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Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, Fragrance Free – 16 oz

Dry, Sensitive Skin Treatment.  Fragrance Free. Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream was formulated specifically for chronic dry, sensitive skin. Contains a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants, clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss. Provides long-lasting relief to even severe dry skin. Free of lanolins, parabens and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic.

Key features

  • One 16-ounce jar of fragrance-free moisturizing cream
  • For dry, sensitive skin; non-greasy cream formula is excellent for hands, feet, elbows and knees, or anywhere that requires intensive moisturization
  • Non-comedogenic emollients and humectants bind moisture to the skin to provide long-lasting moisturization; free of fragrances, parabens, lanolin, and mineral oil
  • Helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, provides significantly greater hydration than Eucerin Lotion
  • Cetaphil is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories, a major benefactor of the Dermatology Foundation, helping to fund critical dermatology research

Honest reviews


Has that greasy feel but it doesn’t look greasy

I would like to disagree with the advertisement and other reviewers on the claim that this product is “non-greasy”. This lotion is not as greasy as Eucerin, which is very greasy (but also is the most moisturizing). This lotion is just as greasy and heavy as “non-greasy” Lubriderm, which I also find somewhat greasy and heavy. What is non-greasy? I have found several lotions from Shiseido and Amore Pacific to be very non-greasy but they also cost about 3-5 times more than this lotion (based on volume).This lotion, however, does not LOOK greasy on my face, which might be the half of the value. It also does an excellent job of retaining moisture, but that is true of every lotion I have ever used.This lotion is also a decent value considering this is a 16 ounce size jar which is about 80% volume of a full roll of toilet paper (the jar is a circular shape as a toilet paper so I thought it would be a good comparison)If you are looking for an excellent moisturizer that does not look greasy, then this will do its job. But if you truly want a non-greasy feeling lotion, you are better off buying a higher quality lotion albeit at a higher price.

Raquel Selden, NY


Last few months, I’ve been researching moisturising things, mostly for my hands (but the rest of me too). Maybe it’s age creeping up on me, or it’s my endless washing of hands, but about a year ago I noticed I started to acquire those old-man hands with dried/parched skin, especially on the back of them. So I’ve been trying all kinds of cremes and lotions (go to my reviews page and see; I’ve reviewed some of what I’ve tried). A lot of them help, some more, some less, but amazingly, after all this effort, I was in a drugstore on an unrelated errand, and bought — on impulse — a jar of this thing here, Cetaphil. I’m not even sure why I did: I’ve never heard of it before, and I always look for the ingredients to be natural, w/o a chemical factory listed there. Well, to be fair, Cetaphil isn’t bad — no parabens, no fragrances, no colors. But otoh, it’s got some chemistry in it though, alcohols and what not. Well, anyway, I got me a jar and tried: wow! It’s perfect, better than everything I tried bevor, natural or not natural. It is:1. Bland and neutral (no smell whatsoever).2. Not greasy at all, not even initially.3. Thick but not hard to spread because it’s somehow strangely slick, like frozen sour cream I’d imagine would be (except it’s not frozen).4. Extremely effective: produces even-textured and even-coloured, supple and hydrated skin in one day; does not clog pores; skin stays hydrated at least a day; survives a handwash or even two somewhat (and then, it’s easy to reapply if you need, ’cause unlike a lot of other things I tried, it doesn’t smell and therefore can be used at the office w/o bothering anyone around).All my researches and expense, and the 100%-adequate answer was sitting on the shelf in my local drugstore (Walgreens, thirteen-ninety-nine a jar). Who would have known… and it’s two to four times cheaper than other thing I tried. I also got the lotion, to compare. I like the creme better (it’s more “substantial”, persistent), but both are good though.Bottom line: Very highly recommended.PS. One thing I’d like to see that’s not available is smaller (portable) packages. I can’t go around with this bucket on me, it’s too big: it’s good for home, but I want a small dispenser in my briefcase. There was a small(er), 8 oz, bottle of lotion available there, but no cream in a small container. For now, I’m stuffing a small amount in a tiny tin from Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to do that.Note 1: it’s even cheaper in Wegman’s (like ten bucks, +/-).

Erin Fairborn, OH

Best moisturizer

Great base for makeup, fragrance-free and silky on the face. Why pay hundreds of $$$ when nothing can erase wrinkles?I’m hooked.

Sofia Taylorsville, NC

Very happy

This product is wonderfulIt came fast and it makes my skin moisture and smooth.I am really satisfied and happy.

Arline Sharpes, FL

great for winter

This is heavier than the lotions so I normally use it on my arms and legs, and a dab on my face at night with the lotion. It’s fragrance free, doesn’t break me out and helps with winter itching. I recommend for sensitive skin types like mine, because cold weather makes my life miserable. Always has. Dry skin, rough hair and five months of no light. At least there’s a lotion line out there that cures one of those issues. Could the makers of cetaphil please destroy winter as we know it? I’d really appreciate it, if this global warming deal doesn’t work out…thanks. Oh by the way, I think they changed the formula because it’s easier to spread.

Goldie Barium Springs, NC


This is a fine moisturizer, one that I often turn to in the summer when my skin suffers from too much exposure to the sun or too much air conditioning.It’s also helpful in the winter when skin suffers from wind and cold. It’s a bit of a first-aid treatment for my face.It has been a great hydrating lotion for me, as well as effective on rough, chapped areas such as heels and elbows.

Charity Altamahaw, NC

The best

I get extremely dry, itchy skin since I live in New England and am often outside in harsh weather. I have all kinds of lotion, and for some reason never tried Cetaphil. I bought this and it’s now the only thing I use–it’s that good! In addition to dry, my skin is very sensitive and allergy prone as well. I’ve used Aveeno with some success, since it’s unscented, as is this. I found the main advantage in this as opposed to Aveeno is it’s extremely moisturizing. I smooth it on in the morning and find that at the end of the day my skin is still very soft and not at all dry. It’s the longest-lasting lotion I’ve ever tried. It’s not at all too heavy though, or sticky and it absorbs well. It’s nice because I can use it all the time without getting tired of an overpowering scent. I would highly recommend this to anyone, from people who just want good lotion to those with skin conditions (e.g. psoriasis, eczema).

Carey Nunica, MI

best moisturizer on the market!

without a doubt the best facial moisturizer I have ever used! Tried hundreds and this one is the best!

Ana Pierce, ID


this is amazing, i have conbination skin and it works very well with the cleanser. i have been telling everyone how great this is

Angel Afton, TN

Gentle, Moisturizing, Effective

My dermatologist recommended this to me 10 years ago and I still use in when I occasionally have dry skin. I do not use it as much anymore since it cured my dry skin, if you have eczema, this really helps.

Patty Ludlow, PA


I have normal skin with very minor “acne” this mosturizer made my face look so greasy. If you have extreme dry skin then this is totally for you.

Barbra Blacksburg, VA