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Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce

Derma control oil control foam wash formulated for acne-prone skin.

Key features

  • Clinically proven to effectively remove oil impurities and makeup
  • Contains licorice root extract and zinc technology to soothe irritated skin
  • Specifically designed for people with acne-prone skin
  • Reduces oil and shine
  • Paraben free, fragrance free, and won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Absolutely love this foam wash, switched from liquid cetaphil

I’ve been using the liquid version of Cetaphil for years, normal to oily for myself and my husband, and gentle for my 8yr old daughter. I’m in my mid 30’s and suffer from hormonal acne which seems to have been getting worse in the past few months. I had tried several other brands of cleansers formulated for acne control and they just dried out my skin and made my breakouts worse. I decided to try the Cetaphil foam wash even though I never liked foam products in the past. I’m thrilled to report that this one rocks! My skin is cleared up and has remained clear all month. My husband even commented on it and then started stealing the cleanser from under my side of the sink. My skin didn’t dry out and the foam actually removes my makeup really well leaving my face feeling fresh and clean.UPDATE: I’ve been using this for over 2 months, around the same time I also switched my moisturizing to Avon Anew so while I can’t be certain which made the biggest difference in my skin I can say that this has really changed things for me. I used to get monthly breakouts around my cycle… in the past 2 months I haven’t had a single breakout!!! My makeup goes on smoothly and looks great. I’m still using my original bottle of this wash, it’s not even empty yet and I use it 2x per day! Great product and I’m back to buy more before I do run out.

Isabel Groveport, OH


Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce looks very good, I haven’t begun using it.Hope it can clean my oil face

Iva Monticello, UT

Better than the original

Most dermatologist’s favorite wash (Cetaphil of course) introduced a new formula, and I have to say I think I like it better than the original. Cetaphil cleanser now comes in a foam that treats acne prone skin (in my humble opinion I think its great even if you don’t have acne-prone skin). Its called Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash. Why I like it better than the original?First, I think the foam version is MUCH better at removing makeup. Second, it works great with my clarisonic brush. Third, it’s foamy. And lastly, while this formula is marketed for oily skin, I don’t find this formula over drying at all.The original Cetaphil came in three formulations: the original cream cleanser, a gel cleanser for oily skin, and a gentle cleansing bar. The cream cleanser was great but very poor at removing makeup and not good for acne prone skin. The biggest complaints I’ve heard is that the Cetaphil really didn’t lather very much. This new foam formulation wash takes a few squirts and it’s super-foamy. The gel version and bar version, while better for oily skin, sometimes were too drying. This new formulation is not too drying.While marketed for acne prone skin, I think it is a great all around formula. Its extremely gentle (great if you have sensitive skin) but removes makeup. It is similar to another one of my top rated washes, Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming wash. Aveeno’s foaming wash is about $6 for 6oz. Cetaphil’s is $12 for 8oz. Both formula’s top ingredients are water and glycerin, however Cetaphil’s new formula contains zinc.Zinc in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate is thought to help heal acne blemishes, reduce inflammation caused by acne, and reduce androgenic hormonal effects on skin that contribute to acne breakouts or in other words help regulate the skin’s oil gland activity.I think this is a great drugstore wash. For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles and be on the lookout for our new site that features Treatment reviews, Product Reviews and Spa reviews. New site to launch this month!

