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Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30, 4 Fluid Ounce

Derma control oil control moisturizer with sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30 is formulated for acne-prone skin.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 formula to control oil, hydrate, and provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Micropearl technology provides a matte finish
  • Formulated with Oleosome technology which uses fewer filters forl less irritation and greater hydration
  • Shown to reduce dryness and roughness in patients using acne prescription treatments
  • Paraben free, fragrance free, won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Very good!

My skin hates me… most days. I am a 30-something year old woman who has a constant battle with my skin. I have tried multiple products out there to make sure that a) my skin is moisturized, b) has sunscreen, c) non greasy, and d) doesn’t cause more breakouts. In my 20s, my skin was in it’s worst shape and now I have some pocking from the acne scars (curse you stupid cystic acne) and years ago, my doctor had me use Cetaphil wash for my face, which was GREAT! The most gentle skin cleanser out there, but it did nothing for my acne. Well, now I use Clinique’s Acne Solutions for my acne but even with the entire set: wash, toner, acne moisturizer and the dramatically different moisturizer- I have a dry face. Once I received the Cetaphil Dermacontrol moisturizer- I finally have a solution! I use the clinique solution kit at night and Cetaphil facewash and Dermacontrol moisturizer in the morning. PERFECT! The moisturizer is VERY light and once it dries- your face still feels VERY clean and you can SEE that your skin is moisturized. I also put it on the back of my hands to protect them. I live in Phoenix, which is very dry and having a nice moisturizer WITH a SPF of 30 is PERFECT! I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I have had NO NEW BREAKOUTS! Cetaphil’s Dermacontrol Moisturizer is a WINNER in my skin care line up!

Angie Forgan, OK

absolutely Perfect! 🙂

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30, 4 Fluid Ounceabsolutely Perfect! :)I do a lot of outdoorsy things like nature photography, playing badminton and gardening, so, if the product boasts of 30spf, can be worn under makeup/or by itself, comes in an easy to pump — aesthetically pleasing — container (I do hate fiddling with tubes) and is oil free or oil control — my minimum requirements when shopping for a moisturizer — *into my shopping basket it goes*! :)A few observations after using Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 for 14 days, with and without makeup:product is extremely light weight, silky smooth texture, didn’t detect a strong scenton My skin I noticed no mask-like white residue (as occurs with anOil of Olay productI currently use), does not feel heavy, like it is trying to suffocate my skin — yes, some moisturizers ( I’ve tried in the past ) feel like they are dragging my cheeks to my ankles, I kid you not!with Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30 I noticed no oily skin after wearing the product outdoors all day! What a pleasant surprise! :)spf30 protected, without having to re-apply, for about 10 hours in the full sunlight.Does this sound like what you might be looking for in a moisturizer? I’m off to order more Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30. Works for Me, and blends seamlessly with my busy lifestyle, and my face looks and feels beautiful! 🙂 ‘nuf said! –Highly Recommended! –Katharena Eiermann, 2012

Erma Martinsburg, WV

Made Skin Worse

I had been excited to try this new Cetaphil Moisturizer, especially after such wonderful reviews on the Cetaphil products from family and friends. Multiple family members had been prescribed Cetaphil products due to problem skin and had seen wonderful results. I do not have horrible skin, but do struggle with getting rid of blackheads zits and I am in my late 20’s. I did not have the same results as my family and friends. Three days after using this on my face, I suddenly had the worst acne I have had since maybe I was 13! I had produced white-heads all over my forehead, chin, and around my nose and upper-lip. To be honest it was embarrassing to even go out. I was shocked that a product that is made for acne-prone skin (therefore should be wonderful for sensitive skin) would only worsen my skins appearance. Sadly, I will not be continuing the use of this product…with which I had had such high hopes.

