece has eczema on her hands and this is the only lotion that has helped it heal. She puts this on repeatedly during the day and before going to bed at night. She also uses the body wash as her hand soap throughout the day. This really works for her.

Beth Alexander, NC

Treats eczema!

This lotion reduces redness and itching better than just about any OTC lotion I’ve tried, and I’ve used all the big names. My only slight gripes are that it doesn’t last too long and is rather expensive for the quantity you get. I would pair this with a cheaper moisturizer, applying the Cetaphil to only the most irritated areas of your skin that are dying to see visible improvement. Safe for sensitive skin and face.

Edith Cloverdale, IN

It was our miracle product

My 14 month old son has had eczema on his entire body since 6 weeks of age. We were sent to dermatologists, we checked for many food allergies, we tried different formulas. The verdict was that he had no allergies, just eczema, and that it was likely caused by something in the environment.We switched to Bounce free & clear dryer sheets and a free & clear detergent as well. These two things helped tremendously but he still had constant eczema and itched a lot. It occasionally became infected so we looked for every cure we could find.We tried Cerave, Aveeno, multiple types of Eucerin, Vanicream and Vaniply, California Baby, Johnson & Johnson baby oil, etc etcTHEN… we tried Cetaphil Restoraderm based on the reviews (frankly, it all has amazing reviews, you just have to find what works for you). This stuff did the trick instantly. We’ve been using it for months and we saw an immediate change. His skin *healed* and became SOFT, which absolutely never happened with any other lotion.He is now 14 months old and has zero eczema on his legs, arms and body. He has it on his face but it has calmed down about 30% with the use of this lotion mixed half and half with petroleum jelly. We’re on our third bottle and simply could not be happier with this product. I hope it never ever ever is discontinued!

Iris Mahaffey, PA

Wonderful Lotion

My face is very sensitive to lotions to do years and years of horrible acne and using every acne product on the market. This is the only face lotion that I will use and know my skin will not break out.

Ebony Valliant, OK

really does work!

Used along with the restoraderm body wash, this cleared up my daughter’s bad eczema that we’d be battling for over a year. Great product!

Tricia Marchand, PA


I had written a review for body wash.. same goes with this.. This is for those who have ultra sensitive skin and J& J or any other products doesnt suit them.. Keeps skin soft and subtle

Rosa Yreka, CA

miracle lotion

Our son came down with eczema last year and our doctor recommended this stuff. It can clear up his red cheeks in no time! We really only have to used it in the winter.This stuff is expensive in stores and is rarely on sale. So far, Amazon has been the best deal I’ve found.

Angelina Freedom, WI

Great for eczema

Great for dry skin during the winter months. Helps my eczema feel better, but it does not replace medication to clear it.

Chrystal Somerset, CA

Great for Dry Skin!!

I keep this by my nightstand during the winter. When things get try I use this to put instant moisture back in to my skin. There is no scent and it lasts for a good while. It’s non-oily but effective.

Tori Brighton, MI

Quick relief

I bought this for my daughter who has inherited my tendency to develop Atopic dermatitis. In fact, her hands break out just like mine did when I was younger. Now, my hands and arms are affected by Atopic dermatitis.Any way, she used this moisturizer on her hands at night, with cotton gloves to help moisturize her skin, and within days her hands had healed.Approximately two days ago my arms started to develop Atopic dermatitis so I tried this moisturizer. Literally overnight my skin had returned to normal. I was impressed.Would I recommend this product? You bet!Highly recommend.

Caroline Shawmut, ME

Great lotion

Great lotion. Always have been looking for a moisturizing lotion that is healthy for my skin and not too greasy or leaves excess residue, and this does the trick!

Rosalie Hubbard, NE

Good as a facial moisturizer

Excellent for sensitive skin as a moisturizer. My mother started using mine and her skin looks 20 years younger. I’ve seriously been going on and on about how different she looks. She’s 55 and her skin is plump, dewy, and looks healthier than most 30 year olds. She wasn’t crazy about how heavy it was–I suggested she use it as a night cream but she didn’t want to do that. I do suggest using it fresh out of the shower or after laying a steaming hot wash cloth across your face, and using pea sized amounts or less at a time and working it in as much as you can before using more. It IS heavy, but it absorbs well if your skin is warm.I started using this at the recommendation of a dermatologist for very angry rosacea skin with severe seb derm. Bumps, flaking, and periods where my face would just get so oily it would run in my eyes. Started using this with some medication to calm down the bumps but my mother started using it when her moisturizer ran out. I have combination skin, with lots of irritated raw patches from seb derm flakes. My mother has very sensitive, dry skin. She was using Clinique Clarifying Lotion before.

Belinda White Swan, WA

Really calming to skin. Recommend if you have psoriasis.

Although this is labeled for people with Eczema, it has been great for my psoriasis. I have tried a TON of moisturizers, and this one really helps calm any itchy areas I might have.This moisturizer can’t be beat for it’s calming effect. My sister has Eczema, and agreed that it was really calming for her skin.In comparison, I also use the CeraVe cream (the one in the tub) I don’t think this moisturizer is as rich or thick as the CeraVe tub moisturizer, but the Restoraderm really has a much more calming effect.For overall moisture, I think the CeraVe is a much more heavy duty moisturizer. So if you have REALLY REALLY dry skin, then you might like that a little better.This is an absolute re-purchase for me.

Julia Mohawk, WV


Recommended by my dermatologist and the Restoraderm is best lotion EVER. Really helps moisturize and disguise this old body’s wrinkles. It’s better than any restorative cream that sells in fancy stores for 10 times the price.

Christi Cossayuna, NY


I use this with dove to save money. I have eczema. I use this 2-3 times a week and use the dove one. it’s white has no smell and won’t clog you pours and for sanative skin and no fragments. So doing that you will save money!

Leanna Roseau, MN

Best Lotion EVER!!

I purchased this lotion for my husband, it was recommended by his pharmacist, and I tried it and love it. It not only moisturizes your skin but it soothes irritation and removes redness. Best lotion on earth.

Sherri Otis, OR