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CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, 12 Ounce

CeraVe hydrating cleanser is a vital part of a daily skin care routine. It gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier. It patented MVE formulation helps essential ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate and nourish.

Key features

  • MVE works by trapping ingredients within multi-layered vesicles that are slowly released, layer by layer throughout the day, penetrating deep into the skin to moisturize and nourish
  • Non-Comedogenic, non-irriatating, developed with dermatologists
  • Helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural protective function
  • Contains ceramides that moisturize and soften skin
  • Hydrates as it cleanses

Honest reviews


Heal your skin; look younger

Aggressive acne treatment and heredity left my skin super sensitive, red and itchy. My dermatologist recommended I use this and Cerave cream. Although I have oily skin, this actually results in less of an oily feel, despite being highly moisturizing. People often comment on my youthful looking skin. I am 47 and probably have skin that looks fifteen years younger. Try it; you’ll like it.

Deloris Glenwood, WA

Terrible !

Warning: do not use this as a shaving cream. I am not sensitive to skin products but I used this as shaving cream a couple of times and my whole face turned ruddy and the next day my skin was flaking and still red. And, as a cleanser I don’t like it because it is difficult to rinse off. I have had similar bad experiences with this entire line of products and I probably will toss all of them out and stick with the SkinCeutical products that my dermatologist recommends.

Tamera Safety Harbor, FL

My favorite cleanser!

EDIT: I have recently stopped using both Ponds cold cream and Dermalogica multi-active toner, as I felt like I was spending too much money and too much time futzing with those products. My skin actually looks even better now, which has led me to love this cleanser (and the CeraVe lotion) even more! My routine is SO simple now – cleanse and moisturize with CeraVe each morning, apply my mineral powder makeup, and then cleanse and moisturize with CeraVe each night! I love how easily my makeup comes off and I am even happier with my skin now than ever before! LOVE the CeraVe brand and highly recommend.This is my favorite cleanser! I have been using it twice daily for about six months so far, and I absolutely love it. I have red hair and fair, sensitive skin. I never used to have problems with my face – it was never oily or dry, just “normal” with maybe a pimple or two every now and then. But then about 2-3 years ago (I am currently 22 years old, FYI) I started getting clusters of breakouts. These were typically inflamed red pimples, not whiteheads or blackheads, and they occurred mainly on my forehead and chin/mouth as well as occasionally on/around my nose. I tried everything (Proactiv, Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Aveeno, Clearasil, Burt’s Bees, Skin ID, etc. – these have contained salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, retinol, witch hazel, and tea tree oil) and NOTHING cleared my complexion. It was so frustrating! Then, based on positive reviews on, I decided to try out the CeraVe line. I am so glad I did because I LOVE IT! I still get occasional pimples, but overall I have a clearer complexion. I believe that all of the chemicals designed to get rid of acne were just too harsh for my skin, so this gentle cleanser is perfect. I use the hydrating cleanser morning and night every day, and then follow it with a spritz of Dermalogica multi-active toner (also a lovely product, in my opinion!) and a light layer of CeraVe lotion. I also apply Maybelline mineral powder foundation (or, when in a rush, Aveeno tinted moisturizer) each morning and remove it each night with Ponds cold cream before cleansing. I love the CeraVe cleanser because it is not drying at all and it has truly reduced my acne. I recommend it highly and plan to continue using it. My only complaint (and really, this is just my own problem) is that I often use quite a lot of the cleanser (3-5 pumps) each time, which means that I go through a bottle every few months. Still, I feel that’s a small price to pay for nice skin. I love CeraVe and I hope you will give it a try and love it as well!

Greta Washington, CA


too many chemicalsbought due to simple face wash but read label sometime!should be under the hood of a carToo $$$$$ also

Kristine Silver Creek, MN

Rated a Cosmetic Cop Best Buy as with La Mer !

I tried this after reading a Paula Begoun (the Cosmetic Cop) review. It was right up there with La Mer at $65 for half the amount. I love it. It is better than Cetaphil. It washes off cleanly and leaves my face clean without any residue or tightness.

Agnes Purdon, TX

And the search continues…

I bought this at Walgreens after reading the reviews, here, on Amazon. Although I’m sure it works for others (perhaps those with more oil in their skin) it did not work for me at all. I got my face wet, applied some of the wash to a cloth and massaged it into my facial skin. At first I thought it was going to be wonderful since it is so silky smooth on your skin, but then the burning started and I knew it was not going to work. I ended up having to wash my face immediately after with another soap to get the burning to stop. Sigh… I am really tired of looking for face wash. All I want is something that will work for my dry, sensitive skin – particularly in the winter when my T-zone gets chapped by the dry air. If anyone has suggestions for a cruelty free, hopefully natural, face wash and moisturizer I would be happy to hear them.