Margery Junction, WV

Overpriced, Chemical Blocker Sunscreen

I’m rather disappointed given, after using the same brand of oil control wash, I assumed this would also provide oil control WHILE ALSO protecting me from the sun’s rays. So far the sunscreen aspect seems fine – though it’s just a bunch of chemical blockers instead of physical ones like zinc or titanium oxide. Which you could pay half as much for nearly twice the amount of ounces you get in this. Additionally, the aforementioned physical blockers are “better” suited for sensitive and acne prone skin – just FYI.I specifically got this moisturizer for the oil control/acne aspect. I’ve battled acne prone, sensitive, photosensitive, oily skin for over 20 years now. I’m beyond sick and tired of the lip service and promises companies make, using the same ingredients other products use and slap a heavier price tag on it because it’s meant for acne prone people like me. Which, if it worked, I guess would be tolerable, but it doesn’t.Everything I use is oil free, oil control, etc. I decided to incorporate this in some vain hope it would tackle my oiliness. Nope. Zit (I mean zip). Within an hour of application I’m just as oily as if I’d not put anything on at all or put on a regular sunscreen. If you want an overpriced sunscreen made with chemical blockers be my guest. I could have seen passed it had it done something about the oil. It didn’t.Don’t market it as an oil control when it doesn’t even begin to address it. The oil control wash they make seems to work great. The follow up lotion (which is more expensive) leaves much to be desired.In short, when I purchased this I wasted nearly $16 on greasy sunscreen, which is essentially what this product is.

Margot Medora, ND

Tingles, smells of sunscreen and NOT a matte finish

I didn’t love this moisturizer/sunscreen. It smells like a sunscreen (although not as heavy a smell as many) and has the thick texture of a sunscreen, too. It was uncomfortably tingly/burning on sensitive areas of my face, and not only that, but it didn’t leave a matte finish. My face was definitely shiny after putting it on. If you’re not planning to wear makeup over this, don’t expect it to remove the shine all by itself.I will give it 2 stars because on the other hand, the smell is not that bad, and it’s not really greasy so it would be a good sunscreen to wear under makeup.

Erna Lacarne, OH

If you have a very sensitive skin, I would try some other product

This review will be very short. My skin is extremely sensitive, but I picked this product (which, to be fair, is not advertised as a product for sensitive skin), because generally Cetaphil has been good for my skin due to its non-comedogenic, oil-free, fragrance-free formulas. This time Cetaphil, unfortunately, let me down. I had an allergic reaction to it immediately after using it for the first time – redness, itchiness, etc. It took almost a week for my skin to heal.

Leigh Fertile, IA

Just OK

It is not greasy and provides some moisture to you skin while allowing some protection from the sun. It does seem to melt away with sweat so if you sweat you can be sure to lose your protection. Even on my arms it did not seem to stay.I wanted to like this since it is not greasy I thought it would be good for summer with the matte finish and light weight protection but it just doesn’t last.It is also very liquid and not creamy as most hand creams and body creams.

Marie Noma, FL

Works great on sensitive skin

My daughter cannot wear most sunscreens but she had no problem with this one. It did it’s job in protecting from the sun while also protecting her sensitive skin. I recommend this item.

Ethel La Salle, MN

Good cream for oily skin

This new Cetaphil Demacontrol Moisturizer will work well for oily skin and will keep it moisturized. It hydrates, protects from sun damage with its SPF 30 sunscreen, and controls the shine. It is also useful for acne-prone skin. The cream is light, non-sticky, and easily absorbed without leaving any film or flakes. The combination of oil control moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen might justify its little pricey tag of $12.95 for 4 fluid ounces.

Isabel Copake, NY

No oil control, sweats off easily

I’ve used over half of my bottle, so I’ve had plenty of time to see results. I also use the Cetaphil face wash (regular), and I really like it.This face lotion is very thick like a sunscreen, and I am not sure which the manufacturers intended it to be: Sunscreen or an oil control moisturizer. If your face is remotely moist, it will not absorb to your skin (i.e. like sunscreen). If your face is dry, it does absorb fairly well, but I do not get a long-lasting matte finish as promised on the bottle. This does not even seem like a decent sunscreen, because as soon as you sweat even a minimalism amount, it runs off your face.Overall, it’s a decent summer lotion but for indoor use only. Do not buy it for its oil controlling properties. Sadly, I must continue my search, because my skin was not tamed by this product.