Shelley Gordonsville, VA

Works Well With Sensitive Allergic Skin

The face wash is a foam and it takes 3 pumps to cover my entire face. Unlike with the Cetaphil liquid, the foam feels like it is actually cleaning my skin and I get the satisfaction of having the suds wash away the grime. I wash with this every morning and then follow up with the Oil Control moisturizer.I read complaints about the smell being medicinal or overwhelming for both products, so I was unsure about trying it since I am sensitive to smells. Fortunately I had no issue with the smell at all and find it rather nice. It smells subtly clean. It does linger and probably more so in my case since I follow up with the moisturizer. I like that the foam does not leave my skin feeling tight yet it feels completely clean at the same time.After I wash my face I put on the moisturizer. The moisturizer smells a little like sunscreen, but I find it nice since it reminds me of the beach. It absorbs quickly and is light and non-greasy. If I wear any makeup that day, I put the moisturizer on first then my primer. I have had no issues wearing it under my makeup.I like that it contains an SPF so I don’t have to worry about adding an additional step to my routine. I have fair skin and burn easily, yet when I have been outside in the sun for several hours my face did not even get pink even though my arms did.I have used these products for several weeks now and there is a subtle change in the oiliness and shininess of my skin. I have extremely oily skin so the true test will be when it is the middle of summer and it is 90+ degrees outside. But after living with seriously oily and acne prone skin my entire life any improvement is awesome, especially at what I consider a reasonable price.Overall, the two products do seem to control oil. Keep in mind that control does not mean eliminate, which the product does not claim to do. Actually I don’t want to completely eliminate the oil since that will help keep wrinkles at bay just a little longer than it would with someone that has dry skin. I also like how simple they are to use and they are what I consider products with no-frills. As a mother of four I do not like a high-maintenance routine since I do not have the time or desire to keep it up. So this fits rather nicely into my morning schedule and still manages to work pretty well.

Adele Birchdale, MN

So, this is going directly into the trash

I’m all out of patience for the fragrances that companies insist upon putting in their skin care products. I could smell the harsh chemical fragrance for this skin wash before I even opened the bottle. It smells kinda like chemical lilacs.I’d be more forgiving if it said somewhere in the description “chemically scented with lilac analogue”. Then at least I’d know what I’m getting. But now you know.Also, it does not say anywhere on the bottle that this is non-comedogenic. I’ve learned to look for that because it seems to matter. I notice that things that specifically say they are non-comedogenic don’t cause my skin to break out as much.

Patsy Whittemore, MI

drying and the scent is unpleasant

My skin is what we call “combination” nowadays – dry in some spots, oily in others. My nose is especially oily, and while astringent keeps it under control, it’s pretty harsh. I used the Cetaphil cleanser once a day for several days and it really did help on my nose and above my eyebrows, the oiliest parts. For a while it was fine on my dry skin, too, but eventually got a little too dry and moisturizer alone couldn’t keep up. It’s okay for every other day use for me as long as I stick to only the oily parts. The scent is too strong, and the foam is just unwieldy. It gets everywhere, though I do pump it into my hand and let the bubbles pop for a second before using it. This isn’t a terrible wash, but there are such better ones around for the same price that I can’t recommend this particular brand.

Christa Diamondville, WY

Awesome oily skin face wash. Every teenager should try this even those without oily skin. Gentle and effective on all skin types

This is a really great face wash. It has a very pleasant light floral scent similar to baby wash. It cleans well and leaves skin feeling soft not dry. It works well for me at 53 with oily skin, my 14 year old with oily skin and my 11 year old with sensitive skin. I have eczema on my hands and regular soap aggravates it, but this did not affect my hands. I would recommend this to everyone who needs a gentle to the skin face wash.

Amie Spartansburg, PA


Our family has always been very enthusiastic about Cetaphil products – we consider their product line to be dependable, reasonably priced and most often very effective. A particular favorite at our house is the Moisturizing Lotion.However,this lotion did tend to dry skin. I very much like the idea of a foam wash – so easy to use and rinse off.When the dryness began to occur I tried folowing it with the Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion but this simply tended to exacerbate the problem for which I was using the foam cleanser. Do think it would have been effective if it had not brought on dryness.Everyone’s skin is so different and reacts in various ways to the same product. I may very well be the only one affected by dryness.

Esmeralda Kenton, OH

Foam On!

This is a gentle, yet effective cleanser suitable for all skin types. It does a good job of cleaning skin, but does not leave it feeling stripped. It rinses easily. The product is liquid. The foaming is a result of the pump mechanism. You may want to use more than one pump. I do because I wash my face, neck, and decolletage.This product contains no sulfates, but does contain a masking fragrance. The masking fragrance is the last ingredient listed, and does not adversely affect my skin. I mention it for those who are very sensitive to fragrance.I could not smell the masking fragrance. The product seemed unscented to me. I would recommend this product for the entire family, except very young children and infants.No anti-acne ingredients will be left on the skin after rinsing; however, due to its ability to clean so gently and effectively, I do especially recommend it for acne sufferers

