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CeraVe SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion, 2 Ounce

CeraVe sunscreen, face lotion with SPF 50 with invisible zinc, which delivers its unique dry, clear finish for powerful protection from the sun’s damaging rays. It is lightweight and oil free. It is developed with dermatologists. Its UVA/UVB protection shields your skin from the sun, combating sun-inflicted damage. The patented MVE delivery technology ensures a slow, gradual release of these ingredients for all day hydration and comfort.

Key features

  • It is water resistant (40 minutes)
  • It is a lightweight formula that spreads easily and dries with a clear finish
  • Suitable for all skin types

Honest reviews


Nothing INVISIBLE about this sunscreen

I bought this sunscreen as I thought CeraVe was a reputable company.It says SPF50.My face was white as a clown after I used this product. It does not get absorbed by the skin but stays on topof your skin and STAYS WHITE.I looked ridiculous.Rather spend the money on another TERRIFIC product which so far I have only been able to purchase on Amazon,Blue Lizard Sport. It is the same price as Cerave and the WHITE mask disappears after a few minutes.It works great.I purchased the CeraVe because if it had worked, it was more readily available (in stores) than the Blue Lizardline. I learned my lesson.

Elma Milton, DE


Bought this at Walgreens for 50% off. Should have read Amazon’s comments here first. I’ll make this simple. Very drying – almost to a powder consistency. Will leave your face WHITE. Had to throw it after one application. Will not buy this again!Do not buy unless you are applying to be a circus clown!

Nichole Kyle, TX

Invisible? Not so much!

I was really amped to try this when I saw it at the store. I work in a dermatology practice and we love all Cerave products and recommend them to patients, so I thought this would be another slam dunk product. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely not. I almost exclusively use physical blockers as my sunscreen, so I know that with some it takes a few minutes for the white tint to soak in. But this product simply doesn’t, and even with vigorous rubbing I found it collecting near my eyes, around my nose, etc. And I don’t want to have to rub that hard on the skin on my face anyways; it’s delicate skin that shouldn’t be manipulated to that degree. I was bummed but thought perhaps it would still be okay to use on my body just to get rid of the product so I didn’t feel it was a total waste, but it’s been 15 minutes of rubbing and it’s still all kinds of white on my arms. Disappointing product, and nothing like the Cerave AM facial moisturizer so many of us love and use!! No wonder the Cerave product reps never came in and gave us samples of this to give to patients; it’s a total dud.

Wendi Wildwood, PA

Perfect for my sun-damaged neck

I learned from painful experience that my neck and upper chest react violently (red, sore, itchy) to homosalate, an ingredient in most sunscreens. So I was delighted to find this sunscreen that does not contain homosalate. I use it only on my neck, which is the sensitive area, and I don’t notice any visible whiteness if I rub it in well. I’m very grateful for a sunscreen I can use, since I have a history of skin cancer. It is gentle on my sensitive skin, and that’s what I need.

Victoria Lynn, NC

CeraVe SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion,

CeraVe SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion, 2 Ounce its ok

Susie Clyde, NC

I don’t like it

I only used a tiny amount and didn’t experience a white face.The bottle says easy to spread, but it is very difficult to spread. Chalky consistency. Had to use a little on different areas of my face which is time consuming and makes you use excess product.Used over my facial moisturizer. My face was perfectly fine before I introduced this to it. Immediately after careful application it dried out my cheeks, which are prone to dryness but were moisturized well prior to the sunscreen.Too expensive for the poor quality ($15 a Walmart). Returning.

Audrey Big Creek, CA

Not Invisible

I wish I read these reviews before buying this in stores. I use Cerave body lotion and loved it, so I thought I’d look for a sunscreen for my face. I have light treatments for a skin condition and needed this during my treatments and when I need to go out. Unfortunately, I limited my use of this lotion for therapy only. No matter the amount or attempts to smooth over my skin, the lotion appears very white. I absolutely need to use this all over my face, and I look like I’ve put baby powder on. I have tried to moisturize before putting on the sunscreen, but it does not make a difference. My skin is fairly tan, so I doubt this could be remedied without some sort of makeup combination that someone else mentioned here. I don’t wear makeup, nor do I plan on wearing any just because my sunscreen won’t match my tone.The only sunscreen I’ve really liked (that does have a tint) is Cotz. I was wary of it because I was afraid it was makeup, but it goes on so smoothly. It’s feels very light, and the natural skin tone blends so well with my tan skin.Bottom-line: I love Cerave’s moisturizing lotion, but I cannot say the same for this sunscreen. As a sunscreen, it works well. As an invisible sunscreen–not so much.