Manuela Hortonville, NY

Excellent Sunscreen for Oily Acne-Prone Skin

This product is a very good solution for those who find that they breakout after using a sunscreen. Cetaphil has formulated this sunscreen to be non-comedongenic (won’t clog pores), fragrance-free, and oil free and yet provide moisturization and SPF 30 protection from the sun.Developed by a dermatologist, the active sunscreen ingredients include:Avobenzone 3%Octisalate 5%Octocrylene 7%The lightweight liquid goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a slightly matte finish.This product is intended to be used for normal, everyday use and not for exercise or swimming as it is not water resistant.

Marquita La Marque, TX

*Sunscreen* And *Moisturizer* In One!

The CETAPHIL DERMACONTROL OIL CONTROL MOISTURIZER is good for those of us who suffer from acne. Having two-in-one combination of moisturizer plus sunscreen protection cuts down on the possibility of irritating pimple prone skin.I don’t really smell the scent that other reviewers are describing, but I do detect a slight plastic-like fragrance that’s common in most sunscreens, but I wouldn’t say that it’s overpowering or strong.The lotion goes on smoothly and is easy to apply. I also noticed that it doesn’t leave that whitish hue to my skin like some SPfs do, but that might be because this is only SPF 30.It does leave my complexion with a matte appearance, after about a minute, but that’s also a slight drawback. Because it does provide a drier look it isn’t as moisturizing and it could be so it might not be good for someone with really dry skin or that has a lot of wrinkles.However, the plus side is that it doesn’t dry out the skin like some lotions that are formulated for oily skin, which actually works against you. I read that when you use a product that claims to suck up oil it usually contains alcohol or some other drying agent that will work initially, but then your skin ends up pumping more oil to the surface because it thinks its drying out and that explains why you end more shiny before the hour is up, than when you first started. CETAPHIL DERMACONTROL didn’t do that to me.It’s non-comedogenic, oil and fragrance free.

Eddie Bath, SD

Well balanced moisturizer – Gentle with SPF

I’ve been using this as my regular face moisturizer. Feels light on my oily skin and moisturizes well under all my makeup. The 30 SPF protects without feeling too pasty. Cetaphyl is gentle on sensitive skin. Love that it’s fragrance free. Well priced because this bottle lasts a long time for me.

Louise Quitman, GA

More of a suncreen than a moisturizer

I have sensitive skin, and had acne when I was younger. No creams or moisturizers would work, and Cetaphil won’t change that. I don’t have to battle acne anymore thankfully, but these days my skin is still sensitive, especially in winter. I’ll put lotion on my face and hands when they’re dry, but I always reach for Neutrogena, most notably theAgeless Essentialsstuff. Cetaphil is runny and has a sunscreen scent (not surprising). The consistency is OK, but could be thicker considering it’s marketed as a moisturizer. It does the job, though. I usually avoid scented products if I can, but the scent isn’t overwhelming.The SPF 30 protection is cool, but I wouldn’t use this as sunscreen. Get yourself a bottle of SPF 50 (and even higher) by Neutrogena and you’ll really be protected.If Cetaphil is all you’ve got lying around, use it with low expectations. Just know there are better options out there.

Lydia Booth, WV

Controls oil

This product does a great job of controlling oily skin, especially in the summer months. I find that spf often irritates my skin and occasionally contributes to my adult acne, but this product has had no such effect. It is very mild and gentle and one pump is ample amount to cover one’s face completely. Before this I was using a very expensive lotion from the department store at over $45 per jar, but I actually think this one is better! The sun protection allows me use retinol creams and other acne treatments without worrying about doing damage to my skin while it is in a sensitive state. I will definitely repurchase.

Kimberley Fishs Eddy, NY

Irritates Eyes in Active Situations. OK for Everyday Events. Good Sunblock. OK Moisterizer.