Hillary Vichy, MO

Cleaned effectively without drying out my skin

Having struggled with skin that is both sensitivity and oily, I have found it difficult to find a soap that cleaned effectively without drying out my skin. For that reason, I was happy to discover that Cetaphil had added a foam wash to their product line. I decided to give it a try.After several days of use, I have been pleased with Cetaphil’s Dermacontrol Foam Wash. I use it to wash at the end of the day. Although I understand that others have been bothered by the idea that fragrances are used in the product, my skin has not been irritated at all. I get a gentle clean which helps control oily build-up overnight which has noticeably improved my skin health. Cetaphil foam wash has been perfect for removing the daily grime at the end of the day, allowing me to wake up with better skin. And that’s a good thing.I highly recommend this excellent product to everyone.

Sondra Rozet, WY

An overly aromatic foaming facial cleanser

Like many people I’ve struggled with oily skin my entire life. The oil traps dirt, clogs your pores and ultimately gives you acne. Fun stuff. As a teenager I suffered the worst of it. Now, as an adult it’s manageable but still an annoyance. That being said I’m always on the lookout for different morning facial washes to use in the shower. I’ve never tried Cetaphil products so I was more than happy to give Dermacontrol Foam Wash a try. Here are my thoughts;Pros+ Applies gently to your face.+ Bottle construction doesn’t collect or retain water around the cap if kept in the shower.Cons- Overpowering chemically floral smell that stays with you long after you’ve rinsed the product from your face.- Oil control didn’t really work for me. After 1-2 hours my face was oily again. No different than any other facial cleanser I’ve used.- Foam dissipates rather quickly and doesn’t really feel like it’s cleansing your face.- Caused skin irritation after 3 days of repeated shower use in the morning.- Quite expensive compared to other facial cleansers on the market.Cetaphil’s Dermacontrol Foam Wash just didn’t cut it for me. I didn’t really see any noticeable change in my complexion after using it periodically for a few weeks, but I can say that about most facial cleansers. Would I buy it again? Absolutely not, as I prefer gel-based washes instead (Clean and Clear etc.) but I’m glad I gave it a try.

Mary Squaw Valley, CA

Super disappointed

I read one review where the person was so upset by the fragrance in this Cetaphil foam wash product. I honestly just thought they were overreacting, so I got this myself. Was honestly surprised how utterly terrible the “masking fragrance” (Cetaphil’s description, not mine) turned out to be. It smells like SUPER STRONG FLOWERY BABY POWDER, and it really ruins the wash for me.Also, the foam gets up my nose and ends up in my hair. Foam is not the best medium for washing faces. I much prefer the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash.I would never recommend this to anyone. The product seems gentle on the skin, but the fragrance is so strong it’s almost unbearable to use.Save yourself the agony of using this product and get something else.

Savannah Dexter, GA

I liked this one, but bottle awkward to use

I like this cleanser/foam wash. Very nice smell, not overly perfumed. Worked well on my very sensitive skin. I was born in northern climate, have extremely fair skin that gets rosy quickly. I do not tan, I burn. I get pimples all the time, I get dry spots on my cheeks, chin, forehead. I use a very light moisturizer, and just plain water most of the time.One thing I did not like about this bottle is the way I had to hold it to get the pump to work. For some reason, just having it stand on the counter and pushing down on nozzle did not work, just tipped the bottle and make it fly down to the floor. I wish the design was better.

Charity Warthen, GA

Lasts Forever!

I have been using this product for three months now and I don’t think that I’m even a quarter of the way through the bottle. I use it in the shower pumping 2-3 squirts of foam on to a cheap soft bristle face brush I picked up at Sephora that makes a world of difference. For those that have more oil or break out prone skin this is a real help. I rarely have a black head show up now which I couldn’t say for the Simple brand I was using before. And while I still get the occasional pimple ( maybe once a month) I can keep it very much in control. I also treat my face with a great natural tea tree oil pad which I think is made by Jason.

