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Century Shampoo Scalp Massage Brush #100 * Blue * 6 – Brushes

* Stimulating Scalp Massagers* Each made of plastic with a finger ring* 1/2″ Long Concave Bristles formed to the curvature of the human head * Each 3.25″ dia. x 2″ Tall * Color: Blue* Made in USA* 6 – Brushes

Key features

  • Stimulating Scalp Massagers
  • Each made of plastic with a finger ring
  • 1/2″ Long Concave Bristles formed to the curvature of the human head
  • Each 3.25″ dia. x 2″ Tall ** Color: Blue
  • Made in USA * 6 – Brushes

Honest reviews


Feels Really Good

My step-daughter uses one of these on her daughter’s scalp. Until then I had never seen such a thing. Then I learned about it on a website and decided to order it and try it out. The price was right so not really out much if I didn’t like it but I actually love it. When I wash my hair I use it to massage my scalp. Not sure what it’s actually doing for my scalp or hair but I do know it feels really good. I got the 6-pack and throwing the extras into stockings at Christmas.

Nelly Fruitvale, TX

Tingle while you detangle

I have used these forever…and they are becoming more difficult to find. Perfect for using in the shower with conditioner to make hair smooth and detangle while it stimulates your scalp.

Nanette Pleasant Garden, NC

Definitely Scratchy

I had bought 4 different shampoo/massage brushes just to compare. As I wrote in one of my reviews, this is a product that is a preferential choice. They came well packaged in plastic, clean and in perfect condition. The brush is circular that fits easily in your hand and there is a ring on top to slide your finger through for an even better grip, which also works well for hanging on a hook out of the way. It did not get tangled in my thick, past shoulder length hair and it rinses out in a snap. The problem for me was the stiff hard bristles. I found the brush to be too stiff and scratchy even without applying any pressure when I massaged the shampoo in small circular motions. I like a good hard massage as in the Scalpmaster Brush, but the tines of this brush actually hurt and scratched my scalp. If you are predisposed to a good hard massage then you may be satisfied with this Century Scalp Massage Brush, and if you have a sensitive scalp then I would suggest the Kent Brush. For me, I prefer something in the middle which is why I choose the Scalpmaster Brush.

Georgina Stephens, GA

**LOVE** LOVE** Best detangler!

Not only does this brush give you a great scalp massage, and get your scalp super clean, it’s also a great detangler.Glad they came 6 to a package. Will use them forever!Edit: 10-29-12Today I brushed my scalp & HAIR with this brush. OMG!It f-e-e-l-s fantastic.**LOVE** this brush! I can tell, it’s good for your hair .. and scalp.

Erna Fowlstown, GA

These are great!!!

Best scalp massage…shampooing… Love them. Great for pets …even ones that hate being brushed love these….I have Briards and they love getting brushed and massaged with these….Kids….!!! Love scrubbing their hair themselves with these. Some are to stiff….glad to find these are just perfect…It’s an odd gift to give to people but much appreciated when you do!!! We all had them growing up!!! Fullerbrush man maybe!!! Nice find on Amazon!!!

Deidra Forest Dale, VT

Great for Long Nailed Folks

So I have long finger nails and don’t like to use them to scrub my scalp because it isn’t ideal for my nails or my scalp. These brushes are ideal for getting a good scrub without being too harsh. I also have a serious dandruff problem that these have helped to manage. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now and still on the first one so I imagine a pack of 6 will last a really long time because the plastic is durable.They are also ideal for using with pets – I use one to scrub my cat during her baths. She doesn’t assault while attempting to clean her so it must not be that harsh and I don’t notice lesions or cuts on her skin afterwards.

Kayla Comptche, CA

Perfect Scalp Brushes Made In The USA..Here Are Measurements

We love these brushes. My husband and I both brush our hair with them as well as use them as scalp massagers. He’s got a conventional short hair cut. My hair is medium length. We both have wavy senior citizen Side note…we got rid of that dry frizzy hair that comes with advanced age since we started shampooing with Dr. Bronner’s Castile liquid soap and using vinegar as a hair rinse. After I wash my hair I spray natural non petroleum based white vinegar (Heinz or Essentials brand)on my hair and then rinse it out…and no my hair does not smell like vinegar. As a conditioner I use a thumb nail size dab of coconut oil worked into my hair after it dries. My gray hair is as soft and manageable as it was when I was 30. Ok..back to the brushes. They are made in the USA. The 1 inch wide finger loop on top is large enough for even very large fingers and allows for a nice grip of the brush while using it. I have small hands and my husband has large (not fat)hands. We both find the brushes very comfortable to hold and use because of the design. The brush itself is about 3 1/4″ in diameter with bristles approximately 1/2″ long. The bristles are rounded at the tip and are flexible and soft enough to NOT be scratchy but still rigid enough to get through your hair to the scalp. I expect these brushes to have a reasonable life expectancy but do suspect the bristles might start breaking off over time (but not soon). I’ve never had one that didn’t. At about $2 a brush, I think I’ll get my monies worth. I’m going to buy another package now just in case these aren’t available or the price goes up when I need to reorder especially if it’s quite a while before I need them. I highly recommend these scalp massage brushes. Great for brushing your hair, massaging your scalp, using while washing your hair just because it feels good and cleans the scalp, and working a conditioner like coconut oil through your hair.

Brianna Moody, AL

Nice Scalp Brush

I’ve looked for these in drug stores and several other retail stores in recent years but I’ve been unable to find them. This brush gives a good scalp massage, and with a pack of six they’ll last a long time. The bristles are firm but not to rough on the scalp. Great for showers. Thanks Amazon..Please rate this review if you found it helpful.

Tanisha Glenville, MN