Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill in Powder- Brunette

Whether your roots are showing or your hair is thinning, this “won’tbudge, transferproof” matte hair powder by Joan Rivers Beauty (created specifically for her allday TV appearances) perfectly blends with your scalp, hiding thin patches and masking hair loss with ease.From Joan Rivers Beauty, Great Hair Day transfer proof fill in powder for thinning hair blends in with your hair color to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The matte powder is formulated to stay on the scalp and eliminates the tell tale shiny spots of an exposed scalp. The specially designed brush, a true hairdresser’s tool, allows you to part your hair with one end and apply the powder with the other. Transforms hair from looking thin to thick, instantly.This transferproof fillin for thinning hair matches your color, blending in to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair.Comes with a convenient on the go mirrored compact and customdesigned brush to separate, part and apply in one easy step.Features:Easy to apply Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Developed to stay on the scalp.Includes:Great Hair Day fillin powder Brunette (.24 oz) Mirror compact 2 in 1 aplicator brush Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Developed to stay on the scalp Easy to apply

Key features

  • Includes:Great Hair Day fill-in powder Brunette (.24 oz)
  • Mirror compact 2 in 1 aplicator brush
  • Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp
  • Developed to stay on the scalp
  • Easy to apply

Honest reviews


expensive shadow you can also use on your eyelids

Seriously. Joan discovered the use of eye shadow for her scalp, just like some people also use eye shadow for filling in sparse eyebrows. My suggestion is: find an inexpensive eye shadow at the store like I did to hide my scalp and gray hair between coloring. (I didn’t get the idea from Joan.)If you think it won’t work as well, go for what Joan offers but understand it’s just a pigmented powder you can find anywhere…even on Amazon.

Ella Wayne, ME

The salt and pepper color looks like cigarette ash

The brush and product looks nice but the color itself in ash is quite ugly. I dont like the way the salt and pepper looked on my gray hair color. I am not sure about the other colors. I ended up using the brush and just mixing some brown eyeshadow powder instead. It worked better. Not worth the cost in my opinion.

Emilie Birchwood, TN

Not perfect, but it’ll do….

I don’t love this product. But for my needs, it’s the best I’ve been able to find, and it does an adequate job.I have frontal thinning. As such, hair thickeners such as Toppik and Caboki are NOT recommended–they are basically powder fibers that you sprinkle on your head, and you wind up with a sharp change in color at the hairline–that classic “Dracula” hairline. Because Joan’s product is applied to the scalp, it acts to create a shadow effect in your hair. You have to have surrounding hair to hide the fact that you have dark smudges on your scalp…but if you do, it works reasonably well. I’ve asked my husband if he can tell I have the product in my hair, especially since my thinning is up front. I have a thin hairline, and the spots I fill are directly behind the hairline. Hubby says he cannot tell. If you stand up close to me and look closely, you WILL see the product. But most people will not be that close, and even up close, you have to be looking to spot it.The product takes time to put on. You cannot simply smear it onto your scalp the way you smear eye shadow on your lids–if you do, the world will know you’re wearing this stuff. You have to do a dab-dab-dab motion in order to keep it looking natural. Move a section of hair, dab dab dab, and move on to the next section. To cover the front of my scalp takes 5-7 minutes. If you’re particularly thin up front, it will take several efforts to become expert enough to make the stuff look like shadows instead of obvious black smudged in your hair.I have not had problems whatsoever with the product running from sweat during workouts, or getting caught in the rain, or swimming–and I’ve indeed done all of the above. However, running your hands through your hair or scratching your scalp WILL end with black on your fingers or fingernails. In fact, I’ve noticed that I have to clean my nails often–I get dirty blackness behind them every day.I tried Caboki in hopes that I could circumvent the downsides of this product. Caboki is similar to Toppik. At least for me, these types of hair thickeners are not an option. Besides being incredibly messy (you sprinkle it on you head, and so the powder winds up EVERYWHERE), it also is VERY obvious if the area you are covering is frontal. Those products will work much better for someone who has top or back balding, and has enough surrounding hair to hide it.I’m coming back now for my first refill of Joan’s product. It’s not perfect. But short of a transplant, it’s the best I’ve found yet for frontal thinning.

Lois Mathews, LA
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Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler

Our best-selling eyelash curler is expertly crafted to create beautifully enduring curl.

Key features

  • Thick, rounded silicone pad forms intense curl without creasing lashes
  • For a naturally dramatic, long lasting curl
  • Extra sturdy metal construction and round pads provide ‘no-pinch’ design
  • Three free ‘non-stick’ silicone pads included

Honest reviews


Blandly neutral

I have used this eyelash curler for several weeks in hope of being able to say something fabulous about it…or horrible. But I can only offer you this:1. It is quality made. Sturdy. Should last forever.2. It comes with 3 pads so those should last a long time.3. I feel like the brand new pad is not real comfortable, but once it breaks in, they curl better and more comfortably(just my opinion).It doesn’t seem to curl my lashes any more than my Revlon curler but that said, all the Revlon ones are not created equal. At one point, I went to replace my curler and ended up with one that was so bad I took it back. Thankfully I found my original one! My friend has the same as my original one and she loves it too. The Revlon one is less sturdy.This Tweezerman is fairly equal to that favorite curler, but it seems a little pinchy at the edges. Not something you’d have to worry about, just to be careful before you squeeze hard.I recommend this if you don’t LOVE your current eyelash curler or if it broke. It’s not disappointing and is worth the price.I received this product free for review. No one has pressured me to say one thing or another and I try to be honest in all I do review. If you found this review helpful, I’d be grateful if you clicked “yes” below.