This Cetaphil product is an option if you are looking for a sunscreen + moisturizer for your face and don’t plan to be active enough to sweat. As with many sunblocks that I’ve used, the Cetaphil ran into my eyes when I used it on a sunny gardening day. I did not have this stinging experience when I used Cetaphil on a normal, go-to-work day. The sunscreen smell is noticeable, but not too bad. I have not had any skin breakouts since using Cetaphil (I have combination skin & still get an occasional zit).If the product had a tad more moisturizer, it would be better. So, when using this Cetaphil, I just put on a bit more of my regular moisturizer after applying the Cetaphil.Overall, this is an OK product. If you like sunscreen in your moisturizer & don’t want to add it to your own brand or apply sunscreen separately, the Cetaphil Moisturizer is an option. Because of my sensitive eyes, I will go back to adding baby formula sunscreen to my normal everyday moisturizer.

Kathi Ivanhoe, TX

So disappointed

I am so disappointed. I wanted something that would sooth, not break out my skin, as well as be a good spf. Instead, this promptly caused a breakout. I did not use it in combination with anything else new, nor had I had any significant break outs in some time, so I feel comfortable saying this was the cause.

Alisha Bushnell, NE

More of a sunscreen

The SPF I’m sure is a great thing. But I do NOT want my moisturizer smelling like sunscreen. My husband has very sensitive skin, he doesn’t really like it. If you are looking for a sunscreen that may not dry you out, this may be the product for you.

Adrian Williams, IA


I liked this moisturizer well enough, but it took a long time to absorb, and I was breaking out more while I was using it. This may have been a coincidence — possibly an interaction with another product — but I eventually decided to put this one away for a while and go back to my Aveeno moisturizer for the time being. This one can be a back-up in case I run out of the Aveeno, when I’ll give it another try.

Johanna Checotah, OK

My new sunscreen for oily skin. Love this oil control Moisturizer with SPF30. Not greasy and has block sun.

This a great Oil control moisturizer in itself, but works a great sun block. It is a light lotion that goes on evenly and soaks in. The scent is very light. *CAUTION IT WILL BURN IF YOU GET IT IN YOUR EYES.* I have really oily skin and hate to use the current sun blocks they either feel sticky or break me out, but this is prefect for me. I used it on 2/23/2012 at Disney World and it worked great. It blocked the sun and kept my face feeling soft and normal instead of my usually sweaty oily skin. It works great on my son’s sensitive skin also. I would recommend this to everyone who wants an oil control moisturizer or sunscreen for oily skin.

Diane Bristow, IN

Smooth coverage, weird smell

This moisturizer goes on smoothly and easily and, unlike some other oil-control moisturizers, it is not drying or irritating to my skin. I like that this gives spf 30 protection as well. The only downside I can see is that this product smells a bit weird…kind of like already-chewed peppermint gum. If the scent were a little better, I would give this 5 stars.

Samantha West Point, GA

Moisturizes while protecting from the sun

This is the first time using the Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30. It is light enough to apply daily and has the added ingredients to control excessive oil on acne prone skin. Different from other cetaphil products I use, it has a light scent that is caused by the sunscreen ingredients. And it burns a tiny bit on blemishes but not enough to quit using it.

Leanna Tiro, OH

For Acne, Severely dry Skin, LIFE SAVER

I’ve had some pretty poor acne scars and am in the process of smoothing it out with the occasional gel peel (Perfect Image) and my skin gets dried to an embarrassing and painful degree.My dermatologist told me that I needed a good moisturizing lotion/sunblock combo that would help me get to work and back without the nasty peeling — she told me to check this product out.I think I found a match made in heaven with Cetaphil.Pros:+ UV protection(30 SPF) enough for you to bounce around outside without worry.+ INCREDIBLE moisturizing power for the face and definitely soothes the pain.+ Reduces red patches,+ Noncomodegenic (will not clog pores)+ Paraben (used for preservation)Okay:Kind of wish it had a fragrance but fragrace free is always okay with me.Cons:- Oily feeling on some days. I would suggest not using too much when going out.Overall a brilliant product and I suggest for people who are conscious of acne medication/application to definitely use this.