Karin Pinson, AL

Fab cleanser!

This is THE MOST GENTLE drugstore cleanser- plus it actually leaves your skin MOISTURIZED and not tight.It has ceramides and hyaluronic acid which are fantastic for the skin.Right now my skin is dry from accutane and this cleanser is all I use. However, I also used this when my face was extremely oily. It worked great then, and it works lovely now.You can’t beat the Subscribe and Save price! So glad Amazon offer’s it now!Note: Cleansers are not meant to be makeup remover. If you wear makeup, USE A MAKEUP REMOVER! Then use a cleanser. I see too many reviews bashing cleansers because they don’t remove makeup. Cleansers will remove dirt and traces of makeup after you properly use a makeup remover.

Sabrina Cobalt, CT

BEST facial cleanser for oily skin

i would give this 10 stars.. i just stumbled upon this at my local CVS store..It doesnt smell.. it foams up nicely and your face feels clean after..not dry..

Tami Athol, ID

Didn’t work for me

I bought this after reading all the great reviews. Unfortunately I was very disappointed as it did not clean my makeup off very well. The cleanser lotions I have been using are: La Mer, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Shu Uemura, Liz Earl. The CeraVe does NOT compare with any of the others as it does not take makeup off easily, after CeraVe I used La Mer foam cleaner and washed off with water, the residue of my eye makeup still evident.It maybe a good cleanser for others but it didn’t work for me.

Elinor Vernon Center, NY

Didn’t work for me..

Just didn’t do it for me. I tried. I have a strict skincare regimen and when I heard all of the reviews and how its so great. Gave it a try for 2 months and it actually made my skin worse. I was going try Cetaphil..but I say the heck with has to be the same thing. $12 bucks gone down the drain literally. I really poured it out! The only good thing is that it does last a long time. I am now using a facial bar soap from Wholes Food and Arbonne products. I have Normal/Dry skin.

Elba Albany, KY

This is a great, gentle cleanser, particularly for Retin-A users

Until starting Retin-A (face, upper chest, backs of hands) I used an Aveeno cleanser to take off my makeup at night and Aqua Glycolic cleanser each a.m. The Aqua Glycolic gave me a smoothness my face had never had before and I had no rosace flares after starting to use it.When I started Retin A I knew I’d need an extremely gentle cleanser to use while my skin acclimated to the Retin A so I purchased this. It is great in that it takes off my makeup but leaves my face feeling “normal” – not stripped. I also purchased the Cera-Ve cream and have reviewed that.

Stefanie Hasty, CO

Doesn’t leave skin CLEAN??

So, maybe this is great if you have super sensitive skin that isn’t prone to break outs. But, I would use this cleanser WITH my Clarisonic, and would then use a toner and it would look like I hadn’t even washed my face. After trying this wash with the moisturizer for over a month (I was told I needed to ‘give it time’) I ended up with more congested skin and blackheads than I started with. Although this is specially formulated to help with sensitivity, it doesn’t seem to actually clean skin, which leads to build up and clogged pores? Maybe it is just me, but I gave it a good try, and decided it wasn’t helping at all, if anything it was making things worse. I went from this to Philosophy’s Purity face wash and immediately noticed a difference in my skin, I have been on Philosophy’s line for almost a month now and the difference is huge. I do have sensitive skin, and Purity leaves my skin clean, yet not dry feeling and it even gets off eye make-up…which CeraVe does NOT do!

Maxine Wade, NC

Take it from a product junkie, this product is stellar!

I have tried many cleansers by many well-known brands. I am prone to hormonal breakouts and dry skin, due to aging and extreme weather exposure. I also think I’ve over-stimulated my face with harsher acne-fighting cleansers. I agree with many of the other reviews: this is better than La Mer, Cetaphil, Philosophy, Basis, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Ponds, Olay, etc. It’s the most gentle cleanser I’ve used, EVER, (save for maybe Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo). The selling point for me is the hyaluronic acid. My face feels super clean, super smoothe after washing, never dried out or left with that feeling that I should have scrubbed more. My face doesn’t feel stripped, only fresh and hydrated. I can see why this is dermatologist recommended. It’s great for hypersensitive skin. Soft on my skin as well as on my pocketbook. I think I’m a lifer.

