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Vidal Sassoon Vsdr5523 1875w Stylist Travel Dryer, Black

This travel dryer has 2 heat and speed settings for flexible drying and styling anywhere. Features a cold shot button that releases cool air to set the style, a folding handle for convenient storage and travel, worldwide dual voltage for use anywhere and is lightweight and compact. Black dryer.

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • 2 heat and speed settings
  • Cold shot button releases cool air to set the style
  • Folding handle
  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • Lightweight and compact design

Honest reviews


Excellent quality hairdryer

This is one terrific and powerful little travel dryer! And you can’t beat the price. It has three settings: hot, cold, and off, and a button to press that essentially collapses the top, and a cord to wrap around. It also has a little screw that can easily be set with a screwdriver to accomodate the European 250 voltage, as well as American 125 voltage. Very powerful and efficient, and I’m glad I found it. In no time, my hair is dry and styled. Wonderful product.

Wendy Woodrow, CO

Not Hot Enough

I was looking for a hair dryer with more power and this certainly had it. There are two settings low and high. The low is too low with luke warm air and the high will blow your head off and isn’t very hot. Way too much power on the high setting which made my hair knotty as I styled it. Sent it back for a refund.

Malinda Summit, NY

So Far, So Good. Convienient Yet Has Power

This is a handy little dryer that’s great for travel. It’s got enough wattage to dry hair quckly and is comfortable and easy to use.

Justina Forest Lakes, AZ
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Hair Tamer “No Knot” Pink Detangling Hair Brush

Description Hair Tamer  professional detangling hairbrush is designed for professional hair salons. It’s a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and color treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last! Try the Hair Tamer and you’ll be amazed by the ease of brushing, as well as how it virtually stops breakage and split ends Features Ergonomic designs. Fits right into the palm of your hand. Detangles hair with ease. Works on even the curliest, most knotted hair. Hair slips through the unique bristle configuration. Gentle & painless. Virtually stops breakage & split ends. Conforms to shape of the head. Added control. Specifications Length: 5″ Width: 2.25″ Height: 2″

Key features

  • The Hair Tamer brush made for all types of hair whether it be normal or curly, there will be no tangles
  • Special bristles that separates the knots and tangles that will work on wet or dry hair
  • Light weight and ergonomic to fit in the palm of your hand to continuously brush your hair as long as you need
  • Specially designed to fit adult or children hands and shaped for every type of head size
  • A must buy to keep your hair tamed and looking healthy. No more frizzle hair after showering or after blow drying

Honest reviews


Knot today…not at all!

I received this as part of the Salon Guys market research program. I have waist length fine, straight, highlighted hair. I brush my hair often with a large paddle type brush and have no issue. I tried this detangled and the only things I liked about it was its color and its shape. The bristles were not long enough to get through even my fine hair. This brush made my hair instantly staticy and I HATE THAT SO MUCH! The bristles feel very flimsy and when I tried it on my daughters very thick, knotty, corse hair, it got stuck and did not work at all. I could not get it through even the parts of her hair that were not tangled. I would not buy this type of brush for myself, maybe it is better for a man’s short hair or a lady’s bob cut style or shorter, but not for long hair.

Graciela Warm Springs, VA

Better than expected

When I first received this I really was skeptical. I thought there was no way even with my thin hair that his would work. I was shocked when it did! I even have a few extensions in my hair and it was no problem at all. It didn’t pull on my hair nor my extensions like I thought it would. It is very gentle and worked a lot better than expected. It was better than my normal brush I have used for years! Now in saying this I did mention I have thin hair so at this point not sure how it would work on thicker hair or real curly hair. I would at least give it a try.

Maricela Concord, AR

I LOVE it!

