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CeraVe Moisturizing Facial Lotion AM, SPF 30, 3 Ounce

CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion AM helps repair damaged skin and maintain the skin’s natural protective function with ingredients not commonly found in other moisturizers. Its patented multivesicular emulsion (MVE) technology releases theses ingredients over time, penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate and nourish.

Key features

  • Important Instructions for Use: Unlock the pump for first time use by twisting it to the left. You may actually have to press down on the pump as many as 10-20 times for the product to begin dispensing lotion.
  • SPF 30, sunscreen provides broad-spectrum daily protection against sun’s damaging UV ageing and UV burning rays
  • Helps to protect and restore the skin, keeping it younger, fresher and healthier looking
  • Daily-use, non-comedogenic, facial moisturizer
  • The ceramide rich formula provides essential ingredients to maintain a healthy skin barrier

Honest reviews


Great for wrinkles AND acne

At the ripe old age of 48, the skin gods have blessed me with both wrinkles AND acne (life is so unfair). Anyways, most anti-aging products make me break out, and most acne products dry out my skin, which really makes my wrinkles look even worse. CeraVe is awesome – my wrinkles look much better and my face is not breaking out (this lotion is actually helping to heal my existing acne – sweet!). I have spent a small fortune on skincare. Cerave works better than the expensive stuff, plus you can buy it just about anywhere’s (BTW, I use both the AM & PM).

Olive Hale, MI

Great chemical sunscreen but I wish it had more physical sunscreen ingredients

This is probably one of the best chemical sunscreens I’ve tried however having sensitive skin, I needed something with more physical sunscreen ingredients in it such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This does have a little bit of zinc oxide in it however it is mostly chemicals. I’m hoping Cerave will come out with a ‘sensitive skin’ version without the chemicals in the future?That said, for the price, this is really good sunscreen if you are okay with the chemicals as it also has skin healing ingredients in it so you are getting some benefit while wearing it all day.Also it is not greasy/shiny at all and leaves a nice matte finish. It also has a bit of a scent but not much so that is fine.The price is quite good as well.

Minerva Hondo, NM

CeraVe with SPF! My wish almost came true!

I have dry skin and I’ve always loved CeraVe lotion as an all-over body moisturizer that could also be used on the face; but I wished they would make a face lotion with an SPF of at least 30. My wish was answered, although not completely.Like the regular lotion, this is pretty much fragrance-free, which I love. I hate fragrance in my skincare. I can detect a very faint scent if I bury my nose in it, (I tried it on my hand first) but the scent quickly dissipates.It’s thicker than the regular lotion so it doesn’t immediately soak in. It’s almost like a cream. It leaves a slight sheen/glow to your face for 10 minutes or so before it completely absorbs. I like that since my face is dry, but if you have an oily complexion, you may not. But even after it’s fully absorbed, I can still “feel” it on my face. That I don’t like.This has both chemical and physical sunscreen, so you may not like this because of the chemicals. It has also parabens which you may be trying to avoid. Neither of these bother me but it may be a deal-breaker for you.Other than the chemical SPF ingredients and parabens, it does have good ingredients such as ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. It’s hard to find ceramides in the inexpensive skincare lines so I’ll continue to use this unless something better comes along.I wish I could give this 5 stars but I can’t. If it would soak in and I couldn’t “feel” it, I would probably give it 5 stars. Also, I don’t care for the flip-open cap, a pump would have been more convenient, but at least it’s NOT a jar.

Marylou Eldon, IA

Best Sunscreen Ever!

CeraVe is the little brand that could. I remember seeing the body cream and lotion at the drugstore several years ago, and wondering, “What the heck?” Never heard of it. But I looked at the labels and was gobsmacked. Fragrance-free, color-free, and skin-healthy ingredients. I don’t think I have ever seen an advertisement for the CeraVe brand. (Edit: I saw a television commercial on January 14, 2012).All CeraVe moisturizers contain ceramides, as the name implies. The sunscreen is over the top, madly wonderful! It’s effective, and contains antioxidants and excellent moisturizers in addition to ceramides.This is a light weight lotion that pumps (locking cap to preserve the antioxidants) easily, spreads and absorbs easily, and is absolutely weightless on the skin. It sets semi-matte, though it won’t stay that way if you have oily skin. It’s very easy to apply foundation on top of the sunscreen. This product doesn’t roll or make your makeup smear. It’s suitable for all ages, and suitable for men.On top of all those pluses, it’s a bargain. You get three, not one to two, ounces of product for a great price. This one is a winner, five stars +!

Ella Snelling, CA


This is the worst sunscreen I have ever used. It is coating and not absorbing. If the weather is warm and humid or if I am active, my face looks coated with sweat, even with a thin application, which probably eliminates any sunscreening. I have had similar bad experiences with this entire line of products and I probably will toss all of them out and stick with the SkinCeutical products that my dermatologist recommends. They are much more expensive but worth it compared to this stuff.

