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Cellex-C High Potency Serum, 30 ml

Cellex-C High Potency Serum is a unique, oil-free, patented Vitamin C formulation designed to help tone and firm sagging skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Key features

  • Lightweight oil free formulation
  • Contains the full complement of Cellex-C signature ingredients
  • Works Synergentically to encourage youthful looking skin
  • Tightens and Firms
  • Suitable for all except the most sensitive skin

Honest reviews


Been using this for YEARS….LOVE it!

I have been using this along with the Hydra 5B (5B or B5…I mix that up all the time…anyway – it is a lightweight gel that goes over top of the cellex) for YEARS. These products not only work to keep age at bay a bit but they also keep my skin clear and free from breakouts. Also, I was told that I “Don’t have any pores!” when a skin care person was trying to show me what products to use to prevent large pores on face etc. So, it works to prevent large pores also. I have found that through the winter and as I age I need to lightly apply my moisturizer of choice first…then the cellex. I tried to move up to the higher potency one offered now but found I didn’t like the results as much as I love the results from the original formula. I only use this once a day as directed. Note: I find that this item along with the Hydra product help to prevent sun damage that one would normally get from just being in and out of the sun. (won’t help while sunbathing or intentionally being out for long periods in the sun…but I have not noticed any real sun “color” getting to my skin (from normal daily activity outside) unless I didn’t have it on while riding my bike or running etc.)

Naomi Sigourney, IA

doesn’t live up to name

I have tried this product for years…I have found it doesn’t live up to what I would consider an expected result. Using an anti-oxidant formula in conjunction with other regimens (collagen builder, etc.) give a better result. I have switched to other products but still apply this one a bit at night.

Luann Lamont, MI

As recommended by my plastic surgeon

For my 60-something year old skin living in an extremely dry climate. He recommends this Cellex-C used with Cosmedix moisturizer. There has been a noticeable difference since I began the regime 8 months ago. Healthier skin with a clarity and glow, less noticeable fine lines. I will continue using this product. . .

Petra Smithers, WV

This stuff REALLY works

I am a 21 year old asian female with combination skin and struggle with a bit of acne and acne scars. I wasted so much money by trying out different pharmaceutical products and high end products to get rid of my acne and scars. I even tried using clarisonic but it was way too harsh on my skin so I had to return it. This product was recommended to me by my boyfriend; he told me that when he was getting his skin treated in Korea, the clinic used this same serum brand for his skin. (they used the advanced one but that seemed too harsh for my skin) After two days I definitely saw a difference. My skin felt like it was glowing. I never knew what people meant when they said their skin glowed, but now I think I know! After over a week of using this product, my acne scars have lightened, giving me hope that if I continue using this, it will definitely give me clear skin.It is important that you do not use more than 3 drops because this is very acidic, it will irritate your skin. I like to mix three drops of this with my SK-II treatment essence and apply it with my fingers, tapping it until it feels like it is absorbed.Bottom line, I highly recommend it.

Leanne Combs, KY


This is one product for aging that really works. I have been using it every day for 3 months and can really tell the difference.

Alexis Glenwood, FL


I have used this product for years after learning about it from my plastic surgeon’s Spa Office. It has delayed wrinkles for years. I love it.

Lucia Greensburg, PA