Tanisha Sheppard Afb, TX

Quality as expected

From a brand I trust comes an eyelash curler that delivers, with a comfortable cushion that doesn’t create an awkward heavy crease on my lash line. Comfortable handles, easy to swap out the two additional pads. What more to say? It’s an eyelash curler. Recommended.

Constance Francis Creek, WI

Comes with three refills

Comes with three refills which is nice.I think the best brands however are Shu Uemura and Japonesque. They are just better constructed.Tweezerman feigns a Germanic tone but most of their stuff is made in India.

Judy Black Diamond, WA
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Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

The emblematic shu uemura Eyelash Curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl. Upgraded silicone pad in a new “mushroom” shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl. Upgraded patented hinge with precise engineering applies perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes Curved angle suits all eye shapes Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Honest reviews


Worth the money

Truly an amazing eyelash curler. I’d read all the hype, but was perfectly satisfied with my Revlon curler. Then a friend gave me an Amazon gift card, so I figured, what the heck? Let’s see if this is as good as they say it is.It’s better.The curl is even across your lashes, smooth, without ridges, and has a much different curl that you get with other commercial curlers. I heat mine up just slightly (it’s metal, so be careful!), put on L’Oreal’s Lash Boosting Serum, and your lashes are amazing. Highly, highly, highly recommend this curler.

Kathie Bynum, AL

Doesn’t Open Wide Enough to Get My Lashes In

Like another reviewer, I’ve been using the tried-and-true Revlon/Maybelline curlers since the Carter administration. Let’s face it, eyelash curling is not rocket science; it’s not even advanced calculus, so I, like other reveiwers, was a bit hesitant to shell out big bucks on some Mercedes of curlers when my Toyota was doing quite well, thank you.But I did.And as my mom always says, “Caveat Emptor!”I’m sure that it’s a great curler, if I could get it to work; but its opening is only about 1/2 as wide as my old curler and therein lies the problem. When I try to get it over my eyelashes, they either get mushed against the inside of the curler or shoved down into my eyeball. (Not particularly pleasant at any time; much less at 0600 in the morning.) Okay, so maybe I’m not the most coordinated individual in the world, and, as previously mentioned, most eyelash curling takes place when I’m still half asleep, but nothing’s changed in my routine but the curler.After strugging for three consecutive mornings, and ending up resorting to my Revlon/Maybelline curler, I’ve given up.Want a bargain Shu curler??? Check out ebay in about two days.

Tina Industry, IL

I see the difference, worth it… works on deep-set eyes

There’s a lot of mixed reviews on here, many from about 2010-11 bemoaning receipt of a “fake” curler. That problem seems to be past now going by most recent reviews.My curler came from vendor “effective shop japan” and I’d say I got the real deal. The curler itself was an insane $4 and change, while the shipping brought the total up to $21. It arrived well packaged- the small inner box was packed in another heavier cardboard box with newspaper for padding. The newspaper was in Japanese, and the mailing stickers on the box indicated shipment from Japan.The white inner box was stylish and looked authentic. The bag inside held the curler, and another tiny ziplock bag with an extra replacement black silicone pad. Directions for use were on the inner box, along with a few tips. The silver curler had an authentic looking Shu Uemura engraving on it and seemed tight and well sprung. The replacement pad was similarly stamped.Straight to the mirror I went. I have very fine lashes on deep-set eyes. In the past my problem with curlers was that they were hard to get in deep and close enough to grasp the lashes at the base, and even when maneuvering as best as possible, at least three attempts per eye were needed to get all the lashes (not just the majority at the center) by doing center, inner, and then outer lashes.This baby was a different story. It must be how the product is angled away from the face, and the curve of the pad. I could get the curler right in close to the base of my lashes, and I didn’t need to make multiple attempts to get it lined up – before squeezing down, I could see ALL my lashes sticking through the curler. One gentle, sustained squeeze later, ALL my lashes were curled from corner to corner. Beautiful! The other eye went as well. I did not need to do as suggested, by pulling back and doing a second squeeze at the middle of the lashes, and another at the tips, because one good line up did enough, and very well.One funny bonus… I had stopped using curlers because they were such a hassle, and now that I have one that works simply, and I use it regularly, I can actually SEE better! I had not realized how much my drooping lashes had been cutting into my field of view.I had really wondered if I was buying into a myth by paying $20 for an eyelash curler that might be got at a drugstore for far less, but I am wondering no more. Very glad I took a chance and shelled out for this.

Jaime Gilbertsville, NY
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