Flora Petersburg, NE


I bought this cleanser just based off the reviews here on Amazon. I wear primer and makeup every day, so I normally use St. Ives Apricot Scrub (or the Walmart generic) because it’s the only thing that makes me feel "clean". Well, I keep reading about how using scrubs every day is not the best for oily/acne prone skin. I had tried a cetaphil cleanser and was NOT impressed. Felt like it didn’t take all my makeup off. CeraVe is amazing though! I just need to use a small amount and it REALLY cleans without being harsh on my face. It also doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy, but at the same doesn’t dry it out. I highly recommend this for ALL skin types!

Michell Pacific, WA

Excellent replacement for expensive cleansers

I bought this after listening to a segment on Oz about ceramicides benefits to the skin and researching the products ingredients. It works well and I use it morning and night or morning or night with my other skin cleansers with Vit C etc alternating each cleanse. I recommend it and probably will switch to using this particular product line exclusively because of the benefits and overall cost savings

Shari Michigantown, IN

Don’t expect a lot of moisture from this product

I have "mature" skin and am always looking for a cleanser that is effective and yet won’t dry out my skin even more. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is NOT it.I would give it a 2.5 for make-up removal and a 1 for hydration. I will stick with my favorite cleanser/moisture in one, Abolene. Why I even try other products is beyond me. I have learned, again, why I use Abolene (sold on Amazon).I couldn’t possibly recommend this product to anyone with dry skin.

Concepcion Highland, NY


This is a very good hydrating clenaser and it works very good on my face, and this is odorless which is very good.

Hillary Hookerton, NC

Great for dry, sensitive skin

It’s rare for me to remain brand loyal, as I enjoy trying new products. Something has to perform extremely well, at a reasonable price, for me to re-purchase. This brand delivers. I have yet to find a better cleanser at any price point, that moisturizers, soothes, & doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes. I wear mineral makeup plus a little eyeliner; it removes these easily, but I can’t speak to its abilities with heavier war paint.I also find their moisturizers, both face & body, to be wonderful also. For reference, I have moderately dry skin, which is fairly sensitive with occasional bouts of mild rosacea & reactions certain chemicals & AHAs.

Selma Warsaw, OH

A true miracle worker!!

When my face erupted in horrible acne and patchy, dry AND oily skin, I started chaotically mixing moisturizers and cleansers together in an attempt to fix the problem ASAP. The result was a severe chemical burn that nearly disfigured my entire face. In a panic, I ran to Target and picked this stuff up. After one use and a good night’s rest, the chemical burn on my face was 90% healed. I am truly speechless!! This stuff is an $11 miracle in a bottle and I refuse to believe otherwise!!

Viola Castleton On Hudson, NY


Replaced my cetaphil gentle skin cleanser with this it helps hydrate as it says because of all the moisturizing elements in the formula. I use this all over my eye area after removing my makeup because i wash with anti acne cleansers which cant clean that area. Whenever i feel my face is a little dry from my cleansers and treatments i use this as an all over facial cleanser and its been pretty good so far

Sheena Hawleyville, CT

good stuff

I am Asian, with mostly oily and combination skin (very oily T-zone and dry patches on face). I break out every now and then and generally have problems with oil/shine and flaking. I’ve tried a lot of different facial cleansers and haven’t really found one that really worked for me. Since the weather is getting cold right now and my skin is drying out more often, I decided to try this hydrating cleanser. This is surprisingly is working pretty good for my skin. It feels kind of creamy (not soapy/sudsy feeling), but washes off well and leaves my skin feeling great! Does not leave dry patches and leaves my skin feeling very moisturized and smooth. It seems to take care of shine as well and I’ve noticed an improvement in my complexion in just a few days. I really like this stuff and if you have combination skin and haven’t been able to find the right cleanser for you, give this a try!

Molly Bloomfield, CT

Good for dry skin, but may not always feel like an adequate cleanser

The texture of this cleanser seems really weird at first and takes some getting used to. It’s unsettingly glue-like. It is very gentle, but it feels very hard to rinse off. It kind of just "absorbs" into your skin when you rinse. If I sweat heavily or use makeup, I would probably use something stronger to wash my face with. It doesn’t feel like it rinses any "heavy" residue off adequately, but if you don’t sweat a lot or your skin is going through a really rough dry/flaky period, this may be a good cleanser for you. A plus is that, like the other products in the Cerave line, it’s a decent size and will last you a while though.

