Catwalk by TIGI Blow Out Balm, 3.04 Fl Oz

Work it: this blow out in a bottle gives a touchable, glossy hair without sacrificing natural fullness. Silk and soy combine with a blend of dragon fruit and bamboo. To give a straight style with long-term hydration.

Key features

  • Work it: this blow out in a bottle gives a touchable, glossy hair without sacrificing natural fullness
  • Silk and soy combine with a blend of dragon fruit and bamboo
  • To give a straight style with long-term hydration

Honest reviews



I have only used this a handful of times as it just recently arrived, but the smell is nice and it doesn’t make hair heavy or greasy looking, I may try the shampoo and conditioner to go with it too

Mallory Avery, TX

Love this stuff!!

I have always used biosilk and didn’t want to switch but started looking for something that might work better for my daughter’s hair (she’s mixed) and ended up loving it for my self. I’m white and have really thick, coarse and curly hair. At first I thought it would look greasy in my hair since it’s thicker than biosilk but it doesn’t… It makes it look shimmery/shiny and really pretty.A little goes go a long way but I use a bit more when I want my hair super straight. I m assuming if you put tons in it may make it greasy but I’ve put a lot in mine and haven’t had a problem. Maybe on thin hair it might. Also, I’m picky about how stuff smells but I also love how this smells.It does great for my daughters hair too…. She is three so I don’t blow dry or straighten it….I just put product in it for curls or put in a bun and this stuff looks great in her hair both ways. It makes it shiny. I no longer use biosilk because I’m sold on his stuff!

Shawna Sandusky, NY


This is a terrific product. A little goes a long way and it works wonders on damaged hair. I use it in conjunction with the Haute Iron Spray. Both of them require a light hand, however; if I use even a tiny bit too much, my hair looks greasy. As long as I don’t use too much, though, it’s pretty amazing.

Ashley Tacna, AZ

Really helps straighten the hair

When I use this, my hair is really bouncy and volumous and suuper shiny and straight. And what’s weird is it doesn’t feel greasy at all, even the day after. The smell is amazing too. The only thing is I have to use a lot of this to get good results. I have highlighted medium length hair that is fairly thick, and I have to use 3-4 whole pumps. But its still a great value. The bottle is small but it will last soo long.

Marietta Foster, KY

Bought if from the reviews only,

I’d never heard of Tigi Catwalk Balm but I was looking for something to help me with dry ends, protect it from heat and generally give my fine hair a boost. (Oh, I also just went blonde to hide the grays.) So far I have only very good things to say. My hair is soft,(well, it usually was)there’s virtually no fuzzies on the ends and the shine is wonderful and healthy, beautiful!! I also love the smell!!! The only thing I’d like to see would be definitive instructions; ie. how much do I apply? There probably is some sort of guideline for hair type and length. I have long hair, do I use 3-4 pumps, less or more? I actually settled on 3 pumps for my mid-back length hair, and may try a bit more tomorrow. I would just rather not have to deal with trial and error. I’m getting ready to try this on my human hair extensions so I’ll update this with the results later. Despite the lack if clearer instructions, this is a no-brainer, buy it, you won’t be sorry.

Ericka Elizabethtown, IN