Leola Blue Ball, PA

Potential to be best moisturizer and sunscreen combo

I used to use Oil of Olay (SPF 15) moisturizing lotion and switched to this after a dermatologist recommended Cerave products.I’m incredibly happy with Cerave AM, however I love it because of the way I’ve learned to use it. It does have SPF 30, and it feels more like sunscreen or sunblock than a moisturizer, and it looks more like a sunblock too (thick, dense, white lotion). It soaks in completely, so it’s not chalky. . . just not as moisturizing as I’d want my daily AM moisturizer to be (note: I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to hormonal acne). I do love the SPF, though, which is key, so I decided to add a twist to this product: I either add a few drops of jojoba oil and shake it up:Cococare Jojoba Oil 100% Pure 2 oz- or I put on a layer of Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisturizer and let it soak in before applying the Cerave AM:Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Sensitive Skin, 4 Ounce. (Both the jojoba oil and the Neutrogena Moisturizer are non-comodegenic, and the jojoba oil is great for acne-prone and/or dry skin, as I learned from ***** MARCH 27, 2013: I took a star off because this really does work more like a sunscreen. My skin has been drier than normal, and this does not absorb well enough; it flakes off in these little white threads. I had to add much more moisturizer to this “combo” to stop the flaking. CeraVe MANUFACTURER: PLEASE REFORMULATE THIS PRODUCT TO BE MORE MOISTURIZING.In the meantime, I will use NeutrogenaNeutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 35, 2.5 Ounce

Mia Levittown, PA


This moisturizer is amazing! my dermatologist recommended it to me, i have had a lifetime battle with acne and sensitivity. It hydrates my skin AND protects it from the uva/uvb rays and the environment. My skin feels very happy and doesn’t get oily and the spf doesn’t burn my skin.

Charlene East Livermore, ME

not for me

I don’t like the feel of this on my face. I have only tried to use it once. Should have learned from the others review of how it does on the face.

Christa Mc Cune, KS

Really good for my sensitive skin

I have normal to dry skin that gets eczema randomly, and am also older and want to protect my skin from the sun. I read a review about some of the anti-aging ingredients used in it and thought why not- since I am known to spend near $300 on creme at department stores, what have I got to lose? I am also a former skin care specialist and have had my own skin described as flawless. I am here to tell you this is the best kept secret- goes on nice- not too thick, but not fluid, smells decent and protects with a 30 SPF! I have not broken out, and my skin feels very , very soft. I also like the pump mechanism and the size is not too big for the sink, or so tiny that you run through it in a week. Definitely one to try, even if you are a department store snob; don’t spend hundreds when you can find perfection for under $20 dollars! Also, Amazon is my go to for everything from skin care to irons- they are simply the best price and service.

Melody Elizabethtown, NC

Better than most at a bargain price!

This is a top of the line moisturizer that includes SPF 30. It feels great going on and does not irritate/burn my skin like some other moisturizers with sunscreens in them. I believe this may be due to the fact that it includes both physical and chemical sunscreens, so maybe my skin is getting a smaller dose of the chemical sunscreens. I think you could spend so much more at the department store and still end up with a sunscreen that cant match this one!I am cutting and pasting a review from beautypedia, which has great skin care product reviews for drug store and departments store brands. I always check there before purchasing"Joining CeraVe’s Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM is this daytime counterpart that includes an in-part zinc oxide sunscreen for reliable UVA protection. The formula has a lightweight lotion texture that feels elegant and wears well under makeup. Other than the sunscreen, the star ingredient in this daytime moisturizer is the cell-communicating ingredient niacinamide. This fragrance-free product also contains an impressive mix of skin-identical ingredients (ceramides and hyaluronic acid). The only thing holding it back from a higher rating is the lack of antioxidants; it is well established that adding antioxidants to sunscreens not only boosts the effectiveness of the sunscreen but also boosts your skin’s ability to fight the free-radical damage sun exposure causes. This is still worth strong consideration for its overall formula and affordability, but it doesn’t quite qualify as a best option. Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30 is best for normal to slightly dry or slightly oily (combination) skin. It is a worthwhile option for blemish-prone skin, too."

Kathi Greenville, VA

cerave moisturizing facial lotion am, 3 ounce

I am sure this is good for some skin types, however, my 58 year old sensitive skin does not like it, it actually balls up on my face and it burns.

Alison Helena, AL

So far so good

This is an okay moisturizer, it is heavy but that is fine. I believe it to be a really good moisturizer but I haven’t used it long enough to give an opinion. My husband seems to like it. After we have used this product for awhile I will update.

Jenifer Mellott, IN


there isn’t anything not to like about this face cream. I had a chemical peel done and the esethetician recommended I use this while healing. Ive been using ever since !

Maggie Arcadia, KS

Very sunscreen-y

I use the CeraVe PM with my retinol so I thought this product would be perfect as my daytime moisturizer. It goes on thick and white, like kid’s sunscreen and doesn’t make my skin feel very good at all. Different from the PM version. I won’t get this again.

Amparo Elmira, WV


Very soft and goes on in smooth. You will fall in love with this one. My skin has greatly improved!