Frieda Jacksonport, AR

Great face wash for hydration and sensitive skin

Thought I would try Cerave because my skin was getting used to cetaphil. The Cerave is light moisturizing and seems to balance the oil. The dirt and makeup are easily removed with this face wash.

Charlotte Corozal, PR

Beware! causes milia like bumps on some skins

My 2nd dermatologist recommended it. I was using Purpose, the bar soap by Johnson and Johnson.After several weeks, tiny bumps similar to milia appeared on my cheeks, and my friends asked questions. This cleanser leaves the skin feeling slippery, no matter how long one rinses.I went back to Purpose, my regular bar soap (recommended by a 1st dermatologist), and overnight the bumps disappeared. The skin also felt clean again after rinsing., the slipperiness gone! Purpose bar soap is also a lot cheaper.

Kristen New Britain, CT

I am truly amazed

I got my CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser today. This is first time I am using this product, and I want to share how much I was amazed by this. So, tonight I used it to wash my face. I had pimples on my forehead and one at the frontal side of my left eye. They were on my face for 4 days, I used many medicines and other cleansers to get rid off them but it never removed them at all. Other product made my skin get over-sensitive. However, so I decided to change my cleansers and I found this one. The CeraVe Foaming, just one use, the one pimple, most annoying one located at my eye side is gone now. It’s been 2 hours after I washed my face with this product. I created foams with fair amount of CeraVe cleanser after I washed my face first with warm water, applied them on my face and circularly massaged my face for 5 minutes. Then, I washed it off with warm water (not hot water) 12 times until I could not feel the oily feeling and washed it off with cold water. When you washing with cold water after rinse it off with warm water, don’t wash your face like you did with warm water, I did massage with cold water.After rinsing off, have a towel and just gently take off the wetness. Have lotions only after cleaning my face using this product, within 2 hours the most annoying pimple at my front side of eye was gone!I was really amazed….I couldn’t believe this result but it really happened so I am here to share the story!The other pimples, they got smaller too. It seems like they would get gone by tomorrow morning.I am so glad I bought this product and tried it out tonight.I highly recommend for people who has oily face, troubling with acnes and sensitive skin.Thus it is been 3 hours now I washed my face using this product, I still can feel my face skin is so soft, but not too dry, not oily.I think I will fall in love with this facial cleanser now.

Daphne Mount Wilson, CA

Don’t use harsh soaps! Use this!

CeraVe is amazing stuff. I use it with my Clarasonic Mia2a, and it’s fantastic. Unlike the Clarisonic foaming soap that tastes and feels like chemicals, CeraVe is non-SL Sulfate — it has glycerine and a bunch of other decent ingredients, and leaves my face clean and moisturized after rinsing. Highly recommended!

Jeannie Hickory Hills, IL

My new favorite cleanser!

CereVe hydrating cleanser has replaced my beloved Cetaphil as my new favorite cleanser. I have combination skin that often gets oily by the end of the day, and this cleanser keeps my skin hydrated without increasing the oiliness. I’ve noticed an improved texture and tone to my skin. Loving it!

Marina Meldrim, GA

Got Picky Skin?

Deremaologist recommended this cleanser after reviewing an article published with the American Dermatological Society. I use this every other day when I wash my face. It doesn’t strip my skin or dry it out at all. Very nice product.

Jeanne Culver, OR

Dry skin solver

Does a better job than Cetaphil. Solved my dry skin problems. Use in conjunction with other Cerave lotions. They are not expensive when compared to those offered in the beauty departments at the department store. Sold at an attractive price through this supplier.

Frankie Deary, ID

For me it was a great cleanser when using prescribed acne medication

I happened to stumbled across this because when I used Cetaphil, my faced burned and this was when I used the hydrating version and the one for oily skin. I know some folks love Cetaphil and will defend the product if someone post something contrary to popular opinion. But I realize that everyone’s skin is different and we all will have different reaction to a product.I will admit that it will not remove makeup but I didn’t buy it for that and I use a separate makeup remover to make sure I remove all traces of makeup. Then I use a cleanser to remove the makeup remover. This cleanser does not burn or itch when I apply it. It does a pretty decent job of cleansing my skin, even though my skin is technically oily. Since using prescription acne medication, my skin is becoming more dry during the winter months. It doesn’t leave my skin stripped and feels very comfortable using it. I will make this a permanent staple in my cleansing routine during the winter. In the warmer months, I will use their foaming cleanser. I tend to purchase this with coupons and when it is on sale at the drugstores. So it comes out cheaper. For me, a little goes a long way so a bottle of this last me about three months, give or take.

Kay Great Falls, SC