Liza Bellemont, AZ

Like it

I have always had trouble finding the right product for my face. Finally switched around from proactiv ( hate it) to neutrogena face wash (Which I love) but I needed a new moisterizer so i decided to try cetaphil since I heard good things! So far it works great. Is light and has SPF!

Adrian Jackson Springs, NC

Burns a little on sensitive skin, but provides a nice matte finish

It’s so hard to find a facial sunscreen that is high in SPF and that doesn’t have a strong sunscreen scent to it. This new Cetaphil one nicely fits the bill! It has a broad spectrum SPF 30, and feels nice and light going on. It dries to a matte finish, which is nice for those of us with oily skin. Its main selling points are that it’s non-comedodgenic (so it won’t clog pores), it’s oil-free, and it’s fragrance-free.It also passes what I call the “makeup test”: after letting it sink in for a few minutes and then applying my foundation, my foundation didn’t pill or flake up at all.The only real negative is that it does feel a little “tight” and stinging on my sensitive skin. I didn’t experience any redness or hives as I sometimes do with new products that don’t agree with my skin, but it did have a bit of a sting to it both times I’ve used it. For that reason, I’m not sure that I’ll use this for myself and may end up giving this to my husband to use since he has more resilient skin. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to be careful with this product. I’ve been usingOlay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging UV Defense Regenerating Lotion, SPF 50, 1.7 Ouncefor the last few months and really like it.

Annabelle Lohman, MO

Might not be moisturizing enough if you are using Retin A/tretinoin

I know from my dermatologist Cetaphil makes great products so I was excite to try this product. I use 0.025 generic Retin A (tretinoin) nightly and my dermatologist suggested I put a moisturizer on 30 minutes or more after the tretinoin to reduce the peeling I have the next morning.Unfortunately, this moisturizer wasn’t moisturizing enough so I’m back to using Moisturel cream over the tretinoin.

Antionette Seaboard, NC

Decent as a light sunblock cream

First off, this product most definitely smells like sunscreen – it’s a light scent, but it still has that scent.I’ve been applying a small amount daily for several weeks and don’t really notice anything special about this product as an moisturizer – especially with regards to its claims of being clinically proven to help manage oily skin. (My face still feels oily.)I’ve noticed that it takes a long time for it to absorb into my face, even after a shower with my pores wide open. This means having to wait to apply foundation.I do like the idea of a moisturizer having an SPF of 30 but since I only apply my makeup in the morning I wonder how effective it really is throughout the day.

Noreen Dillingham, AK

Better than Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 50 Lotion

I have used the Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 50 Lotion before and didn’t like it (in fact I still have some left in the medicine cabinet). The SPF 50 is oily feeling, shiny, leaves me with the “white face” look.This is much better, sheer product. But compared to the SPF 50, it has less protection since it’s only SPF 30. I’m going to guess the lower SPF is why this lotion works feels better and doesn’t make your face white.Also, just to be clear, this lotion is formulated for acne proned skin. Meaning, it shouldn’t irritate blemished skin. It does not contain acne fighting ingredients.That said, I get similar results from Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and Olay products. I don’t think this is anything special. But it’s definitlye WAY better than the Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 50 Lotion. So if you’re using that, are unhappy with it, and want to stick with the Cetaphil brand, try this.I, on the other hand, will just use whatever that strikes my fancy. Right now I like Clean and Clear, Philosphy, and La Roche Posay.

Dona Whitesville, KY

Doesn’t really control oil

I like this moisturizer because it supposedly prevents acne (I haven’t broken out since using it, and have been using it for a few months). However, it does have a strong sunscreen scent, and it doesn’t seem to control oil very much. I don’t notice any difference in shininess on my face between this product and any other moisturizer I’ve used.

Lucy Three Rivers, TX

Versatile, Practical

I use some drugstore and some department store products and I have combination skin. This product totally does the job-it’s not greasy and it seems to control oil and I did not break out. It’s good under makeup and my husband stole it a few times. It’s unscented and the only drawback (to me) was that it was slow to blend on my skin-I had that white look of sunscreen for about a minute until it soaked in. A solid, practical option for oily skin at a good price.

Saundra Woodacre, CA