I have been seeing ads for this type of brush all over recently and was excited to try it out. I was a little skeptical because the bristles look so short, I didn’t think it would do much good detangling hair…I don’t know how it works, but it DOES! The bristles are flexible so there’s little to no pulling and it got all the gnarly-ness out of my hair, even the fine hair at the nape of my neck…after wearing a hoodie all day…in the If it works that well on a day like today I am super impressed! It also feels awesome against your scalp, like a little massage 🙂

Sherrie Canistota, SD
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Remington CI5219 Instant Curls Ceramic Hair Curling Iron, 3/4-Inch, Black

This instant curling iron delivers high ceramic heat and protects against damage. it provides smooth, shiny, long lasting curls with less damage.

Key features

  • 350 degree high heat
  • Ceramic iron
  • 30 heat settings
  • 30 second heat up
  • Auto shut off

Honest reviews


Highly recommended

I was so confused to which curler to get, and I think I made the right choice. It heats up really fast and the curls are exactly what I want them to be. It took me sometime to get the hang of it but once you get it, it works! The size is perfect, doesn’t make my curls too big and not too small. You just gotta learn how to hold it and how to curl your hair. Watch how your hairdresser does it, the way you love it and emulate! That’s my 2 cents.

Louella Buhl, MN

Don’t let the price fool you!

This curling iron is magnificent! I thought it would just be a lil cheap iron to use on the side but boy was I wrong. This iron worked so well I used it on a recent photoshoot and it did not let me down. The barrel is a very quality ceramic & it heats up very quickly. Very happy with this purchase.

Ola Farnsworth, TX

I like con air better

I bought this for travel because it got good reviews. It is light weight and no frills and di will probably only use it as a back up or to leave at the beach house. Like con air much better then this.

Vicki Entiat, WA
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BaByliss Pro BABCHV21 Ceramic Instant Heat 20-Roller Set, Varied

Rollers with soft velvety surface is comfortable in use, kind to hair and gives good grip. Professional CHI Volumizing Iron for silky, smooth hair with exceptional body and volume.

Key features

  • 20 high speed ceramic rollers, 8-large (1-1/4″), 6-medium (1″), 6-small (3/4′)
  • Ceramic generates far infrared heat for faster, gentler styling
  • Rollers with soft velvety surface for ultra fast heat up
  • Includes 20 butterfly clips & 20 metal clips

Honest reviews


curl didn’t last 3 hours

i have shoulder length hair, and had to use all 20 rollers. it doesn’t show when the rollers are hot enough, tho it says it heats up quickly? what’s quickly? 4 minutes, or one hour?there is no place for the plastic clips, so you need a showcap or something to hold the plastic clips. in other words, make sure you have lotsa room for storing the big clunky heater and the i got a perm, thinking it would hold the curl longer, but it’s still the same. curl out in 3-4 hours, and i left the rollers in for about a half hour, hoping that would help keep a curl.other such curlers have a ready dot on the top so you can see when each roller is ready to use. the directions didn’t say anything except it heats up quickly, not much else.see photo of all the clips you need to store somewhere.

Erin Kerrville, TX

Great hot rollers

Love these rollers. They heat up very quickly, are easy to handle, and the hair clips make rolling your hair a breeze . . . even shorter hair that sometimes is not quite long enough for a full roll-over on a larger roller. The clips hold the hair neatly against the hot roller without producing any lines. My hair is straight-straight and super-limp . . . I use these rollers only twice a week and find that surprisingly enough my hair holds onto the body throughout the week . . . and that is using the same shampoo/condition/gel that I have always used . . . so these rollers have really made a difference with my hair.

