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Cetaphil Fragrance Free Daily Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15, 4-Ounce Bottles

non-greasy and lightweight protects from UVA and UVB rays non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and PABA-free dermatologist recommended. Importance of daily sunscreen protection: to protect from the sun’s harmful UVA rays that are responsible for premature lines and wrinkles. Shields from the sun’s damaging UVB rays which cause dangerous sunburns and skin cancers. Restores and improves your skin’s ability to retain vital moisture. Use in combination with a complete regimen of Cetaphil® cleansers and moisturizers for your daily skin care needs. Replenishes moisture and effectively nourishes your sensitive skin without a greasy afterfeel. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Prevents future damage with broad spectrum protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Other Information: Very High Sun Protection Product. Sun Alert:  The sun causes skin damage. Regular use of sunscreens over the years may reduce the chance of skin damage, some types of skin cancer, and other harmful effects due to the sun.

Key features

  • Specifically formulated to be light and silky smooth
  • Improves skins ability to retain vital moisture
  • Broad spectrum SPF 15 gives you moderate protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays that can be responsible for premature lines and wrinkles
  • Non-greasy formula that won’t clog pores
  • Cetaphil is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories, a major benefactor of the Dermatology Foundation, helping to fund critical dermatology research

Honest reviews


Not Gluten-Free. It’s Fantastic, Otherwise.

This is one of the only moisturizers I’ve ever found for my rosacea-prone, contact dermatitis-prone skin. However, in researching several personal care items for gluten, I came across an e-mail sent by someone asking about celiac. The response from Galderma indicated that this is not gluten-free.This isn’t gluten-free. (If you have celiac or gluten-sensitivity, this is one of the items that probably should be gluten-free, because you might accidentally ingest it while flossing or preparing food.) So, if gluten is an issue, don’t buy it. That’s so sad. I’m off to toss mine in the trash.(Ironically, much cheaper things like Suave lotions, are, or will tell you they’re not.)

Thelma Papineau, IL


like the others said, this product stings a lot. My eyes keep running even though I didn’t realy apply it close to my eyes. I have special eye cream. throwing them away. I don’t even recommend the smell.

Ola Tionesta, PA


Been using this for years, doesn’t hurt my skin like many other products, doesn’t cause breakouts or redness for me. Everyone’s skin is different, so find what works for you. I definitely recommend this product for a daily moisturizer and sunscreen.

Marci Wheeler, IN

Not for sensitive skin!!!

This is definitely not for sensitive skin. My skin isn’t all that sensitive but it broke me out in these, red, almost chapped patches. I tried this because it’s what my dad uses, I usually just use the regular Cetaphil cleanser & lotion. Ow, my face hurts!

Velma Arcadia, LA

Supple Skin…………

I’ve been using this facial moisturizer on my skin for years and years. I have an allery to fragrance, so this is the perfect solution for that problem. It also goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. There is nothing better than this product for keeping skin plump and moist..With the economy in a nose dive, this is also a great deal from Amazon. I signed up for the *managed orders* and I have two bottles shipped to me, every two months. I appreciate being able to stay home and just have it delivered.

Colleen Warriormine, WV

Great product

My dermatologist told me to switch to this brand. I was skeptical that it would be moisturizing enough because I have very dry (but also very sensitive) skin. Not only does it do a fantastic job, but it’s easy on my skin.

James Ridge, MD

Pretty good, but smells GROSS

I could not find the usual Cetaphil jar that I use, so I got this. It worked just as well, but I did not like the feeling and I just couldn’t get over the smell! If you don’t want to use sunscreen, this is a good alternative, but I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis.

Rosemary Lansing, IA


Been using this for almost 3 years now with acneprone combination skin that’s ULTRA sensitve.1. it can burn when you put it on if you’re sweating/hot2. Doesn’t make me break out or clog my pores.3. Doesn’t smell4. Moisturizes me! But sometimes it can make me feel shiny.

Lara Davey, NE

expensive, smells, greasy & burns my skin

I reeeally don’t like this moisturizer, i bought it because they quit making the one i’ve been using for the past 10 years & this one seemed to have similar attributes… well, i was wrong. it smells like medicated ointment, feels super greasy, took forever to rub/soak in & (i put it on after a shower, without scrubbing my face or anything, just a damp face) it burned when i put it on, leaving my face red for about an hour. tried it for 3 days just in case — same thing every day. will not be using the rest… i’ll put it in the guest bathroom i guess. what a waste of money :C back on the hunt for a good moisturizer!

Juliet Craftsbury Common, VT

Great product

Great product and have used this for quite some time. I was told by a dermatologist that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on moisturizers.

Kimberley Chandler, TX

Five Stars

Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. I definitely recommend it.

Leslie Gatewood, MO

Dermatologist recommended

I’ve been using this for years, as per recommendation. I have very sensitive skin and this works well. I like the weight and SPF, and it absorbs quickly for morning routine.

Mallory De Witt, IA

A little heavy; caused acne

Supposed to be recommended by dermatologists, however, this caused my combination skin to break out in acne. The advertising on the bottle says "non-greasy formula that won’t clog pores" but that did not prove accurate for me. I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks/jawline. It made part of all areas of my face break out.It’s a little heavy for a moisturizer. You can definitely feel the sunscreen in it. I’ve used other similar facial moisturizers, so I know that often you can feel when there is sunscreen. But I’ve used a couple with sunscreen that felt a little lighter.

Sheila Kingston, RI

Works well

My wife swears by this stuff. She uses it to keep her skin moist but not oily before applying makeup. It also keeps her skin from getting wind-burned by our chilly Chicago winters. I always think she looks fantastic regardless of what lotion she uses, but she says this one is the best, and I’ll take her word for it.

Rose Culpeper, VA



Meagan Grantham, PA