Vivian West Hatfield, MA

Nice moisturizer

I don’t normally need moisturizers, but with indoor winter humidity as low as it’s been, I decided to try this one. It feels quite nice, non-greasy, and does seem to live up to its claim to be noncomedogenic.

Ellen Santa Rosa, NM

great product

if you are seeking a lotion with ceramides this it is a great one for the money. Added benefit is the sunscreen it is not chemical smelling and easy to wear all day. Add another sun screen over the top if you are going to be outside for extended periods this is what a doctor suggested.

Gertrude Cowlesville, NY

Better than Expensive alternatives

I am a big fan of the CeraVe body lotion, but was skeptical when it came to a face cream. I decided to try it out, and both myself and husband find that the quality is unbeatable and the price is even better. It’s a great moisturizing cream, non-greasy, has UV 15 protection, and it lasts for a decent amount of time.

Debora Edgewater, FL

Did not work for me

I have sensitive skin and the skin on my face is so dry that it peels and I have yet to find anything that works. This product seemed okay at first but it made me break out in acne and for some reason when exercising (and sweating) this product made my face feel like it was burning. Also, this product made my face even drier (really weird). I’d put it on my face and it seemed to moisturize my face and then a few hours later my face would be peeling even worse.I had higher expectations for CeraVe products.

Rowena Switchback, WV

I love the PM

But not this one. I think I actually threw out the full bottle. It just wasn’t enough for my dry skin and I didn’t care for the SPF in it.

Aida Wellsville, UT

Good product!

Very good. I like it, and have repurchased at my regular store. Not oily at all, and it doesn’t leave a white layer on the face (typical of products with sunscreen).

Arlene Wonewoc, WI

Aesthetician Recommended

What an amazing product! I have tried many daily moisturizers and have paid a lot more for them. No other moisturizer has been better than CeraVe. I like the weight and the effect. It is not thick or greasy. It does a good job and has an SPF30. One caution: Be careful not to put on more than necessary; a little goes a long way.

Helen Lackey, VA


might be ok for the beach if you want to have a white pasty look. Thick so it probably moisturizes ok. Will try again after being in the sun

Annie Newport, TN


This is awesome because it has spf in it i use benzoyl peroxide so sunscreen is a must also seeing as i use bp i def needed a non comedogenic and non irritating morning moisturizer. This fits the bill and on top of it, it has extra benefits for hydration. I have the pm version as well and this glides on pretty much the same and i dont have to rub it in so much. The only thing i dont like is that it will kind of rub off into little balls? Not sure how to explain it but i noticed that along my jawline when applying makeup otherwise its great and has a somewhat matte finish

Kathleen Watson, MN

Sticky lotion flakes off face

I tried CeraVe Facial Lotion AM, because I love CeraVe Facial Lotion PM, and CeraVe Moisturizing Cleanser. I wanted a facial lotion that included sunscreen, so I purchased this product and have used it for 5 months, once a day. It feels sticky and doesn’t smoothly glide on my face. I allow it to dry for 30 minutes or more before putting on my foundation (I live in arid CO). When I apply make-up, the lotion flakes off of my face, kind of like sunburned skin does when it’s peeling…… more accurately, it reminds me of shredded bits of a used pencil eraser that are left behind on the paper. I don’t think this lotion is make-up friendly. If I don’t touch my face after applying the lotion, it does stay intact without problems. When I use this product, it takes me twice as long to finish my make-up because I have to use tweezers to take off the small flakes caused by the friction of movement with the lotion. If I try to whisk/wipe the flakes off with my hand, I just cause more flakes and I smear my make-up. I will not be repurchasing this product.

Lakeisha Sunnyvale, TX

My doctor rccommends this one

I had a very serious skin cancer issue on my face about 2 years ago and had to have surgery. At that time, my doctor kindly provided a bag of samples, urging me to use sunscreen every single day. The nurse mentioned to me that CeraVe was her favorite. It was the last one I tried and I loved it. It is light and not greasy. I think that it has really helped me and I feel that my skin is a great deal more protected now. I use this every single day and will never be without it.

Octavia Ponca, AR

Good product…still not the best.

Cerave moisturizer is good, and I thought this would be great. But, the lotion feels heavy. Soft moisturizing as advertised.

Rosario Hampton, VA

This is my billionth order of CeraVe AM

Love the high SPF and the fact that it *easily* applies. It’s fairly thick, so easy to get the recommended amount on / rubbed in. I’ve been using this for years and like it much better than Eucerin, which is the same SPF but much thinner and difficult to rub in.

Gena Happy Jack, AZ

Perfect daytime moisturizer

This moisturizer was reccommended by my dermatologist and I really love it. It’s the perfect weight for daytime, has a good amount of spf and keeps the skin soft all day long.

Sylvia Kootenai, ID


I love the fact that my face doesn’t feel greasy after putting this on and I have SPF 30 at the same time that I am moisturizing 🙂 My skin even feels smoother because if it.

Gena Berwick, PA