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Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Lotion, 8-Ounce Bottles

Fragrance free. Non-comedogenic. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion was formulated specifically for chronic dry, sensitive skin. Contains a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants, clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss. Provides long-lasting relief to even severe dry skin. Free of lanolins, parabens and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.

Key features

  • Non-greasy formulation
  • Ideal for body and face
  • Ideal for skin conditions such as: acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and chronic dry skin
  • Specifically formulated to soothe chronically dry skin for the entire body

Honest reviews


Works as Promised, But…..

I mainly use Cetaphil for my hands and feet and it works wonders, particularly on my feet. Even though using it on my body does keep it from drying out, I don’t really like the feel of the product on my skin. I think Avon’s Skin-so-Soft line leaves a smoother feel to the skin while keeping it from moisturized. However, I’m between orders so I am temporarily using Cetaphil for my whole body and it does lock in moisture. But, like I said, I really prefer it for my hands and feet.

Joanne Ames, NE

Greasy and Caused Clogged Pores

I had my sister recommend me this moisturizer because her friend used the Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion to clear up her acne. I don’t have severe acne, but I don’t have clear skin thats for sure, there’s not been a day when I didn’t have one or two pimples on my face. Once I started using it a few months ago starting back in August, I liked it. I didn’t seem to find any problems with it. But then I started noticing that my face started to get really oily and greasy, and my skin always felt dirty. I don’t know why I never thought that this was the reason for it..maybe because I was thrown off from all of the great reviews. But every morning I would wake up and my skin would be an oily mess. And also, not even an hour after applying the moisturizer my face was greasy. My pores were visible and you could see that they were filled with gunk, even when I would do masks and steam my face to get all of the dirt out. But recently I decided to stop using it and bought the Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer and I can’t help but look at the difference in my face just after two days! My skin isn’t any where near as oily as it was before, my skin looks clean and vibrant and my pores are almost completely invisible, and not a single new breakout. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty happy I got the Cetaphil lotion out of my life..I didn’t realize what it was actually doing to my skin. Now my makeup stays on longer and oil no longer seeps through! But as with everything, products will work different on other peoples skin. You just have to test them out and see what works and what doesn’t. I see this works amazingly for some people, and that’s awesome. I hope this works for you if you decide to try it out, if not then I definitely recommend the Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer!P.S. If you want to really clear your pores out I recommend using the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask…you can see exactly where it is pulling the gunk and extra oils out of your pores and your pores are minimized immediately! Also I recommend using the Clairsonic Mia, I know it is a pretty penny but it is amazing! If you want to splurge on something that will give you a deep cleaning then go for it, but I know my friend uses the Olay Pro-X and she loves it! So you have options. Good luck!Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer:;=1357171088&sr;=8-1&keywords;=aveeno+positively+radiantClairsonic Mia:;=UTF8&qid;=1357171119&sr;=1-1&keywords;=clarisonic+miaQueen Helene Mint Julep Mask:;=UTF8&qid;=1357171150&sr;=1-2&keywords;=queen+helene+mint+julep+masque

Angelita Taylors Island, MD

not buying again

This lotion is gentle, but its moisturizing capabilities is only a little better than that of plain water. It refuses to sink into my skin and also leaves a sticky film after it finally sets, which is highly annoying. waste of ten bucks. I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not amazing. And there is a slight unpleasant scent of rubber to it.

Martina Ernest, PA

Effective for moisturizing and cost effective too

Cold weather and forced air heating makes my skin look like alligator skin in the winter. I also have a problem with painful cracked skin if I don’t moisturize. I have tried a large number of different moisturizing lotions over the years and found that Cetaphil works best for me.I LIKE:1. Cetaphil is effective in treating my dry skin – both appearance and texture of my skin is better, I don’t get cracked skin on heals and other spots that crack if I don’t do anything2. Cetaphil has no scent – very important to me as I don’t like perfumes especially before going to bed as smells tend to keep me awake3. Pump works well and consistently4. My skin does not feel greasy after the cream is appliedI was pleased to see that November 2011 issue of Consumer Reports rated Cetaphil at the top of their rankings. They found that it was twice as effective as the lowest ranking cream in their study. Consumer Reports study used a special device that measured the the skin moisture in a temperature-controlled environment in a number of tests spanning multiple hours intervals (2 hours, 5 hours, 24 hours). In terms of cost, Consumer Reports put per ounce of Cetaphil in the middle of the range 0.66 cents with the highest tested being 1.14 per oz and lowest tested 0.14 per oz. The current Amazon price is a bit better than the price quoted by Consumer Reports at 0.60 cents per oz.This stuff works, I recommend!Ali Julia review