Reva Squaw Valley, CA

Great protection

I have really sensitive skin and I am loving this moisturizer/sunscreen. It is great to find it regularly on Amazon- will order again.

Cornelia Myrtle Point, OR

There’s no such thing as “invisible” zinc Dorothy!

I agree with the other reviewers here that I was at first disappointed with the false advertising about "invisible zinc"; however, this brand is superior for me. It doesn’t seem to clog my pores like 100% of other brands, it’s unscented and hypoallergenic — I’m allergic to 95% of the products on the market, and it seems to help in the sun.I’ve had to wear sunscreen for decades because of hereditary blotching from the sun/light. I can’t say that sunscreen helps that much, but it certainly has protected my skin from the abuse I can put it thru somedays being outside in the sun all day. I wear it religiously and I will continue to trust this brand over many of the others I’ve tried.

Kara Eben Junction, MI

effective, but leaves white residue on the skin (best under makeup)

I got this at a drugstore for "buy one, get one 50% off." I’d been looking for a high SPF facial sunscreen. I have pale skin and a family history of skin cancer, so I was hoping to find a product for daily use. I’ve had allergic reactions to chemical sunscreens so I liked that this used titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (i.e., mineral sunscreens).Pros:
• Stays on
• Contains moisturizing ingredients
• Easy to spread/apply
• A little goes a long way, so the bottle should last for awhile
• I’ve found niacinamide does a great job at clearing up post-breakout redness
• Has not caused me to break out
• No allergic reactions, either (I have sensitive skin)Cons:
• It’s difficult to get this rubbed in completely. You’ll likely end up with white residue on your skin. This may or may not be a problem, depending on your skin tone. I’m quite pale and I still see it, but I put it on under liquid foundation and the foundation covers up the sunscreen whiteness. Someone with a darker complexion might have more problems. If this is too white for you, you may want to try a tinted CC cream that includes SPF ingredients instead.So I like this, and I’ll continue to use it until it’s gone, but only under foundation.

Nelly Butler, KY

The whitening isn’t as bad as they say; it’s worse

Let me get one thing out of the way: I’m extremely fair-skinned, and I’m also used to natural zinc sunscreens leaving a faint white cast on my skin. I generally don’t mind it, as it’s a reasonable tradeoff for ingredients that don’t irritate my eyes and skin. This stuff, however, takes it to a new level.Usually, if you apply a good face moisturizer before the sunscreen, it helps it rub in and minimizes the white cast. Not so with this stuff. I applied my moisturizer, and then this sunscreen, before my run this afternoon. I rubbed it in well. It left a surprisingly white cast for something termed "InVisibleZinc" and even on my fair skin it was noticeable. I rubbed it in some more and let it sit for about ten minutes. It still persisted. I washed it off and went with my usual face sunscreen instead.The smell was a typical zinc sunscreen smell. The consistency was a little thick, and it did indeed gloop in my eyebrows. I’ve used thicker face sunscreens, and I’ve used thinner face sunscreens. Overall, there was nothing fantastic about this product.There’s just no reason for me to use this sunscreen when there are others out there with zinc/titanium as the active ingredients that DON’T leave such an extreme white cast. I might use it when I’m cycling just to get use out of it (after all, no one can see how white your face is when you’re breezing past at 15+ mph). But I won’t be repurchasing.

Caryn Williston, TN

Great Sunscreen!!!

I purchase because I used their body sunscreen. It goes on really nice, extremely lightweight and I feel it gives very good protection. I did not purchase through Amazon — I will do next time. I highly recommend this product.

Selena Balsam Lake, WI

Petrol smell and NOT invisible

I bought this product with high hopes, since all the other Cerave products I have used have been truly fantastic. This, however, misses the mark in a BIG way. The smell is incredibly strong and smells of petrol, which is hard to take so close to the nose. The “Invisible” claim is ridiculous, unless you consider having a zinc-blue glow over your face to be “invisible”. Maybe I just don’t look good with blue skin, but I really can’t recommend this sunscreen to anybody. Don’t bother.

Terra Buras, LA