Edith Highland, KS

SHINE SHINE go AWAY, Come again s- NEVER

This product is my savior!I don’t even know where to start.I have oily skin and although I’ve never suffered from major acne, it was always a bump or two here or there.Not only that but my nose is ALWAYS shiny. Nothing would ever take it all away. Blotting papers, cleansers, masks, makeup UGH. After a week using this product the shine has gone! My profile looks great! no ugly shine on my nose and no shine ALL DAY. <3 I use this miracle stuff 2x a day.LOVE YOU CETAPHIL

Martina Bentonville, IN

Works fine – not my favorite

This face wash works fine, but I personally prefer something with a little more grit. The dispenser makes it easy to use, as the wash is dispensed as foam directly into your hands. I found, however, that the soap washes off too easily as I washed my face. As other reviewers mentioned, the smell isn’t the most pleasant and it leaves my face a little more dry than I would like. Overall, it’s an okay face wash, but I will probably go with other products in the future.

Florine Tyrone, PA

Really prevents oil, whether it reduces acne is uncertain.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product reduces oil on my skin. I’ve been using it in the shower with a brush on my back, and my back sure feels cleaner after using it. I’ve also been using it intermittently on my face on problem oily areas. I can really tell the difference between using this and all manner of soaps and body washes. I’m not convinced it is reducing acne, I only have a problem with that at certain times, but when this bottle runs out I’m certainly going to buy another, worth the purchase for the clean oil free feeling alone.

Rhea Mac Arthur, WV

I like it but it’s not for everyone

I like this product but it will probably run out quickly because I have to use about three pumps’ worth each time. It isn’t like most foaming cleansers because you don’t really get a "clean" feel after you use it. You just have to trust that it’s working. I have seen a difference when I use this product. My skin isn’t nearly as oily, especially since I use the Dermacontrol moisturizer with it. My husband, on the other hand, does not like this product because of the smell and he particularly likes the "clean" feel you get from using a face wash.

Magdalena Arrey, NM

Perfect for Summer

I’m older, but still suffer breakouts now and then, especially during the summer.The wash does have fragrance, but I like it. It smells clean and fresh and that is how my face feels after using it.I always apply a moisturizer after cleansing my face, but didn’t think the wash left my skin feeling excessively dry or tight. The foam is very light and sort of melts as you massage it onto your skin. It’s easy to rinse, which is a plus and the pump bottle makes it very easy to use.While I may use a different wash for winter months, this one fits my needs for summer months.

Rosanne Plevna, MO

A new morning staple

Best testatment to trying a product: I will buy it again.As someone who is well past their teen years, worrying about acne and trying to control an oily t-zone is not something I thought I would still be worrying about when I was that age. But here I am doing just that. My current morning facewash is the regular cetaphil cleanser and I was happy to try this new oil control formula. And it works.Normally in a day I could feel the oil above my eyebrows in the afternoon, when using this new cleanser I don’t seem to have that issue. My face is also not drying out, but I do use the Cetaphil face daily face cream so that be helping with the not drying out. Worst I can say about this cleanser is that it has a medicine-like smell and doesn’t lather like traditional soaps – you need to get enough in your palm to do the job, which is a touch more than I would normally use.In summary, I’ve found my new facial cleanser.

Cassie New Palestine, IN

Very smooth foam wash – very soft and nice on the skin

Love using Cetaphil, and just reviewed the moisturizer. I got both the foam wash and moisturizer together and started using them together too…. Just love it. I have had no bad reactions even with my sensitive skin and I really like the smell – not too strong at all – and the feeling of the foam on my face. I’ve had some before that feel so oily and thick. This is perfect, and after a few weeks, I am still enjoying using it. Highly recommend the Cetaphil line.

Florence French Camp, CA


Got this for my daughter to try. After her dance competitions she always breaksout from all the make up. Using this limited those breakouts and quickly “healed” the pimples that did appear.

Lucy Norris, SD

Love the smell

I love the smell of Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash. It’s got an old school scent that reminds me a lot of the creams and such my grandmother used to use. It’s not exactly medicinal, but it’s also not overpoweringly feminine. This is definitely a product both men and women alike could use.I found its claim to be oil controlling true. My skin is less oily and therefore I have less breakouts. It didn’t do much to speed up the healing of current blemishes, but is obviously preventing new ones. I especially like that it doesn’t dry out my skin. For some reason, most facial cleansers make my forehead extremely dry to the point of peeling and moisturizer can only do so much. I haven’t had that problem while using this foam wash.