Georgina Halliday, ND

Exactly What I Wanted

I was very skeptical about buying something like this online. I read review after review after review for every heat roller on amazon. It was a long process but I finally came across this which had great reviews. I wanted something with more larger curlers, and not as many small. This has it all which was great.My favorite thing about this is that it comes with two types of clips to hold the curler in. I use the butterfly clips (not sure what they’re called) and ive had zero issues with it. If you use them properly, you won’t have marks in your hair. I haven’t had one in my hair yet.I have long blonde hair (past shoulders), thick and never holds a curl for more than an hour. Because of my hair type I need something that gets very hot. These do! But I haven’t burnt myself yet on them. I’ve never used hot rollers before so I was worried this would be hard for me. Found this to actually be very easy! I let these rollers heat up while I rinse off in the shower and while I get my clothes on, so maybe 20 minutes. I then roll them up in my dry hair and let them sit while I feed the animals and put my makeup on. I try to leave them on as long as I can. I then take them out and boom, soft, beautiful curls! Easy. I then style my hair and slightly spray them with my victorias secret so sexy hair spray. My hair can break easily and these don’t seem to hurt my hair what so ever.I like how it has a place on both sides for the metal clips as well. I also have long, fake blonde hair extensions I put in from time to time to do something fun with my hair and these curlers work even better with those. Doesn’t burn or damage my hair nor the extensions. Would recommend to others! Well worth the shipped and very well packaged. Would buy again!

Lesa Coralville, IA
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Revlon Volume Stay Titanium Hot Air Kit

Revlon’s 1200 watt titanium hot air kit creates smooth styles, curls and waves with gorgeous shine all without frizz. for styling flexibility 3 heat and 3 speed settings are offered. 3 attachments included: 1inch and 1-1/2 inch titanium thermal brush attachments and a concentrator attachment.

Key features

  • Create long lasting styles
  • Tangle free swivel cord
  • 3 heat and speed settings
  • Attachment release button
  • Concentrator attachment, 1 and 1-1/2 inch titanium thermal brush attachments

Honest reviews


Used to be a loyal fan, but…

I have used Revlon hot air stylers for over 10 years now. My first one lasted for 3-4 years. My second one about 2-3 years and the last two only 1-2 years. Each time I got a new one it was a different design, as the old one was no longer being sold. They continuosly made them cheaper with each new release. The one I am reviewingRevlon Hot Air Kitis the last one I purchased. I only had it for 6 months and the clip which holds the attachments on broke. I now have to hold the brush on with one hand while rolling with the other, and try to not burn myself in the meantime. I am highly disappointed as I have always loved, and recommended, Revlon stylers…but no more. I am reluctantly purchasing another one after trying two other brands that I did not like. The device itself is great, and the brush sizes are perfect, but Revlon needs to fix the design flaw of the cheap release clip. Their old ones never had this problem! If it weren’t for the faulty clip, I would rate this at least a four star.

Annette Oxford, NE

just got this ok

was hopin for a rotating brush type. but I need an extra hair dryer. this has a blower attachment so I can use it as a hair dryer. ive read reviews that the brushes fall off over time and people have taped them on. that is what I will do if it happens. Im gonna use this one for the gym. I bought another with rotating head for here…I acutally used it for the first time and I like it. it doesn’t rotate and I have a rotating brush. but I find that I have more control this way. its very nice and I love how my short Barbara Streisand styled hair came out. it comes down to the end of my neck. I also have the Conair bm20 and like them both as well as the Conair infiniti.. but the infiniti give my hair more body than a flip at the ends which this does. I like it!

Eve Shannon, IL

Really awesome! Makes shiny, full hair!

works like it says it will. I also watched a video on you tube with instructions. I love this. Makes hair shiny and bouncy!

Lora Hilliard, OH
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Farouk CHI GF1539 Turbo Big 2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Take your hair from bland to bling. When you want to look gorgeous, fast, the CHI Turbo Big 1-1/2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener delivers on your ultimate fantasy. Discover a versatile styling essential that fashions straight looks, flips, and more in minutes. Ceramic technology and flash-quick heating create silky smooth, flyaway-free hair. Attention to detail and comfort elements include lightweight design, a 10-foot heavy duty electrical cord, 360-degree swivel connection to prevent tangling, and heating elements that ensure only the ceramic gets hot – not the handle. Versatile heat settings give you total control for all your hairstyling needs. Seals the cuticle, repels humidity, locks in color, and prevents fading.

