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Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Treatment Conditioner, 25.36-Ounces

Oatmeal & Honey Treatment Conditioner provides comfort food for your hair. Helps repair chemically treated or damaged hair with soy and wheat protein while enhancing moisture and shine. The Soothing aroma invigorates your mind, body and soul.

Key features

  • Helps repair chemically treated or damaged hair
  • Enhances moisture and shine
  • Hair looks revitalized and healthy
  • Used on damaged or chemically treated hair
  • Hair treatment conditioner with soy and wheat protein

Honest reviews


Great smelling conditioner

I love this conditioner. I had originally used Suave Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner but after many years of use, it began to irritate my scalp. After searching for a nice smelling, gentle shampoo and conditioner, I finally landed on the Tigi Catwalk line. This product smells much like oatmeal cookies/frosting, and I love the scent. It is very gentle on my hair, and in combination with the shampoo, makes my hair soft and shiny. I did remove one star, however, because these products have a tendency to build up in my hair, and I need to use a clarifying shampoo approximately once every week or so to keep my hair from getting limp. Overall, though, it is an excellent smelling, great conditioner.

Jimmie Gann Valley, SD

Fantastic Set!

This stuff smells fantastic! Like caramel pie. Not just for brunettes, I’m a strawberry blond and love this shampoo and conditioner. It makes my curly hair soft and manageable. I alternate the conditioner with Aveda Clove color infusing conditioner to bring out the auburn for a darker fall look.

Kari Caryville, TN

It’s ok

A few years ago I had used this conditioner at my sister-in-laws house and loved it. Loved the way it smelled and loved the way it made my hair feel. I decided recently to buy some and try it agin. Love the smell and it made my hair feel really soft for the first week or so then it started feeling weighed down and the ends were feeling dried out. I have fairly thin hair so maybe it’s better for thicker hair. I still love the smell though!

Kristi Chagrin Falls, OH


Love this brand…the honey and oatmeal leaves a great scent in your hair plus it leaves it soft, conditioned. i also have the shampoo and it cleans well with the same amazing fragrance without over drying your hair.

Lynn Alto, NM

To sexy for my hair

I love this conditioner! I couldn’t find it on the shelf and was very relieved to find it in Amazon. It smells like cake icing. It is the only conditioner that truly feels like it goes into my hair. I’ve used it for years.

Laura Gresham, WI