Melissa Madisonburg, PA

not a fan

I am not a fan of this product it doesn’t smooth on well and doesn’t do anything to help with my dry skin it’s really not worth the money.

Noemi Sylvester, TX

Had to return it

I love most Cetaphil products but this moisturizer just left my skin waaaay too greasy. I have combination/oily skin and this product just felt like I slathered my face in lard.

Courtney Coleridge, NE

The best lotion – for all skin types

About a couple years ago my skin started to feel extremely dry in parts throughout my body. I went to an allergist but the allergist could not figure out what the problem was. It could have just been the weather change I was experiencing. I lived in San Francisco the majority of my life, where it’s humid, the air is wet and windy, and the climate is cool. Then I moved to a city that is a lot more warmer and the air is very very dry. I thought, my body is probably just not used to the hot and warm weather.In any case, my pediatrician actually recommended this brand of lotion before I could see a dermatologist (that would have been a pain).Thus far, I’ve been extremely pleased with the results and I can tell you that my skin feels silky smooth and my itching problems are vanished. I like Aveeno, Vaseline, and the like, but Cetaphil the best.Highly recommended lotion for sensitive skin or normal skin. Thank you Cetaphil!

Mercedes Medanales, NM

Pretty Good But Doesn’t Have An All Day Moisture

We are huge fans of Cetaphil products in our house hold but this lotion doesn’t have me a huge fan. (Of this particular product of theirs. )I love that it doesn’t irritate our eczema prone skin but it doesn’t keep the moisture in longer than a few hours. It feels like it’s a little cheaper made. Those are my only two complaints.It’s great enough that we have been using this on our baby when the Aveeno ran out.

Mindy Levan, UT

Good Lotion

Light weight and nice product. It goes on smooth and really light. The pump bottle is nice and easy to use. Cetaphil is a great product.

Sondra Matagorda, TX

Cream is better

Good everyday lotion but the cream is much better at moisturizing and also twice the price. Lotion beats the heck out of Aveeno and Nivea and other commercial brands. Doesn’t leave a sticky oily feel either. Big bang for the bucks.

Eloise New Boston, MI

Love This Lotion

After years of bouncing around from one lotion to another – usually whatever was on sale – my wife and I recently switched to Cetaphil after our dermatologist recommended the change. We’ve been using both the Cetaphil daily face cleanser and lotion and the results are blemish free and moisturized skin.As a guy this lotion is perfect for several reasons. First, it doesn’t have any fragrances which in my experience with other brands are heavily floral. Second, the Cetaphil lotion doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. Many of the brands I used before left my hands and face in particular feeling like I’d just finished handling a vat of Crisco.Another great feature of Cetaphil is that it goes on extremely smoothly and covers a large area with just a small amount of lotion. Ultimately this means you’ll need to apply less of the lotion to your face and body.By far my favorite lotion and highly recommended!

Joan Tunnelton, IN

Cetaphil cream

My wife used this cream on her face and hands. She liked it as a good product. This product arrived right on time. She has used this for many years.

Cherie Lebanon, SD

Like but don’t love it

This is your basic generic skin moisturizer with no bells or whistles. I like that about it. It’s a nice 8 ounce bottle, plastic, that you squeeze to have the product delivered from a hole in the top, and a flip cap so you can’t lose it. Good packaging. It is asexual also so men as well as women can use it.It does a decent job of softening up my skin with no fragrance, but there is a tiny bit of a funky undertone that smells like chemicals, but nothing I can’t live with.My only problem with this comes in the fact that I can feel it sitting on top of my skin, like an oil slick. It’s a gummy feeling and it won’t rinse off. It’s not a lightweight moisturizer. It’s a medium weight one. It’s not elegant, it’s gooey. It’s white and reminds me of cheap sunblock with that sticky smelly goo feeling.While I like the Cetaphil cleanser I won’t use this moisturizer because of the gooeyness. It feels like it has wax in the formula. It might do in a pinch but there are much better alternatives.