Key features

  • Moist Ceramic Heat with Ceramic Plates and Coils
  • Locks in hair color and retards fading
  • temperature switch on the side for variable control from 175°-356°F (or 80°-180°C)
  • Seals the cuticle

Honest reviews



This Flat Iron makes the impossible… My hair to be straight. I don’t use it very much, but the few times I did, it was amazing. I have very thick curly hair and the 2" wide blade saves a LOT of time.CHI is unbeatable!.

Vonda Villa Park, IL


I got this product for my girlfriend and she loves it, this is her second one but i have to say the product work really good AWESOME….

Natalie Beedeville, AR


I’m very pleased with the flat iron I received. Its everything I expected. I received it very quickly in the mail. It was nice not having to wait a long time for it. The only thing i didn’t like was to see that the price went down on it right after I ordered it. i still got it for a better price on-line then I would have if I had bought it from a store though.

Mitzi Latta, SC
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Remington S7230 Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Soy Hydra Complex, 2-inch, Black

The wet 2 straight 2 inch flat iron with soy hydra complex conditions, dries and straightens wet hair for the ultimate smooth finish. Traditional styling methods of blow drying then straightening can cause stress and overheating, leaving your hair damaged and brittle. Unique steam vents on top of this flat iron safely remove water from damp hair, allowing you to dry and style at the same time. This creates a longer lasting beautiful finish. Soy protein is known for nourishing and moisturizing skin and hair. Next generation ceramic plates on this flat iron are infused with soy hydra conditioners creating healthy, shiny hair. These conditioners last the life of the flat iron, leaving no oily residue.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Soy infused ceramic plates
  • 425F professional high heat
  • 30 second instant heat with 60 minute auto shut off
  • Unique steam vents
  • Wet/dry styling indicator

Honest reviews


Take an Extra Step Out of Your Styling Process

I have been pretty unsatisfied with the last two flat irons that I’ve owned, so I was more than willing to give this one a try even though it has larger plates than I prefer (my other two flat irons are 1″ plates) and it’s a brand that I have never used before. Although I have fine hair that should be easy to style, I never get the salon results at home, which makes flat ironing my hair each day the only acceptable thing that I can do. However, constant blow drying followed by heated styling is quite bad for the hair. I’ve also been trying to grow my hair out, and haven’t gone in for a trim in several months. I can definitely see that my ends need a trim, and flat ironing with my knock-off Chi hasn’t been very effective lately. Most days, I’m opting to pull my hair back so I can hide the frizzy ends from sight.I had pretty low expectations for this flat iron; how could it be possible that a flat iron could both straighten and dry hair simultaneously? There are steam vents on one of the ceramic plates (4 smallish holes on each side of the plate), and the vents direct the moisture from your hair. The straightener can be used on either wet or dry hair, depending on your individual needs. If you are using on wet/damp hair, the light will be green (you should have the straightener’s number dial somewhere between 20-30), and if you are using it on dry hair, the light will be amber.After washing my hair, I squeezed out the excess moisture and then after a few minutes switched on the flat iron. This flat iron heats up fast–it only took about 30 seconds. Since I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t want to cause any damage to my hair, I started out with a small chunk of hair from my underneath layers. I started at the roots, carefully keeping the vents away from my scalp so I wouldn’t burn myself. I was thrilled when after a few times of running the flat iron over the strands of hair that it was completely dry. From there, I moved on to the next strands and finally completed all of the layers of my hair.I definitely prefer this method of drying/styling over my normal routine of blow drying and then straightening. I’m not sure if I save any time by doing this instead of blow drying, but I love the overall look of my hair after using this flat iron; when I do my normal routine, my ends never stay straight and always flip out and appear frizzy. After using just the flat iron on damp hair, my ends stayed completely straight. The very top layer of my hair wasn’t as frizz free as I like, so I did have to use someBed Head After Party Smoothing Cream ( For Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair ) – Tigi – Bed Head – Hair Care – 100ml/3.4ozto tame the short hairs that wanted to stick straight up.If your normal hair styling routine involves blow drying and straightening, give this flat iron a chance. You’ll reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to, and condition your hair while styling. The plates contain a Soy Hydra complex, which will last for the lifetime of this flat iron.OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION:1. This flat iron heats up to 425 degrees2. The soy-infused plates will not leave your hair feeling oily3. This flat iron takes only 30 seconds to heat all the way up4. It will automatically turn off after 60 minutes (which is perfect if you often forget to turn off your appliances)5. You can use on either wet or dry hair

Concetta Fallsburg, NY

So Cool!

