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Celebrity Cosmetology Bald Head for Wigs

20″ bald slip-on head with full make-up.

Key features

  • Bald slip-on manikin head with vinyl head and make-up
  • Perfect for wigs and wefts

Honest reviews


Cute right?

I have a styrofoam maniquin that I had to keep replacing but I make my wigs on this one and have not had to replace it yet! I can reuse and use her again and again. I can also use it to take pics of wigs made! She really has come in handy. The other head that I had was slightly larger than this . So I just had to readjust the process and it works fine

Marianne Astoria, OR

Great for Display

This head is great for displaying wigs or hats. It’s a realistic size and works well. Excellent for displaying sunglasses as well.

Jana Creston, NE

Great Head for wigs but requires branded holder

The head is lovely and is sturdy. The hole at the bottom should be measured before you buy a clamp so you buy the right size. So far only a couple clamps found seem to work, leaves little room for finding a discounted clamp. The make up on the head is not over done~ it looks natural with a little added color.

Reba South Wilmington, IL

Did not get the one pictured

Good price, nice quality, fits well enough on the little mount that they recommend. I got a different head than pictured. The one I got looks younger and has smaller lips, eyes, nose – but she is cute. The makeup she had was too subtle for my tastes so I colored on her face with Sharpies. The colors held up and did well so far.I got this head to make it easier to maintain my wigs and it works well for that purpose.Head is certainly smaller than a typical caucasian female adult’s head.

Theresa Levan, UT

Great for any kind of use

Best head for practice dues this product has a thin rubber outer layer over a styrafoam head. Our daughter used it for decorating her wigs which she use to learn different hair styles it is a amazing mannequin Packaging and shipping was great. Received it in 2 days.

Mindy Alderpoint, CA

Bald Head for Hat Displays

I bought this head to display my crocheted hats and scarves. The bald head did not show the items off to their full potential so I added a wig and everything looks beautiful. Because of the head I have been asked to have my photos used as demonstrations of the patterns used. The head would be even better if it came with a wig!

Phyllis Tyler, AL

Perfect Head Form At A GREAT Price

As a sideline I’ve been a puppeteer for over 30 years. The figures I use are life size and wear custom designed wigs. On some of my reviews you can see a video of the puppets and I’ll make it a point to add a clip to this review as well.This head form is excellent – the bottom hole fits any standard head form mounting rod and makes working on wigs a breeze. Having a face also makes it easier to style and get a better sense of the astetic and perspective you want. The head form takes T-PINS easily and does so without any damage to the head. Considering a canvas head can cost easily cost around $60 this one is a true bargain at less than $20 – not mention it’s Prime eligible so two day shipping is free, making this great product that much of a sweeter deal.The hole on the bottom fits any standard standard head mount – making the wigs easier to style and work with.The price is excellent, the form was delivered wrapped in sealed plastic and shipped in a strong carboard box. If you’re looking for a head form I can assure you won’t be disapointed. This well priced head form has all the features of forms costing three times as much and is an excellent and versatile head form – I’ll be ordering more. This is an excellent deal for a well made product that should for most meet if not exceed your expectations.

Frances Chatham, PA

Very Nice Well Made And Looks So Nice In My Shop!

very well made, love it! I did order more, do wish the cost wasn’t so much.Tracie Bobb, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chandra San Jose, NM

Cool beans

This looks incredibly lifelike with or without a wig. Stands nicely and is made with high quality plastic. Would highly recommend

Lessie Versailles, NY