Krista Almelund, MN

Works on face and body. Doesn’t trigger allergies

I am sensitive to fragrances and have headaches if a lotion is perfumed. Cetaphil is terrific! None of the usual troubles that cause me to have to throw out new bottles of moisturizers when I try new-to-me products.Ideally, I want a moisturizer that can be used on body and face, but that has been hard to find. I have very sensitive facial skin. Despite being well past my teen years, my face will break-out if a lotion is sticky or has any number of ingredients that trouble my skin. This one causes no such problems.Cetaphil does what I want, it keeps my skin smooth and hydrated. Some moisturizers wear off after a very short time, but this one lasts many hours. The consistency is not runny or watery, not pore-clogging-thick. It’s in the Goldilocks zone, just right!Perhaps the best feature is the reasonable price and good-sized bottle. The search for a good face and body lotion can lead to some very high-priced products. This one is a great value and doesn’t leave me feeling abused by having to pay $20, $30 or more for little 2 or 3 ounce jars and tubes of over-hyped face cream (take that Olay, Lancome, Neutrogena!). I am very pleased and will buy this again and again.

Randi Hampton, FL

Truly Fragrance Free

This product was recommended to me by a Dermatologist, Dr. Zumwalt, over 25 years ago when I went to see him because of a rash on my hands and legs. Although the rash was due to stress, this lotion helps to soften and soothe the rash enough to make it disappear. When I use other lotions, the rash reappears. So I am a true believer in the Cetaphil products.

Lupe South Hill, VA

Absorbs fast

This is a great product for the price. It absorbs very fast and doesn’t leave a distracting smell. It also spreads very well.

Consuelo Dammeron Valley, UT

Helps dry skin

This lotion feels very good and works well for dry skin. My little sister even uses it for her eczema and it helps it to not itch as bad.

Katharine Tullos, LA

Not my favorite lotion, not the worst one either.

I had to buy this lotion after I got a tattoo because I needed something fragrance free. I used it to moisturize other areas and noticed my skin does not stay moisturized for as long as it does when I use other lotion. I used it everyday for a month straight so I could be sure about whether or not I liked it (and I wanted to use as much of it as I could since I bought it). I definitely prefer Jergens lotion over this one, but it’s not the worst lotion I’ve purchased. Would I buy it again? Probably not. It could just be my skin, I’m sure there are people out there who love this stuff. I just don’t happen to be one of them. When you first put it on of course your skin feels soft. I just found that I was putting it on every half hour or so because my hands would start feeling dry. For the price, I would have expected it to keep my skin hydrated for a much longer period of time. Everyone is different though, that’s just my own personal experience with this lotion.

Carol Stuyvesant, NY

Great, Been Using it For 8 Years

I’ve been using this lotion since I was 14. I’ve always had pretty sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness. I like that the lotion is fragrance free and doesn’t have mineral oil in it (it clogs pores) The lotion absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin greasy feeling either. My skin soo soft and lovely all day thanks to this lotion! I’d recommend to anyone with any skin type.

Carolyn Long Green, MD

Great all purpose fragrance free lotion

When I don’t need the heavy duty relief of Eucerin basic cream, I use this. Like now, when it’s getting warmer out. I use it on my face – no fragrance so I don’t get watery eyes and sneeze every minute or so – no irritating chemicals, or none that irritate my terribly sensitive skin. And it doesn’t have that substance that’s in almost every other lotion, the chemical (I think it’s a silicone) that allows the manufacturers to claim: Lasts For 24 Hours!!! I don’t care for a lotion that last for all that time, because they are sticky on the skin and I can live without that. I like one that absorbs, and if I need to reapply, I do so. It’s not a big deal, and it makes my skin feel clean, not sticky. Cetaphil has been one of my mainstay products over the years, it was one of the first that didn’t use fragrance, and didn’t irritate my skin. I use this all over, even the face. It’s fine under make up, it absorbs and softens, and that’s all I want from a lotion. It’s a great product, and worth buying.