Wow, this is definitely a great product.I have long hair that is wavy, frizzy, course and thick. I also live in South Carolina which adds to the frizziness factor. I used this last night on dry hair and it did an ok job. For dry hair I prefer my 4 inch ceramic flat iron as it fits more hair. However, today after washing my hair I used the flat iron while my hair was damp and this is where it really outshines other flat irons.You can use this on dry hair, wet hair or damp hair, It worked best for me on damp hair. On really wet hair you have to use it 3 or 4 times on a section of hair, if it is damp it is once or twice. I pinned my top hair up and did the bottom first and was amazed at how straight and shiny it looked. Many times when I straighten my hair it still is a bit frizzy and thick in some areas. With this damp to dry iron you get salon results in a very short amount of time.I did my whole head in less than 10 minutes which is much less time that it usually takes me dry and it looked so much better.The product has a soy hydra complex in the wand which is supposed to make your hair smoother, and it does work. I am not sure how it does or if the soy lasts for a long time, but for my first two tries it did an amazing job.Iron heats up almost immediately and when you are drying wet or damp hair it released steam from your hair which is less damaging.Easy to use and a great price. I have already told my sister that it would make an excellent gift for my 14 yr old niece who has the same hair as mine.Highly recommended.

Glenna Stillwater, NY

Use at your own risk on wet hair!

I’ve never yet tried this on my wet hair, and it’s a good thing: my stylist was vehemently against using this, or any other, wet-to-dry flat iron on wet hair, due to the severe damage she said these cause. She’d stated that manufacturers have tried selling these products over the past 5 or so years, and they’ve never taken off, for good reason: using these to pull on and stress wet hair (which she said is in its weakest possible state) causes serious damage to the hair shaft, as the hair, being in its most fragile state, can’t take the heat and pulling without getting very damaged after repeated uses of wet-to-dry styling implements. She’s a great stylist, and has done wonders with my hair over the years, so, paired with my just-average experiences with this flat iron on my hair dry, that was enough for me.Using it dry, it got my hair smooth and relatively straight, but it did nothing to fight the humidity that undid my efforts, and was really no more exceptional than anything else I’ve tried before. So, overall, for me, this Remington flat iron gets a “meh” for its effectiveness on my dry hair, and a resounding, “heck no!” on the simple consideration of using it on my wet hair. My stylist has never yet steered me wrong, and, since she’s a professional that clearly knows what she’s doing, I’m not about to ignore her strong warnings.Use on wet hair at your own risk!

Ericka Dunkerton, IA
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Brush – Semi Oval 100% Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp Bass Brushes 1 Brush

Brush – Semi Oval 100 Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp by Bass Brushes 1 Brush Brush – Semi Oval 100 Soft Boar Wood Handle For Very Fine Hair Gentle To The Scalp 1 Brush Bass uses only the finest Grade Natural Hair to massage stimulate and exfoliate the scalp and to distribute your Natural oils along the hair shaft to condition seal and polish the hair to a beautiful and healthy condition. Bass uses Fine Hard Wood such as Maple and Oak to set the Bass Bristle in. It is the Hand Finished to bring out the Woods Natural Beauty.The soft bristle is design for fine thin hair balding men. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

Key features

  • Bass Brushes

Honest reviews


Vary Nice

Just what I wanted, just as it was advertised. Now I can safely brush my hair, not rip it out and at the same time spread natural oils.

Lauren Burnsville, WV

Boars for my scalp

I needed to stimulate my scalp and I’ve learned that boars bristle are the best daily therapy for thinning hair. I’m not disappointed. Its REAL boars bristles and solid quality wood handle makes stimulating a snap.