Faye Delaware, IA

My New Favorite

I have been a long time Cetaphil user, and out of all the different types of products they have, this one is my favorite. First, it foams and lathers your face really well, better than most products out there. Second, the formula has been improved since when used against the original Cetaphil this removed more oil and dirt after my basketball game. I don’t think I would go back to the original formula after this, it’s just too perfect.

Bobbie Denton, TX

Surprisingly good

I switched to Cetaphil from Gly-Sal cleansers I had been using for acne. My skin has seemed to respond really well to it and I think actually produces less oil now that it is not begin as stripped with harsher cleansers.

Nan Hulbert, MI

Didn’t Work for Me

Pros: It has a light fragrance scent that I liked. I liked the pump. I was able to get enough with one pump to cover my entire face. Felt light weighted when applied.Cons: Oil control did not work for me. I live in sunny Hawaii and have a light to moderate oily face. 3 hours after my first application, my face was oily again. Also, the product says it’s “formulated for acne-prone skin”. On occasion I have mild acne breakouts. What concerns me is that the product doesn’t contain any benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which my dermatologist has recommended and I’ve seen Dr. Oz on TV recommend these ingredients for acne-prone skin. I normally use products with these ingredients and have had okay results. So I’m in doubt with what Cetaphil means by saying “formulated for acne-prone skin”. I will admit I have not used it long enough to test whether it will prevent or reduce acne but after using it for 3 days and my skin is still oily, I’m done with using it. Another con, is it claims to remove make-up. It says “clinically proven to effectively remove excess oil, impurities and make-up”. Not so. On the 2nd day of testing this product, I had make-up on and used this product to clean my face. Glancing in the mirror it looked like all the make-up was removed. However, to double check that it was fully removed, I then used my facial cleansing towelettes and the towelettes still had some make-up on it. So this product definitely does not remove all make-up.

Loretta Coloma, CA

Cleaned well, but dried my skin out.

I have combination skin and wanted to try this product. The container is nice, easy to hold and the pump works well. I have used some foam pumps that clog but this one did not.I used it to was my face twice a day and it did dry my skin out all over. My suggestion is that if you have oily skin it will work well for you. But if, like me, you have combination skin it may be to drying for the parts that are not oily.

Wilma Taylor, AR

Finally, help for rosacea

I have had rosacea with acne for many years and was fairly controlled while using the cetaphil daily cleanser. The gentle cleanser didn’t remove my makeup. The daily cleanser seemed to work pretty well with only occasional breakouts. Now that I’m using the dermacontrol, I’ve noticed that areas which used to have a buildup up of oils that looked like orange peel are nearly gone. My face is overall much clearer than it has been and is less red and calmer. I’m so pleased! My skin hasn’t looked this good for a few years.By the way, it’s tempting to waste this product as its hard to tell how much foaming is going to happen. Two squirts is generally plenty to remove my makeup and clean my skin. Three squirts is too much and is wasting product. I have yet to finish my first bottle and I have washed my face twice a day for nearly 3 months. Great value!

Jacklyn Ashland, NH

Great product, crummy bottle

This product came highly recommended by my dermatologist. I like the formulation a lot. It is very gentle yet helps manage my acne. The reason I am only rating it 3 stars is because of the dispenser. From the time I got it, the pump hasn’t worked well. When you pump out the cleanser, the pump gets stuck in the down position and you have to pull it back up to pump it again. I have gone through two bottles and both had the same issue so I’m pretty sure it is a design flaw rather than just getting a "lemon". That said, I still like it enough to purchase again and put up with the annoyance of the dispenser.

Millicent Ringle, WI

Love it – works great

I have always had a hard time finding a cleaner that will not only clean well but will also not dry out my skin. The Ceraphol Dermacontrol Foam does both! I also enjoy the scent as most washes have a sterile smell this one leaves my skin looking, feeling and smelling clean!

Pauline Melbourne Beach, FL