Irene Agar, SD

Classic and cost-effective

Cetaphil is now the only body lotion I use because it’s gentle, reliable, and prevents my skin from drying out, especially in the winter. I like it much more than Eucerin, Vaseline, Bath and Body Works, or other lotions I’ve tried. It’s a little more expensive than most drugstore lotions, but each bottle lasts me a few months, and Amazon has the best price I’ve found.

Dana Port William, OH

One of the better moisturizer in the market – Cetaphil

Cetaphil is one of very few brands my family and I uses during the dry Winter months. It does not leave any film after rubbing the lotion on the skin. Excellent feel and keeps all of us feeling as smooth as silk.

Dale Beech Grove, KY

Great for those with sensitive skin

My 2 year old has eczema and skin that is prone to rashes. We searched high and low for a lotion that moisturized her skin well and did not cause her to break out in a rash. Cetaphil was the only thing that worked for us. Not too greasy, unscented and no irritants.

Lilian Willernie, MN

Great for dry skin, but…

Personally, I don’t care much for the way my face feels with this lotion. I also don’t like that it doesn’t have an SPF. I purchased this moisturizer along with the cleanser this winter after my face completely dried out due to the excessive cold. I just bought the lotion to go with the cleanser, not expecting much of it. The cleanser I wanted because I figured something soap-free would be better for dry winter skin.Well, even with regular facial cleanser, this lotion *really* solves the dry skin problem. I was to the point of slathering my face with vitamin E every night after applying my night cream. While I love vitamin E, it’s not always the most comfortable thing to have to wear. Unfortunately, the feel of the Cetaphil moisturizer isn’t all that great either. It is the lotion to use when you NEED it to deal with skin issues, but not something I’d reach for otherwise. It’s a sort of heavy, sticky (extra glycerine maybe?) kind of feeling…. as if it doesn’t fully absorb into the skin.The catch being, I guess, that this extra heaviness is needed to cure dry skin problems. Nothing else I used helped at all. So this gets 4 stars for getting the job done, but I still hate the texture.

Sharon Dannebrog, NE

Greasy and Light

This is not a great lotion. It feels very greasy but despite that fact, it’s also extremely light. What I mean is that I feel greasy when I put it on, but my face dries out before the end of my work day. I work in an office, not exactly rough work. Maybe it’s not meant for my skin type. I prefer CeRave’s face cream in the tubs.

Alfreda Goehner, NE

Best Lotion Ever!!

I love this lotion. It works, plain and simple. No fragrance. Not greasy. Light but long-lasting. I would recommend this to anyone of any age who has dry or itchy skin. I used it on my very chapped hands and they were completely smooth in about 3 days. Nothing has cleared them up as fast as Cetaphil lotion.

Penny Gipsy, PA


My favorite thing about this product is the price!! after I bought this in amazon I went to my local supermarket and found it super expensive (2x this Price). This lotion is great for my skin, it keeps it moistured, non greasy and feels very light. Because of the size of the bottle, I have been using it in my whole body with excellent results. I guess its better than some lotions of the market, but the best thing is that when I get outbreaks of contact dermatitis, I’m sure I can use this product without fear of damaging my skin, and it really gets better

Ilene Buckingham, IL

Helps drastically with my 2 year old’s eczema

My son had steroids prescribed to him for his eczema however I do not prefer to use it on him, he is 2 yrs old and I was looking for more of a less abrasive route. I swear by this and Aveeno Babies for eczema, I actually prefer Aveeno but they both are good. I use Cetaphil in the summer and Aveeno in the winter.

Elvia Viola, IL

This lotion is gentle.

I have sensitive acne prone skin and need some gentle lotion to go with my acne medication. this lotion is gentle on my skin and does not leave it red and blotchy. I would buy again.

Latonya Delong, IN

One of the best

I am not really a lotion person but a friend introduced me to this product and I was sold after my first use. The lotion is not too heave and not too light, it has just the right consistency. Moreover, I find that this product protects well in cold weather and lasts all day without having to be replenished.

Robyn Solvang, CA