Della Baxter, WV

Bass semi oval wild boar hair brush

I love this brush. It’s very high quality, and a great value. The bristles are soft yet work through the hair well. The wood is beautiful as well.

Jenna Salem, OR
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Revlon Amber Waves RV671AW Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Revlon Amber Waves RV671AW Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer has 800 watts of power. It has Ion Technology with 3 heat/speed settings. There is even a cold shot to set your style

Key features

  • 800 watts of power
  • Includes an adjustable soft bonnet
  • Has Ion technology
  • Has 3 heat/speed settings
  • Includes a compact/convenient storage case

Honest reviews


Great! Does the job!

I purchased this locally and I absolutely love it. It is great if you have Short to Normal/Shoulder Length Hair. I don’t think it would work well with long hair unless you plan to sit with it on all day. Its a wonderful compact dryer with a sleek design. Great for travel!

Eileen Seaboard, NC

Cheap plastic bonnet….scratchy

I owned this dryer already and wanted to get another one because the cap was getting brittle around the edges and was scratchy on my forehead. The hose also kinked up and wouldn’t go back in. I found that it dried my hair well and left it soft and shiny. I figured that for the price, it was worth ordering a new one. The first time that I used it the plastic around the ring that attached to the hose separated, causing an air gap. I also noticed that this one is ALOT louder than my other one. At least before I could watch TV, now it’s just too loud. I’m afraid it’s going back. My only dilemma is, which one should I get. None of them have very good reviews and are either less wattage and/or more expensive. Unfortunately, I gave away my old one when this one arrived.

Cornelia North Liberty, IN

should have bought this first!!!!!!!

.I have (thick/fine) waist length 2a brown wavy hair, and I have used this product once. It took approximately one hour to dry my towel dryer (very towel dryer) hair while rolled inConair 62502z Medium Spiral Rollers, 10 Pack, Colors may vary. The bonnet seemed very large and roomy (though I was, admittedly, using a very small curler). The bonnet did not heat 100% evenly but it did heat throughout; I repositioned 3 times. Of the three heat settings, I preferred the middle—high was too warm for extended use (though not as hot as other reviews led me to fear), “cool” was too slow drying. Definately loud (quite light the bonnets at the salon or louder)–watching Tv not agood option Bc of noise. Wished for longer hose, but this was manageable. Hose will detach from bonnet for easier positioning, and has adjustable elastic, still I had difficulty pulling it over head without upsetting rollers. This was a major improvement from the sillyHairware Portable Dryer Bonnetthat I purchased previously (horrrrrid thing that ripped atfirst use and whose seller never responded!). THIS did give me the hands free drying I wanted. Its not the holy grail of dryers, but I’m content.

Josefa Mount Dora, FL
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Remington B90T53 Pearl Ceramic Round Hair Brush with Real Crushed Pearls

Remington has it covered when it comes to all hair needs. Achieve a beautiful, salon finish with the Remington t-studio pearl brushes. Give your hair a professional, salon finished look with the only brush made with real crushed pearl. Featuring ion, nylon bristles, tourmaline, ceramic, and velvet touch handles. Let Remington brushes take care of all your hair needs, before, after and while styling.

Key features

  • Only brush made with real crushed pearl
  • Ionic, nylon bristles infused with real crushed pearls for smoothness
  • Velvet touch handle
  • Used to create soft curls and body

Honest reviews


Very nice!

I got this brush along with the flat brush and the hair dryer. Awesome products all the way around! This brush is very nice. Easy to use..easy grip.

Carissa Delta Junction, AK

bigger than I thought

I found this a little big for my hairstyle and also scratchy as some of the reviews noted. I really loved my regular brush with crushed pearls so I had high hopes.

Mae East Otis, MA

not too bad

I have medium – thick hair that is shoulder length. I think the bristles to this brush are too long and it’s difficult for my hair to get down to the metal.When I can get the hair down there – it all works fine!

Ophelia Loami, IL
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